Cu Chi Tunnels

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Cu Chi, Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels Reviews

andmar andmar
58 reviews
A piece of history Feb 04, 2016
Apart of the over jealous rhetoric of some guides it is a very interesting trip that you can learn about the struggle the vietnamese people put up during the years of their occupation from the french, etc.

The trip will not be complete if you do not try at least one set of tunnels for your self although if you are even slightly claustophobic i recommend you to avoid it.

During my visit i have learned quite a few things that i did not know, like that the tunnels have existed long before the americans were around.

I do recommend it
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adamraj adamraj
7 reviews
CuChi Tunnels a must visit Feb 18, 2014
CuChi Tunnels was about an hour and half drive from HCMC. One of the best tourist site i ever seen and on how vietnamese has build such tunnels underground for 200 kms with interlink with bunk, kitchen, medicine & operation room, weapon making room, meeting room and other army related stuff. It was amazing to see that they have build and underground shelters and escape route and exactly looks like red ants house. I tried for myself and it was tough and I guess those day vietnamese was so small in size as the tunnels are build only to crawl and smaller in size. There are also man trapped being build for the enemies. We have seen how sandals was made out of tyres and there is on site Shooting range where you can choose your guns and armors, it cost at USD10 for 10 bullets and we have tried AK47... it's fantastic experience
CuChi Tunnels Entrance
On Site Tank
Shooting Range AK47
Cu Chi Tunnel Map
adrianaaaron adrianaa…
51 reviews
An awesome and educational trip Mar 07, 2013
I went solo for this trip; wish I had a friend with me tho. The trip was still awesome anyway!! I had a great time here. I bought a tour with Sinh Cafe from Pham Ngu Lao and started the journey at about 8am. It took me about an hour to arrive at the destination. The tour guide was really nice and friendly. He joked around with the other tourists most of the time. There are lots of booby traps made by the Vietnamese in fighting their enemies back then. They look horrible - imagine yourself getting killed by such traps..ouch! I was really impressed with the things I saw here and I must say that the Vietnamese were pretty smart at war. There is a shooting ground here. Tourists can learn to shoot here - pay per bullet. I also followed the others into the small tunnels. Gosh...I cannot believe people actually lived in these tunnels; they're so small! There are some holes that used to lead the Vietnamese into multiple tunnels. According to the guide, the holes were actually smaller, but they were re-sized to enable tourists to get into them. WOW.

We also tried the food that the survivors used to feed on during world war II. With such amount of food, I wonder where did they get enough energy to battle? The tunnels were not built in a week nor a day. It took the Vietnamese about 15 years to construct them - that's pretty long. I think the entrance fee was about VND50,000. Do check out with your guide if necessary. Enjoy!
A tiny hole for the survivors
the surroundings
:D cool stuff
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fr3ddiboi fr3ddiboi
9 reviews
My day in the tunnels Jan 09, 2012
I don't think a visit to Ho Chi Minh would be complete without a visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels. The journey out of the city to the tunnels takes you out of the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh so it it's nice to be able to hear your thoughts again.

Once you arrive you are taking to what it live a visitor centre and you are shown a video that provides you with a a bit of a overview. You can then have a look around. I went into one of the tunnels and you really get a feel for how narrow they were and I think the tunnel we went into had been widened so that it was easier for westerners to move about in. I found that to be a struggle, and couldn't imagine how the locals could have live and moved around in there during the war. It really gives you a sense of the hardship the Vietnamese must have had to endure to survive and a real eye opener. You also get the opportunity to fire some guns at the end. I fired an AK47 which was great fun and the first time I used a gun, highly recommended.
howller howller
3 reviews
These were impressive tunnels Jul 09, 2011
These tunnels are perspective altering in whzt you think you know about the Vietnam war. They show human persistance and adaptation for resistance against being overmatched. They are located in the Iron Triangle and continue on for miles and miles. They contain elaborate traps in case of infaltration by enemies.
amj2cu amj2cu
3 reviews
Cu Chi Tunnels Mar 12, 2011
The tunnels were SMALL and CLAUSTROPHOBIC and CROWDED!

