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Darjeeling, India
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Darjeeling zoo Oct 08, 2010
Darjeeling zoo was very interesting. The animals seem to have large, well

designed enclosures. There was a gorgeous, very laid back pair of moon bears,

who seemed perfectly content, and lots of cool red pandas wandering about their

enclosure. The wolves and the blue sheep were cool too.

The big cats seemed more stressed out. There was a tiger making an incredibly

distressing noise and one of the leopards was pacing up and down in the concrete

part of his cage. Weirdly, he was ignoring the trees and grass and the private

shelter - there was some building work going on and I wondered if he was

stressed out by the noise.

When we came back that way later he had retreated to a tree (and the noise had

stopped) so that might have been what was wrong with both of them. I don't know.

I'm not a particular expert on cat psychology.

Also on the site is the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, which contains a

really interesting museum about the history of Himalayan Mountaineering (you

guessed, huh?), including a whole floor about the attempts to climb Everest. The

early attempts on Everest were made by people wearing clothes I would view as

slightly inadequate for a wet walk in a park in Britain (well before they

invented Gore Tex!), and I wasn't too surprised that so many people had failed.

But there was a big display on local hero Tensing Norgay, without whom there is

no way Edmund Hilary would have made it to the summit.


Although hilly, you could manage this if you were limping as there are few

stairs.  It’s very affordable and there are cafes, although you’d be better

eating at the Hot and Stimulating café nearby.

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