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It's not very big, it's not very busy, but it's by no means dead, should check it out if you have the time.

Croydon's a backdrop in adverts, television shows and Hollywood movies.
Croydon's townscape is arty with murals by world famous graffiti artists as well as local artists.

The Croydon Clocktower on Katherine St. is home to branches of the London Borough of Croydon's council, The Museum of Croydon (free), Croydon Library's main central library. There are few better places for a Croydonite to be remembered than being remembered in Croydon Clocktower.
Sir David Lean has this honour. The David Lean Cinema is a cosy cinema of a hidden gem in Croydon Clocktower and is a perfect place to start a night out in Croydon in.

Croydon however, is a commercial district, not a tourist district.
Croydon's main street Croydon North End has been pedestrianised. Shopping in Croydon has cheaper prices than shopping in London's West End because of the higher rents up there.
Due south 9 miles or 15 minutes from London Victoria.
** Oyster Card, London's Travel Zones 1 - 5 on your Oyster Card to East Croydon Station.

At the station's main entrance in East Croydon is Croydon's Tramlink.
(This will accept your Oyster Card like trains and busses, you'd have already have paid for this tram ride when you purchased your travel card on your Oyster Card, Zone 1 - 6 is a product sold if you can't buy zones 1 - 5 but Croydon is in Zone 5). Trams are frequent. Board a Wimbledon bound tram and ride it for 1 stop, disembark at George Street and, Welcome to Croydon.

To go back to East Croydon Station. West Croydon Tram Station is where East Croydon Station bound trams are. West Croydon Train Station also has the London Overground Service as well as national railway services.

If you want to park in Croydon, you should probably park in a mall like The Whitgift Centre if you're driving along the A23 to the Croydon under pass. You could park in Grant's Car Park (Grant's has entertainment like cinema, bars, swimming pool) or this other mall called Centrale if you're driving in over the Croydon over pass. These places to park will dispense you and yours in the heart of Croydon/Shopping Country.

Birthplace of the Zip Code.

The postcode was piloted in Croydon and Croydon is the only place in the United Kingdom postcode system to have an 0 in the centre instead of a 1. CR0 is Central Croydon, there is no CR1 postcode for this reason.

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