Dalston Jazz Bar

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Warwick Road, Dalston, United Kingdom
01228 539689

Dalston Jazz Bar Reviews

lisalush lisalush
12 reviews
Sep 20, 2006
The map is wrong! This place is in London. Zone 2 does not extend into Ireland

This place is off the beaten track for the typical Central London tourist, but for localsof (north) East London its kind of an institution.

The Dalston Jazz Bar. Its a small cold place with a concrete floor, dirty windows for walls, tiny bathroom in desperate need of refurbishment and furnishings that were likely to be picked up at a flea market.

With all these seemingly negative aspects why would anyone rate it 4 stars? Because the atmosphere is incredible.

If you are therealone in the evening... take a coat andthere is a really cool wall of old leather bound, new-ish and very old books that I love spending time looking through. Its better than being at a bookshop.

Coctails are £4 a piece and almost taste like they should, they're good all the same. After a few of these people slowly start peeling themselves off the leather couches lining the windows to dance around the tables prompting the staff to remove these round discs that stand about 40cm high and store them behind the couches. The barstaff are a little pushy but the place gets super packed and I think they probably need to be.

Another half an hour or so and this cold place is too hot and absolutely heaving. Everyone is up dancing to old jazz, modern jazz and a couple of 80's dance and 70's cheesy pop songs thrown into the mix... there's never really traditional jazz played but thats all kind of by the by.

You don't have to go on a weekend to get this kind of night, it happens everynight of the week. The barstaff still manage 'table service' in the midst of the writhing dancers which is quite helpful because getting to the bar is a nightmare. Once you're danced into a spot you're pretty much there for the night.

The wonderful thing about this bar especially for the area is the fact that all pretension is left at the door with the friendly bouncer. It probably has something to do with the music they play, guaranteed you will be able to sing you're little heart out to every one.By the end of the night you will know and be very friendly with most everyone in the bar and feel like you're at a friend of a friends very cool houseparty. The mix of people is fantastic. People from the area and not, artists, musicians, people 'between jobs', city types, fashionistas and people who just don'tcan't be catergorised.

Its easy to get to but don't let the fact that its out in zone 2 put you off. Its well worth the visit.
fredleal says:
oops. 'comfortable'. heh.
Posted on: Sep 20, 2006
fredleal says:
that's the kinda place that usually works for me: good music, great atmosphere. the place has to make me feel comfort to the point when i forget what's goin' on outside the door, and this place looks like just could do it.
Posted on: Sep 20, 2006
lisalush says:
awww thanks mate! I'd be happy to charge you! ;)
Posted on: Sep 20, 2006
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