Overall it was a good sight to visit. They had some other displays that showed how the tunnels worked.

But the busses, stopped at cheap tourist stops on the way from Siagon.
wanderinggoddess wanderin…
16 reviews
Retracing the Cu Chi Tunnels Jun 27, 2009
I was in Saigon to experience the country that I have watched in so many war movies. My dad and bros are military men so talk of warfare and glorifications of it are common in the house.

Apart from the shopping at Ben Thanh Market, chowing on the yummy Vietnamese spicy food, checking out the bars at District 1, I made sure to go out of Ho Chi Minh and check out the Cu Chi Tunnels.

The tunnels will make you experience the war all over again. I come from a country ravaged by centuries of revolutions and oppression. But looking at the tunnels, the booby traps reconstructed by the Vietnamese, the improvised weaponry, the logistics tactics, the sniper locations, the Vietnamese way of life...I could not help but empathize. As I said in a previous blog about the War Remnants Museum, the people has been busy rebuilding the country for the past two decades. It is a young country which is still trying to get a grip on what happened 20 years ago.

It is best to book the trip through the hotel rather than haggle yourself away with some very enterprising cab drivers. For a two-way tranfer to and from Cu Chi Tunnels, we were charged VND 600,000. The trip out of the main city will take about 1.5 to 2 hours depending on your driver. For sure, he will be busy dodging thousands of motorcyles and scooters along the way. You know you are near the Tunnels when you see the hectares of rubber trees. We heard that Nike has a plant in Saigon, not far away from the city. Travel advisories would require you to have a guide but we did not take any. There are so many tour groups in the Tunnels that going around can just be manageable. Go with the flow!

For the claustrophobics, nah a, the tunnels are not for you. Unless, you want to conquer the fear. I observed that most of the bunkers were constructed below floor level way into the ground. According to the guide, the guerillas during the war would walk like 4 to 6 hours undeground to go from one campt to another. We sampled some of the replicas and it was an experience worth trying.

There are several wax models of Vietnamese guerillas in different modes of their daily activities. There are women resting on hammocks with their rifles and bayonets in tow. Men building booby traps. Commanders planning out their next move. Women making rice noodles.

We were walking deep into the forest when we heard gunshots! I thought this was a recording to make us feel the war. But we found out that there was a firing range where you can fire out from Vietnamese rifles used during the war. Several Americans and some Australian guys were happily triggering away.

On our way out, we sampled some rice wine from one of the Vietnamese ladies. It is pretty much like tea, just a little bit tangy.

The trip would be done in half a day so you should leave the hotel at 8AM at best and have time to see the other sights later.
a local shows one of the sniper ho…
beside a wax model of a Vietnamese…
entering Cu Chi Tunnels
wax model of a laboring Vietnamese
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andiboi andiboi
6 reviews
cu chi cu chi cu Jun 15, 2008
A highly recommended tour that you need to take when you're in saigon...

This trip will take you to the war torn era of Vietnam, and the guide will give you information on how the Vietcong's lived and fought the war back in the days... after which you'd realize why they won over the Americans; jungle guerrilla fighting was the way to go then.

They showed us booby traps and air holes for their underground tunnel, they also let you buy a maximum of 5 bullets so you can shoot any weapon of choice (that is if you want to) I opt not too since I did that back in high school when we had our bivouac, and also when I went to the firing range the shots were just horribly deafening (i guess that's what you get with o*d age :o), the most expensive one is the AK47 and the bullet ranges from $1 to $1.50 each.

The highlight of the tour was going inside the actual tunnel, some of us had flashlights but the guide said to refrain from using them so we could get the real feel inside. It was soooooo dark and narrow you could just almost fit inside. There was a lot of screaming and panicked voices specially from the group of young Singaporeans that were like shouting expletives in English and Chinese, it was like we were in a real war haha-- they were nervous in a good way...

