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Delft is one of the most beautiful cities in The Netherlands. Though quite small, the old city is charming. Many canals dissect the city (a boat trip is a nice way to see the city!). Delft will always be associated with the famous painter Johannes Vermeer and the beautiful blue ceramics and pottery.

There is also an important historical person Hugo Grotius known as Huig de Groot or Hugo de Groot.
In The Free Sea (Mare Liberum, published 1609) Grotius formulated the new principle that the sea was international territory and all nations were free to use it for seafaring trade. Grotius, by claiming 'free seas', provided suitable ideological justification for the Dutch breaking up of various trade monopolies through its formidable naval power (and then establishing its own monopoly).

Delft also has a historical value and is of national importance. The founding father of The Netherlands lived in Delft and he was also murdered here. Proof of this can still been seen in the 'Prinsenhof' (bullet holes in the wall). This was his residence, and the bullet holes are preserved behind a glass plate. Since then, all of the monarchs of The Netherlands have been buried in the church 'Nieuwe Kerk'.

Delft has direct train connections to The Hague, Rotterdam, Leiden and Amsterdam. It is easily accessible via public transport but yet also located in a tranquil spot, surrounded by wonderful nature and countryside. It is also a great town for keen shoppers as myself with a variety of independant gift shops, the usual high street stores and a wealth of different restaurants and cafes from many different cultures. The perfect spot for tourists.

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