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Kaatsheuvel, Netherlands

De Efteling Kaatsheuvel Reviews

TamaraSimons TamaraSi…
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Beautiful theme park Apr 03, 2011
De Efteling in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands is one of the oldest theme parks in the country. When I was a child my parents ook me there and I loved the forest with all the fairytales like snow white and cinderella. I always thought this theme park was expensive and mainly for small children, but over the years it grew out to be a great theme park with indeed the fairytale forest, but also with a 3d cinema and thrill rides. I went there last week and it was super. It is a bit like the main park of Disneyland in Paris.

There is something for everyone. For the smaller children there is the fairytale forest. For people who like slow, well decrated rides, there is this great ride called the Fata morgana. For people that like to get wet on rides, there are 2 rides involving water. For people that are thrill seekers, there are de Vliegende Hollander, Peter and the dragon, Python and a bob sledge ride.

It is also wonderful to walk through, the park has a great of trees, a lot little ponds and small rivers.

So de Efteling is not only for the smaller children, it is also great for the "big children"!
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laura77 laura77
3 reviews
amazing amusement park Mar 21, 2011
In my opinion this is the best amusement park of the netherlands. I have been going to this park ever since i was a little girl. The park is for every age, from fairytales to rollercoaster, i always have a very good time. It is quite expensive, but i think it is worth it
trippinginnederland tripping…
60 reviews
Fairytale Land! Nov 27, 2010
It is best advised to come on a weekday and after summer. Why? You don't have to queue up the whole day.

We went there on 4th November 2010, Thursday. There wasn't a need to queue up for any rides! You just have to wait a while for your turn.

Many parking lots and definitely, Belgians flocking there to enjoy themselves. The entrance seemed somewhat rather creepy to me but it was something different. It had been some time since I last went to a theme park (Walibi World). De Efteling is a fantasy-fairytale place, with those classical music coming from those toadstools. You will get to walk through this area of 'storytelling' where you'll see the man with a long neck, a talking tree, snow white, sleeping beauty and many many more. It was a wonderful walking discovery in this theme park.

There are some thrilling rollercoaster rides (such as Joris en de Draak and Python), so you'll not be bored and let your stomach double churn whilst riding on them. Another stomach churning and mind spinning ride would be Villa Volta, a place that looks like a small mansion, you will enter where there'll be some storytelling. Finally you get to go on a ride whereby the room will keep turning and turning. When you leave, you will either feel fine or wizzy (you might puke). I must admit it was one of my favourites. My other favourite was the boat ride (Gondola) and also the Pagode. The boat ride can be quite romantic and relaxing and as for the Pagode, it brings you all the way up to have a 360 degree view of De Efteling.

There are also other fun relaxing and yet colourful rides. Yup, all held got the Carnaval Festival, it is a ride whereby you will see different cultures around the world.

Also, you will see many souvenir shops around, a poffertjes restaurant (costly I must say) if you're ever hungry and also small stands selling snacks and drinks.

This place is magnificent because of how they created it and the craftmanship. Rather fairytale-like and somehow you feel away from the 'real' world. As you walk by something, you'll see something new (if it was your first time there), and you just felt like checking it out and not knowing what to expect next. You will find a place full of colourful doves.

Oh and the kids like to throw papers and other stuff into the mouth of this electronic speaking displays. 'Hallo! Hallo! Papier hier! Papier hier!' When a kid throws in the paper, it'll say, 'Bedankt!'. You will notice some of those around and they can be fun to mimic but then again, also annoying to some of the adults.

I tried not to compare too much to Walt Disney World (not Disneyland) because, anyone knows that nothing beats that place. Disney World is wonderful and I would say EXTREMELY expensive but it'll make your jaw drop. As for De Efteling, it is good enough for me, a day to relax and enjoy. Spending time with your loved ones and seriously, this place is for the kids too! They have rides for the kids whereby adults aren't allowed to ride on (unless you have a kid with you then you can ride with him/her).

Thinking of coming? Well, if you're driving then do expect to pay 8 euro for parking (per entrance) and it'll cost 29 euro per person to the entrance of the theme park. Yes, you might or might not feel the pinch for that price.

This is one old and fun place to visit in the Netherlands. It feels rather nostalgic, I must say, you'll probably like it.
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Natjie Natjie
27 reviews
Theme Park De Efteling Jul 16, 2009
Last week I've been to the Efteling with my uncle, aunt and nephews. A dutch theme park in Kaatsheuvel.


It's the largest theme park in the Netherlands.

The Efteling has a lot to offer, (water)rollercoasters, a fairy tale forest (with fairytales from Anton Pieck) a theatre etc..

Especially for children it's much fun! But older people will like it too ;)

Tickets are not cheap 28 euro's and 8 euro for the parking. Food is also a bit pricey there. But it's all worth it.

