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4A Impasse de la Fidélité, Brussels, Belgium - 02 514 44 34

Delirium Café Brussels Reviews

mudpiemaker mudpiema…
3 reviews
A completely unique experience (repeated many times) May 14, 2011
I live in Brussels so have been going to Delirium for many years now, but I still never get tired of it.

There are over 2000 different beers (I think last time I went they had got to about 2400) so there is definitely something new to try every time. While some of the more special beers are quite expensive, you can easily find beers to fit your budget. I particularly enjoy the fruit beers - Pecheresse and Framboise being two of my favourite. The whole bar is packed at the weekend, as is the street outside it, but they've recently expanded and now have 3 floors which means that you're more likely to get a table - so not excuse for not trying!

The decor is also really cool - there are beer trays and coasters all over the ceilings and walls, and behind the bar downstairs there are bank notes from all over the world.

It's got quite an alternative vibe so absolutely anyone will fit in, and it's definitely worth a visit when in Brussels. You can even claim you're going to "sightsee" as what other bar has that many beers?! A tourist attraction you must not miss, and a great place to meet people!
The logo of Delirium. They also br…
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corpsmanup corpsman…
3 reviews
OMG!! May 15, 2011
I found what real beer is here. All about hops, barley, and wheat! OVER 2000 beers, yes, two Thousand! the staff is very knowledgeable and likes suggestions. it is a 3 story building with different layers of types of beer. ranging from belgium/german, to micro brewerys. I left here with the best saying of my life...."american beer (budlight) is like having sex in a canoe, its fucking close to water!"
lizzardink lizzardi…
10 reviews
Didnt want to leave! Jan 22, 2011
Had an amazing time there everyone posted about it. So many beers so little time. The hardest thing was to find a table when we got there. The location is easy to find if you ask someone in the area. I noticed larger groups of people were there drinking and playing cards, If you are gona stay there for a long time cards wouldnt be a bad Idea cause there is so many beers to try. Its a must go if you end up in Brussels.
The sign out front.
Beer number who knows...
So many beers to chose from.
mustache mustache
1 reviews
Taste thousands of different beers Sep 22, 2011
Amazing bar where you can try out I guess over 2400 different types/brands of beer. Really extraordinary interior, all of the time very crowded (positive in my opinion) and you can have a good time there with some friends.
Sarah73 Sarah73
3 reviews
Top things to do in Brussels! May 02, 2011
Great place to really experience Belgium Beer. With over 2000+ different kinds, and Floris Delirium across the street with catalogue sized menus for their top liquors, it is a must see. I recommend during the week if you want to get a decent table, as weekends it is always very busy!
m3jka m3jka
3 reviews
very nice place Apr 03, 2011
Cool place, quite spacious, with huge amount of beer to choose from :) It's situated in the center of Brussels, opposit the "pissing girl" Their "trademark" is a pink elephant :)
Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
Great place but hard to leave from for some reason Dec 31, 2010
This is a cafe that is associated with two mayor difficulties; the one is finding the place and the other one is leaving the place. It took me a while before I decided to go this infamous bar due to the fact that tourists are going to this place in hordes. It is a place known for two things; their insane amount of different beers and the fact that tourists are dragged to the bar like flies on crap on a warm day - BUT when this is said it is also a fantatic place to visit.

When you have achieved the first hurdle which is to find the narrow street Impasse de la Fidelite 4a, you will understand what I mean by trying to leave. Naturally there are days down in the bar where there is not that much atmosphere but most of the time beer hungering people go to the bar as lemmings seeking their own cliff.

The amount of beers that they serve is staggering; more than 2000 different and just looking in their full beer menu is a trip through a huge part of European beer history. You have to give a 10 euro deposit to look into it but it is well worth it and the size alone is impressing.

The beer Delirium Blond served from the tap is quite magnificent; it even tops a well served Duvel but beware, because it holds an alcohol percentage on the wrong side of 10 and I have seen numerous of American tourist trying to leave the place after a handful and it is not a pretty view.

The place is also famous for their concerts where they add a fee on the beers to finance the music which I find quite fair.

It is a great place but hard to leave from; for some reason!!
The magnificent Duvel
The magnificent Duvel
The magnificent Duvel
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williamsworld says:
Visited here in the 80's and never tried a beer. I love wine as was laughed out. Oh well
Posted on: Jan 08, 2011
Chokk says:
I hope in a good way :D
Posted on: Jan 07, 2011
vances says:
Your review is driving me crazy!

Posted on: Jan 07, 2011
AndrewWK AndrewWK
1 reviews
Beer Lovers Heaven Mar 21, 2010
This place is great for beer lovers, 2004 choices! You can't go wrong with Belgian Beers so choose a name you like or stick a pin on the menu to choose. Friendly and helpful staff.
softybabe softybabe
2 reviews
Chill out during the day and dance at night! May 16, 2010
We stumbled onto Delirium after a long day sightsighting but returned refreshed at night to find it had turned into a live music venue!ACES!!!

