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The beauty of Cuba as a Caribbean island has long been overshadowed by its political history with the United States. Prior to 1959, when the communist revolution took place, Cuba was one of the most popular Caribbean destinations for US citizens, largely in part due to the casinos and resorts set up by the American Mafia, which led to private beach homes and factories and land given to Americans in preference of native Cubans, all in an attempt by the corrupt government to get as many US dollars in their pockets as possible. Sadly, the result of all this corruption, and the subsequent communist takeover, led to the trade embargo and travel restrictions that have been in place since. 2009 marks the first time in decades that US citizens will be allowed to legally travel to Cuba.

Everyone knows of Cuban rum and cigars, but the island is also host to some of the most amazing beaches, national parks, and cities within the Caribbean. From the modern capital of Havana, with its bustling nightlife and distinctly Cuban atmosphere, to the Jardines del Ray chain of islands with their resplendent beach resorts, such as Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, there is something for everyone while visiting Cuba.

Regardless of where you travel from, there are rules and regulations within Cuba that are exceptionally difficult and different compared to the rest of the world. This is largely in part to a controlling government which is one of the last communist regimes on the planet. If you do decide to come to Cuba, be sure to check with your local Cuban Embassy regarding stipulations dependent upon your country of origin. If you plan your trip around the hurricane season you can visit between December and April when the climate is a little cooler and the weather not so atrocious. Cuba has plenty to offer, it just requires a little extra effort to see it.

Havana #1 most popular location
There are some city names that just mean so much. You only have to think of Havana, and you’ll find your brain exploring the depths of revolutionary culture, communist imagery, cigars and r…
434travelers 100reviews 69blogs
Varadero #2 most popular location
33travelers 38reviews 10blogs
Santiago de Cuba #3 most popular location
Santiago de Cuba está al oriente de la Isla de Cuba. Es una ciudad situada en la Bahía de Santiago de Cuba,en el Mar Caribe; tiene elevaciones ya que cerca están los primeros montes que f…
11travelers 11reviews 7blogs
Trinidad #4 most popular location
Sabana de la Trinidad, in Central Cuba, is a great little place to catch Cuban life in slow motion... climb up its rooftops for aerial views of lazy life below, check out groups of men whilin…
7travelers 24reviews 14blogs
Santa Clara #5 most popular location
Nothing to see in Santa Clara. Head up north to Remedios (a charming colonial town) and Cayo Santa Maria (the most amazing beaches in Cuba). Try to make it to Remedios on Christmas Eve, for t…
4travelers 8reviews 11blogs
Vinales #6 most popular location
2travelers 10reviews 6blogs
Cayo Coco #7 most popular location
Cayo Coco is a small island connected to the mainland of Cuba by a causeway. The island has its own Airport, the Jardines del Rey Airport. The islands inhabitants are holiday makers. Staff ar…
10travelers 7reviews 4blogs
Cienfuegos #8 most popular location
Cienfuegos is a small city in Cuba with beautiful neoclassical buildings structures line along the main street. Some of these buildings are guesthouse with friendly Cuban owner and cheap pric…
3travelers 4reviews 6blogs
Holguin #9 most popular location
Holguin is the third largest city in Cuba after Habana and Santiago de Cuba, and located at the north east of the island. There are several small city parks such as Parque Infantil, Parque …
4travelers 4reviews 3blogs
Sancti Spiritus #10 most popular location
Baracoa #11 most popular location
Baracoa located at the eastern end of the Cuban island and not many tourists visit this region despite it is idyllic location. This small town is quite with several attractive old building a…
2travelers 3blogs
Camaguey #12 most popular location
4travelers 3reviews 1blogs
La Habana #13 most popular location
14travelers 6reviews
Pinar del Rio #14 most popular location
Pinar Del Rio, situated in the most Western part of Cuba, could also be called Cigar City. This is the place were Cuba's Finest are produced. Inhabitants of the area are called Pinareños…
2travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Cayo Guillermo #15 most popular location
Cayo Guillermo is a kay of the Jardines del Rey archipelago. It is located on the northern coast of Cuba, between the Bay of Dogs (Bahia de Perros) and the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of th…
Matanzas #16 most popular location
A real Cuban city for a slice of real Cuban life ... see people go about their ways... see communism in action ... see some impressive buildings too and numerous bookstores and parks... see F…
4travelers 1reviews
Caibarien #17 most popular location
Habana #18 most popular location
15travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Soroa #19 most popular location
Playa Larga #20 most popular location
2reviews 4blogs
Playa Giron #21 most popular location
Playa Giron is close proximity to Playa Larga which is 35 km and famous as “Bay of Pigs”. The city itself is very small with small war museum in the middle of the centre and several loca…
Moron #22 most popular location
Playa Pesquero #23 most popular location
1reviews 8blogs
Topes de Collantes #24 most popular location
1reviews 2blogs
Sandino #25 most popular location
Bayamo #26 most popular location
2travelers 2blogs
San Diego de los Banos #27 most popular location
1reviews 1blogs
Remedios #28 most popular location
Remedios is one of the most charming colonial cities in Cuba. Founded around 1515 by Spanish conquistadores, it still maintain the charm of centuries past. Remedios is the only City in Cuba …
1travelers 1reviews
Guardalavaca #29 most popular location
Guardalavaca is a small seaside town, located approximately 70km's from the Holguin Int'l Airport (HOG). The drive should take just under and hour. There are no specific attractions in Gu…
2travelers 7blogs
Guantanamo #30 most popular location
3travelers 5blogs
Puerto Esperanza #31 most popular location
Siboney #32 most popular location
Siboney es una región al este de Santiago de Cuba; hay una playa del mismo nombre que es muy agradable aunque la arena no es muy fina, la vegetación es abundante y el clima es excelente. Ha…
Guantanamo Bay #33 most popular location
7travelers 1blogs
Playas del Este #34 most popular location
Playas del Este is just18km from Habana and it is famous for pine fringed Riviera visited mostly by local Cuban and Italian. However, little development in the areas and there are several res…
Cayo Levisa #35 most popular location
Antilla #36 most popular location
At Sea #37 most popular location
Bahia de Cajimaya #38 most popular location