You just have to visit it once in your life ;)

If you want to sleep nearby the Park there is an Efteling Hotel. Definately not cheap, but with very special/funny hotelrooms.
The entrance of The Efteling
Het sprookjesbos
Ezeltje Strekje
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Verhoevuh Verhoevuh
1 reviews
Come to the wonderfull world of Efteling Aug 21, 2009
Efteling park is a great park for the whole family. You've got the thrill rides for people above 1,10m and atrractions for the smallest among us.

The fairytale forest is great to see and quite big. If you want to see all the fairytales i think you could spend at least have a day in here.

Efteling is quite busy with investments in the park. For the next 2 years there will be 3 attractions added to the park. One theatre, one duelling coaster (a woody) and a fairytale tree.

In the summer the efteling has 7 summer nights. On those nights there are severall points where people perform.

On the main stage are famous dutch singers, on the smaller stages also music.

I really recommended this park if you are in Holland!!!
Mascot of Efteling 'Pardoes'
Entrance of a Rollercoaster "Vogel…
Entrance to the park. Is has th…
The flying Dutchman. It's a combi…
liekevo liekevo
41 reviews
De Efteling Jun 28, 2008
When you like theme parks you should defenitely visit De Efteling. It is the most famous theme park in the Netherlands and it is suitable for all ages. If you want to see everything 1 day isn't enough, especially when it is a busy day.

The park started out as a playground, later the Sprookjesbos (Fairy tale forest) was added, here you can see a lot of different fairy tales (desigened by Anton Pieck). And now it has turned into a theme park where all ages can have a great day.

In the dutch summer holidays the park has special opening times on saturdays, until midnight, and there is live music. In the winter they are open in weekends, but not all rides are open then.

We were (un)lucky since the weather wasn't very good in the morning, but this also meant it wasn't very crowded so we could visit a lot of atractions.
The entrance
De vliegende hollander
De Python
The Pagode for a nice view of the …
d00tchy says:
Hahaha de Efteling was prolly one of my childhood favorite themeparks growing up in Holland. Much much better than Disneyland crap. Thanks for the long lost memories of this place, I miss Holland!
Posted on: Jun 20, 2009
yheleen says:
i love parks ;)
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
Joost1976 says:
heyyy it was indeed great over there, after a while it was getting sunny
Posted on: Jun 29, 2008
honden-99 honden-99
1 reviews
Efteling, Kaatsheuvel. The Netherlands Nov 01, 2008
The Efteling in the Netherlands, is very expensive. But it is very funny to! When I go to the Efteling. I will the first in the "Python". I like it. When you search "Efteling, Python" by Google, you find a Dutch homepage. But I like it!
sophiabowie sophiabo…
21 reviews
Nov 11, 2007
The Efteling is a theme park In the Netherlands. It's one of the oldest theme parks in the world, but definitely not lacking in fun! It's different from other theme parks I've been to because of the location. It's located in the center of nature which gives you the feeling that you're in an actual fairy tale! The park is gigantic and covers 160 acres. The Efteling appeals to people of all ages. There are a variety of thrill rides based on fairly tales and stories. My favorite ride was the "Fata Morgana". A ride based on the Arabian Nights tale. You get on a boat and ride through an Arabian city. The scenery is beautiful and it's animated with life-like robots along the way! Another attraction worth mentioning is the fairy tale forest which is in a wooded part of the Efteling. A forest where a number of well known fairy tales inspired by the brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Perrault are depicted like the castle of Sleeping Beauty, The Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, etc. if more exciting rides are your style then youre in luck! The efteling has a few roller coasters! The newest addition is The flying Dutchman a combination of a Water coaster and a dark ride. Unfortunately it was under construction when i visited, but it may not be when you go! The price is about 26 euro and that includes all rides. the only extra costs would be for food or drinks. A typical Dutch way of saving is taking your own food. :) And make sure to dispose of your trash in holle Bolle gijs a trash can shaped like a man who has always his mouth open and is ready to eat all your papers.
cvanzoen cvanzoen
26 reviews
A fun day in the Efteling Dec 27, 2007
Ever since I was a little kid me and my family went to the Efteling every few years. As a kid I loved the fairytales that were displayed in an Anton Pieck way (Anton Pieck was an artist in drawings) and that always looked great.

Over the years the Efteling has grown from a fairytale park to a real entertainment park also offering rollercoaster rides and other attractions that are not only fun for little kids but for the "big" kids as well so now the whole family can enjoy a day at this park.

Another thing is that since a few years they also open during the wintertime with a completely transformed park. Artificial snow all around (we don't have real snow in the Netherlands as much as we used to have) lots of festive lights in trees and all. A true ice-skating area and a few large campfires that are being kept burning savely by the staff of the park.

Yes, this is a park for the whole family to go to and depending on the season you even get some extras.

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