Dealing with a Pick-Pocket in Valencia

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Valencia, Spain

Dealing with a Pick-Pocket in Valencia Reviews

Chokk Chokk
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Be fast and get a colorful phone cover Dec 28, 2012
I decided to go back to the bar San Patricio and ordered a small beer standing next to some policemen drinking coffee and water. After some time I ordered a second small beer as I wanted to go up and sleep shortly after. The police left the bar and a guy around 30 years took their place and started to make fun with the head waitress poking her ponytail continuously.

I was sure that they knew each other quite well, if otherwise I thought she would have gotten quite angry. I emptied my beer and were considering if I wanted yet one or I should call it a night and go next door and up to my bed. The guy next to me left the girl and passed me smiling and patting my shoulder and jacket. When some does that my alarms are all turning on! It is only my friends that hug me or touches me and no one else.

I felt something around my pocket and I was getting really alerted. I had something to drink but I was sober in a split second!! I have always had fast hands and I quickly felt my jacket pocket and could feel that I was missing something. I looked towards the guy’s hand and saw the red cover of my iPhone between his fingers. I quickly caught his hand and broke it backwards and took my phone out of his hand!

I was angrier than I had been for long time, so my left hand caught the guy’s jacket under his throat and I lifted him from the ground with my left hand. I am not a small guy but he was. I shouted really loud “what the fuck are you doing stealing my phone” – he could not answer and I would not listen. My next worry was that these guys never work alone, so I shouted that everyone should stay away.

I had also my Canon to keep an eye on so I put my phone in the pocket as I at the same time took my Canon camera in my right hand. The guy was still hanging on the wall by my stretched left hand and he was not touching the floor. He was beating my chest with his hands but I threaten to hit him hard with the camera if he didn’t stop. I jelled at everyone to stay away but some of them tried to get close to me. I was not sure if the guy was carrying a knife or anything but he was pacified with he treat of my camera hanging over his head. My Canon with battery and lens weighs more that 3 pounds, so it is a quite heavy weapon.

I was getting loads of adrenaline in my body at this point and I didn’t know if the guys coming close to me were friends or enemies, so I shouted to all of them to stay away or I would beat them with guy that was hanging in my left hand on the wall. I shouted to the bartenders to call the police but they were just scared about the situation in their bar and I felt that I could not control the situation much longer.

I therefor dropped the guy on the floor and he ran out of the door as fast as he could. I went to the head waitress and said that is was some nice friends that she had. She said that she didn’t know the guy and that she was friend with the police! At that point I didn’t believe her and I was really angry – more than I had been for years! She asked if she still should call the police and I said, “fuck yes” because I wanted them to book the asshole that had tried to steal my iPhone.

The police came quite fast and nobody came close to me before they came – I guess that I had scared the shit out of all the guests by threaten them with beating them up with the pick pocket guy that was hanging 15 cm above the ground in my left arm – I still wonder from where I got the strength but the adrenaline can make wonders. When the police arrived they did remember me because I had been standing next to them in the bar while they were there 30 minutes earlier and I think that it bought me a lot of credits because I had smiled and nodded at them during their stay.

They took my report helped by one of the sweet bartenders and I went outside still all worked up and quite angry. You could wonder why I was so angry when he didn’t succeed but just two days earlier one of my girlfriends had all her stuff stolen in New York, when someone stole her bag. She lost wallet, papers and everything and I had to help her with tickets and all in order that she could get home. So this guy had not just stolen from me – he had stolen from everybody.

After the police report I went into my hotel and asked if they had a couple of cold beers because I needed to calm down, I was way too geared up. The hotel receptionist could not help me but told me that the police wanted me to come out on the street again. They had caught the guys and they were Romanians and they had been two. I only recognized the guy that had been hanging in my left arm.

The policeman told me that they were in an impossible situation because they could not stop these guys. They would be booked tonight and out tomorrow – and especially this time when it only had been an attempt since I caught the guy. The following day they would be on the streets again stealing from other tourists.

The only satisfaction that I had out of my catch was that I had been faster that the thief and that I had scared they shit out of him, while he was hanging on the wall with my camera 50 cm from his scared eyes. I was on the other hand surprised of the power that I had when I was angry and all worked up. When I went up to my room some minutes later I found my friend sleeping safe and sound in his bed not knowing anything about my ordeal and it just made me laugh.
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ilserita says:
Grattis! :)
Posted on: Jan 14, 2013
amazed says:
I love the part where you grabbed and lifted him. It's really disappointing how thieves get punished only with a night of free room and board then let go.
Posted on: Jan 14, 2013
X_Drive says:
Glad it turned out well! :D
Posted on: Jan 14, 2013
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