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The origination of the bohemian lifestyle, birthplace of the Pilsner, and home to the Golden City of Prague, the Czech Republic is generally considered to be one of the most exciting and beautiful trips that any traveler can take when coming to Europe. Regardless if it's your first time or your fiftieth, there will always be something within the Czech Republic to experience. And while the country itself has only existed since 1993, the history and culture of the surrounding countryside has been wrapped into one unique little land-locked European country that showcases some of the premier medieval sights and sounds of the region.

From the historical cities of Moravia and Bohemia, to the modern hub that is Prague, the Czech Republic is an amazing adventure. Often considered to be the most beautiful country in the whole of Europe, first-time travelers will find themselves surrounded by everything they need to make the perfect first trip, while veteran travelers can head off the beaten path into places such as Cesky Krumlov and Telc, or explore the cave monastery near Karlstejn Castle. Wine lovers can head to the Mutenice region of the country, home to some of the most delicate vintages in Europe, while ski junkies can head up to the Nove Mesto na Morave ski resort.

Transportation and accommodations within the Czech Republic are first-class, and Western travelers will have little to complain about. Trains in particular are one of the most unique ways to experience the Czech Republic's countryside, and should absolutely be included in your itinerary. There are plenty of national parks, breweries, vineyards, castles, museums, and much, much more across the entire landscape, which means any adventurer will be hard-pressed to take it all in during just one trip. The best option is to simply pick a region and focus on that area for the duration of your stay, and if you have enough time pick two or three regions.

Prague #1 most popular location
Cheers. Zlata Praha. Golden Prague. Incredible sights to see. For centuries the city has stood as a glittering jewel at the center of Europe, testament to some of the most amazing architectur…
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Cesky Krumlov #2 most popular location
A tiny little town tucked away in southern Bohemia within the Czech Republic, Cesky Krumlov sits on the Vlatava River, one of the most well-preserved towns in the country, a fact which has ha…
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Karlovy Vary #3 most popular location
Karlovy Vary is a spa town in the Czech Republic, about 69 miles from Prague - to drive takes about 2 hours. Day trips are also very popular. Whilst Karlovy Vary is known for its Spas, hea…
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Brno #4 most popular location
Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, and is located in the southwestern region of the country (about 130 miles southwest of Prague). Notable landmarks in Brno include Šp…
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Marianske Lazne #5 most popular location
Wonderful health and wealth resort ... a tiny little spa town where Goethe used to splash around in the days of old... the water does wonders to you it is believed. .Similar to Karlovy Vary, …
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Plzen #6 most popular location
Plzen (Pilsen) is the capital of West Bohemia, and was founded by the Czech King Wenceslas II. The historical city centre, is dominated by the slim tower of the Gothic St. Bartholomew Cathedr…
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Ceske Budejovice #7 most popular location
České Budějovice is the largest city in the South Bohemian Region and is the political and commercial capital of the region. It has long been well known for the beer brewed there since the…
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Olomouc #8 most popular location
Olomouc is fifth biggest city in Czech Republic. The town is the seat of the district government of the Olomouc region. Olomouc boasts a concentration of Baroque architecture second only to P…
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Harrachov #9 most popular location
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Kutna Hora #10 most popular location
Kutna Hora is a nice town. I felt far removed from the lively city of Prague... which is natural since it is a one hour ride via train. There are a handful of sites to see while visiting Ku…
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Liberec #11 most popular location
The city is located in the valley between the Ještěd Ridge and the Jizera Mountains. Liberec offers many interesting sites. In downtown there are many buildings which are the pride of the t…
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Teplice #12 most popular location
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Hradec Kralove #13 most popular location
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Jindrichuv Hradec #14 most popular location
Jindřichův Hradec is a town in the South Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. It has about 23,000 inhabitants. It has developed on the historical border between Bohemia, Moravia and Aust…
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Mikulov #15 most popular location
Small town Mikulov is located in a valley of the Krusne Moutains' cca 15km from Teplice. It is a top tourist destination for skiers and snowboarders using the hillslopes of Bournak. In the su…
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Trebon #16 most popular location
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Znojmo #17 most popular location
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Telc #18 most popular location
Telč is situated at the south-west tip of Moravia, half-way between Prague and Vienna. Because the historical centre of the city, surrounded by fish ponds and city gates, has retained its un…
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Karlstejn #19 most popular location
High Gothic castle founded in 1348, which has a unique position among Czech castles. It was built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV
Vrchlabi #20 most popular location
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Domazlice #21 most popular location
Chomutov #22 most popular location
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Kromeriz #23 most popular location
Kroměříž is situated on of the river Morava, amidst the fertile fields of the Haná region. It is pleasant non-touristy place where you can learn more about common life in the Czech Repub…
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Cheb #24 most popular location
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Usti nad Labem #25 most popular location
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Benesov #26 most popular location
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Jicin #27 most popular location
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Pruhonice #28 most popular location
Breclav #29 most popular location
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Kadan #30 most popular location
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Decin #31 most popular location
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Litomerice #32 most popular location
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Hrensko #33 most popular location
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Trutnov #34 most popular location
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Vimperk #35 most popular location
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Tachov #36 most popular location
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Stramberk #37 most popular location
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Most #38 most popular location
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Ceske Budjovice #39 most popular location
Ceske Budjovice is an interesting town situated in the South of the Czech Republic. It is most famous as the home of the famous Cesky Budvar beer, also known as Budweiser. This is the origina…
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Trebic #40 most popular location
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Terezin #41 most popular location
The fortress of Terezín was constructed between the years 1780 and 1790 by the orders of the Austrian emperor Joseph II in the north-west region of Bohemia. On the initiative of the ne…
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Horovice #42 most popular location
Krupka #43 most popular location
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Cesky Tesin #44 most popular location
Cieszyn/Těšín is a border city between Poland and Czech Republic devided by Olza river into two separeted parts - each belonging to a different country. Cieszyn is currently famous as t…
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Sluknov #45 most popular location
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Boskovice #46 most popular location
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Sedlec #47 most popular location
Chodova Plana #48 most popular location
Raspenava #49 most popular location
Orličky #50 most popular location