We boogied into the night drinking our way through their 2004 beers...we lost track of what number we stopped at :)
Hello? 0'rly?
I think we need to sit down to con…
Stack 'em up bar keep!
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Lasttraveller Lasttrav…
61 reviews
Over 2000 beers Dec 20, 2009
Right in the centre of Brussels within five minutes walk of the Grand Place. This bar is all about the beer, offering over 2000 different beers from all over the world. They even hold the Guinness world record for most beers available!

I had great time, is tricky to find place but nice to try some different tastes. i reccomend trying the strawberry beer that stuff is pretty rare and hard to find, They have a book with a list of beers you can find, but I think just going to the bartender and asking for something special you will get what the locals find commonly popular.
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Larrys Larrys
29 reviews
Great Pub with an "Almost Famous" Statue and Fountain! Aug 04, 2009
I want to thank my TB friend Adrian and his wife who met us in Brussels and led us to this hidden gem.

Brussels is known for their great beers, fruity, dark, malt, monastery brews. You name it, they make it. I heard that Belgium produces over 4000 beers. Now even if that number is exaggerated, cut it in half and it is still a whole lot of beers to choose from and sample.

There are a great many pubs in Brussels to sample these fine brews but in my opinion, one of the best for variety and atmosphere is the Delirium Cafe. First of all, the atmosphere and decor in this place is pretty impressive. Wood chairs surround beer barrell tables, the walls are covered with various signs promoting 100s of Belgians finest brews and serving trays screwed to the ceiling above you.

The beer menu is massive and only available upon request at the bar. It looks like the yellow pages for Chicago and suburbs. They offer over 2000 beers and over 10 on tap.

There is no table service which we soon realized after waiting for 10 minutes. All the ordering is done at the bar. The beers are organized by country and just the sheer number of Belgian offerings let alone from the rest of the world is remarkable. Beers are available in a variety of sizes. From 330 ml bottles to 3 liter fish bowls. I ordered a "boot" filled with 1 liter of the house special Delirium Tremens on tap.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating. We sat outside and enjoyed the fine weather and a front row seat of the "almost famous" statue of the Jeanneke-Pis, the female version of Mannekin Pis. She is not as popular but you can get a lot closer, drink a beer avoid the crowds.

Life is good, Cheers!
Jeanneke-Pis in all her glory.
outdoor seating at Delirium Cafe
me and my boot.
look for the sign
kourtj kourtj
9 reviews
Great pub with amazing beer. Sep 25, 2009
I love Delirium beer, so I was very happy to find this place in Brussels. It took my friend and I about an hour to find it, because it seems to be located in a small back alley. But it is worth the wandering, plus it forced us to speak with the locals when we kept asking for directions. Lots of space and lots of beer on tap. There seemed to be a lot of young teenagers in the pub, but they didn't cause any problems. So, if you want to try great beer in Brussels this is the place to go, granted you can't really go wrong with Belgium beer.
Adrian_Liston Adrian_L…
156 reviews
Pink Elephants May 25, 2009
Last night we went to the Delirium Cafe in Brussels. It is right in the heart of the tourist district, near the Grand Place, and is a great place to try out Belgian beers. It has over 2000 different types of beer available (it made it to the Guinness Book of Records), including a fantastic passionfruit beer that I hadn't tasted before. The only downside is the occasion hoard of people cramming down the alley to take a photo of Jeanneken Pis (the less visited female version of the famous Manneken Pis).
Patriot_SE says:
This is an amazing place like everyone else has said...plent of beer...plenty of english speaking people.

Cheap beer if you are looking for that also
Posted on: Jul 02, 2009
sophiabowie sophiabo…
21 reviews
Delirium Cafe May 01, 2008
Delirium Cafe is a very cool bar in Brussels. At first you think it's going to be crappy (well at least I did) because you go down some creaky stair into a basement But the area is huge! There's even a stage for dancing! The cafe serves over 2004 beers including their own special beer, Delirium, which is quite tasty! The beers are averagely priced, great atmosphere, music, and people! DEfinitely hit this place up if you are in the area!
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MartenM MartenM
3 reviews
Aug 15, 2007
In the Delirium Café in Brussels they serve more then 2,000 different beers. That’s an achievement of it’s own, but the café is more than just beers.

The basement, only 100 meters from the main square “Le Grand Place”, is decorated with old ads, posters and illuminated signs and for tables the café uses wooden barrels. The “Menu” offers a choice in beers from more than 100 countries! There are also “collector beers”, but those are priceless..
Galadrims says:
uhmm, sounds pretty good, I must go there!!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2007

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