While traversing the tunnel, claustrophobia comes to mind. There were two brits ahead of me leading the pack, the second one; a chubby bloke decided to take the detour on the first sign of light. The other one went back when he thought that there was a dead end, he told me "go ahead be my guest if you find a way through i'll follow suit". He didn't see the hole on top of the "dead end wall", I did (may flashlight kasi ako hahaha) so I carried on, there were moments were I thought of taking the detour which is the easy way out, but good thing i continued coz it was really rewarding and the Chilean woman behind me was giving me some sort of boost to keep on moving forward by chatting with me like we're not inside a deep dark hole, i was filming the whole tunnel crawl w/ my camera phone the whole time and it was like the blair witch project, Vietcong style--"I'm sowee, i'm sowee i'm wesponsible".

We didn't really crawl, but more like walking on squat (duck walk). When I finally got out at the end there was a big sigh of relief, there was an adrenalin rush and an urge that you had to get out of the tunnel as fast as you can else the whole structure collapses on top of you. I was breathing hard outside but at the same time I can feel my heartbeat go into normal mode again =).

It was tiring and I was really sure I was going to have cramps right after, thank god i'm not good at predictions.

If you're a genuine claustrophobic I would insist that you go inside the tunnel and give a go at it, I can almost assure you that this would make your phobia disappear... if it doesn't ummmm, well... you're screwed! soweee!

After the tunnel we were treated to a Viet cup of tea and tapioca (i didn't know that it's cassava hehe, i'm still not sure upto now, i'll google it later).

There was also this Chilean couple in the group that first sounded turkish when they spoke to each other but had Spanish words that I understood... so I put my un poquito Spanish to use, and amazingly I understood the woman and answered in a sometimes barok español, I found out that their Spanish is diferente from the general south american speaking countries. I spoke several sentences until my vocabulary just gave up hehe...

Even though I was the only soloista in the group; overall I had a great time; knowing my Spanish would almost survive in the real world, and I also enjoyed talking to some of the Singaporean kids fresh from their graduation (college I think), and they're doing some travels a a gift for themselves; I wish I had a gift like that too when I was a student--the only travel I got back then was a trip to the nearest sari-sari store to buy Datu Puti.

I was glad I actually tried my poquito (it's more of poquititotito) spanish. It goes to show that travel does make your world smaller and your experience richer.


-bus and guide $4 at any tour agency

-entrance ticket to Cuc hi 80.000 dong
detroyed remnant of an american ta…
inside the tunnel
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littlepetto says:
Hi Andiboi, care to share which tour agency you are using for the Cu Chi tour? Thanks =)
Posted on: Apr 18, 2010
Vlindeke says:
Hi Andiboi, I've been there too, very impressive. Although not 'nice' I thought the war museum was very interesting too.
Worth visiting!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2009
andiboi says:
Your welcome Anna, a piece of advise; once in the tunnel don't chicken out, it's an amazing journey esp. if you finish it... glad the review was helpful :)
Posted on: Aug 02, 2008
borneonikieta borneoni…
39 reviews
Cu Chi Tunnel Dec 29, 2008
Cu Chi Tunnel is a place that you have to go to when you are in Vietnam. However, if you have phobia of confined spaces, perhaps this tour is not for you.


Well i went to cu Chi Tunnel on my own (taxi of course) and it cost me around 600,000 VND. It shouldve been around 1 million VND but the taxi driver made a mistake when he quoted the price so I managed to save a lot of money.

I am sure this trip would have been cheaper if you go in a tour group - I recommend Sinh Cafe.

What to bring?

Bottle water


Torchlight (most part of the tunnel is well-lit so this is optional)

Some money for tips and perhaps some light meal there

Challenge mode: So So

Length of trip: Half a day

What to see:

Booby traps


Dark tunnels

Suffocating tunnels

Recycled slippers (made from US army tyres)

B52 shells

Landmines made from B52 shells

Statues of Viet kong


Cu Chi Rose (the flower that flourish even when there is no water around...symbol of the Viet kong guerillas)

Abandoned US Army jeeps, trucks and bulldozers



Trip to Cu Chi Tunnel is suppose to teach us that war is best avoided.
Bomb shells used by the US Army
Cu Chi thrives through t…
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