D/S Louise Restaurant & Bar

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3 Stranden, Oslo, Norway
www.dslouise.no - 21 02 36 30

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toridar toridar
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Price horror Apr 30, 2011
They say their pricing is mid-range. So I wonder, what on Earth is high-range???

On one sunny Saturday of 2011, we decided to try this restaurant at Aker Brygge, Oslo. After a 10 minute que, we got in and were seated outside. The view is pretty nice, with Akershus fortress in the distance as well as the life of Oslo harbour around.

My wife decided to go for a Chicken Filet dish at 145 NOK (27 USD). It was lunch time, so everything they had on their menu outside their restaurant didn't count. Luckily, she likes chicken.

The chicken she got was slices put on a thin white bread, a little sauce in a small cup by the side and what was half a salad cut over in the middle. The chicken was cold as it was a Ceasar salad inspired dish, which my wife wasn't told in advance. She usually expects chicken to be served warm.

The dish looked like something a 10-year old could do. I could hardly believe my eyes, and for that price it was just an epic food-fail of gigantic proportions.

The waitress was nice, but instead of serving us a plate of bread like restaurants usually do, she ran around with one basket of bread were the customers had to serve themselves from the same basket. When we asked for salt, she said it was hard to give one to us because they did not have enough salt shakers for all the tables.

My friend ordered a shrimp sandwich to 135 NOK (28 USD), which did indeed look quite good. It's just that you can make one at home for the price of 30 NOK which taste the same. It's not that hard to put shrimp on white bread and serve a dot of mayo on the side.

I ordered a Hamburger and it was good enough. The fries were done the "British way". Thicker, longer and tasty. However, as I was eating it I couldn't help myself from thinking I had been eating just as good hamburgers at McDonalds in Gjøvik for half the price in the past.

My wife wanted her chicken warm as she hates cold chicken and asked the now semi-annoyed waittress to warm it up. She reluctantly agreed to do so, but only by pointing out the fact that heating it up would take A LONG TIME. My wife said she could go ahead anyway, as she wouldn't eat it cold. The waittress re-appeared two minutes later with a warm chicken. I don't know if she gave us good service, or were just mocking us.

The beer was priced at the "lovely" amount of 82 NOK for a 0.4 liter (15 dollars) of the regular Norwegian beer Ringnes, the ONLY beer you can find on tap anywhere. They had Spitfire Ale on bottles for 89 NOK, but the price simply put me off buying it.

My buddy's girlfriend also ordered a drink for the mere price of 138 NOK (27 dollars). One could down the drink in one gulp. Fine, it contained champagne. Doesn't justify it.

We left, quite full in our stumachs, but with our wallets taking a hard punch. Total amount came to 1050 NOK divided on the four of us (200 dollars).

Every bite I had done was just a reminder of that horrible price. Every time I swallowed my small beer, it just felt like I was in some economical personal nightmare.

It all just reminded me why I stay away from restaurants in my own country. The price-range is so sky-high it's just not worth it. And, when the food ain't better than what I can do in my own kitchen or being served at McDonalds I'm stuck wondering; What's the point?
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