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Dana Overview

People sometimes talk about 'off-the-beaten-path' destinations, and then you show up and there is a McDonalds & an Irish bar already there... Dana is truly off-the-beaten-path.

Whenever you can drive into a town with three hotels, but even the locals do not know which of the 20 buildings are your hotel, you know you are off the tourist radar. There are no restaurants or bars, you are fully secluded from the world outside of Dana Village and Wadi Dana.

Dana Biosphere nature reserve, is a gem hidden in Jordan waiting to be explored. Gorgeous green valleys that contrast with the deserts of the south and the region around the dead sea. There are many great walks to be done, the best begins at the very edge of the village. The hills are dotted with goats and very hospital shepherds who will all offer you some tea. As it is not yet a big tourist destination, you will have the views mostly to yourself.

The area of Wadi Dana features wind-cut sandstone cliffs. Dana is the only nature reserve in Jordan that crosses four bio-geographical zones; Mediterannean, Irano-Turanian, Saharo-Arabian, and Sudanian penetration.

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