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As an affordable corner of Europe with ruggedly beautiful coasts, pristine mountains and a schizophrenic, pan-European sense of cultural identity, perhaps it’s not a big surprise that Croatia is at the very height of fashionable European tourism in the 21st century. The cruises and beach holidays all target the coastal town of Dubrovnik. Monuments, museums, marble walkways and exceptional views have lead to Dubrovnik being nicknamed ‘pearl of the Adriatic’ and despite the buzzing tourist trade, it still holds onto its laid back lifestyle and near-Italian affection for art and architecture.

Medieval Zagreb has an entirely different vibe, artistic and animated but throbbing with a pacey energy the coastal towns lack. The residents of Zagreb are a welcoming and active bunch, quick to take advantage of the greenery surrounding the capital, and chasing down their exercise with hectic nights in raucous beer halls and dainty discos by the lake.

Zagreb is the modern day capital, but past capital Varaždin is the place to see many of Croatia’s old world treasures. Crammed full of exquisite baroque buildings – including dozens of palaces – the city is also home to Špancir Fest, an annual ‘street walking’ festival which draws every breed of performer to the streets every summer. A taste of even more ancient Croatian history is up for grabs at Pula, where a mammoth Roman amphitheatre, columned temples and middle-aged chapels nestle in amongst the snaking streets of a city drenched in history.

Nature lovers head to Krka National Park, where you can drift through the lush forests and clear waters to the 15th century monastery, or Plitvice Lakes, a stunning set of cascades between surreal turquoise pools. Hvar Town has it’s own natural draws: a picturesque beach invariably coating in sunbathers, many of them relaxing and waiting for Croatia’s most popular beach party to kick off.

The ‘in the know’ have Croatia marked down as the highlight of the Mediterranean, with exceptional scenery, blistering beaches and a varied history to soak up. It’s a sparkling relative newcomer to the European travel scene, and an utterly unmissable one.

Dubrovnik #1 most popular location
You might not know the name, but you’ve probably seen images of Dubrovnik. Croatia’s most memorable stretch of coast shines in baroque splendor, draped over the rocky hills around a tranq…
245travelers 124reviews 94blogs
Split #2 most popular location
As the launching point for the stunning towns and villages you’ll find splattered about the Adriatic Coast, any trip to Croatia is almost certainly going to include Split. It’s a chunky, …
141travelers 52reviews 42blogs
Zagreb #3 most popular location
The largest, most influential, and culturally significant city in Croatia, Zagreb also doubles as the capital. Resting on the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountains, along the Sava River…
380travelers 105reviews 50blogs
Hvar #4 most popular location
Hvar Island, is the Island of natural beauty. It's the sunniest and most beautiful island in all of Croatia. It's popular because of its important strategic and nautical position, the rich o…
34travelers 15reviews 12blogs
Zadar #5 most popular location
Located in the region of northern Dalmatia, Zadar is prefectly connected to the main land with the new highway. It takes only 3 hours from Zagreb to reach this beautiful coastal city. Over th…
30travelers 25reviews 21blogs
Trogir #6 most popular location
Trogir is a historic town and harbour on the Adriatic coast in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia, with a population of 12,995 (2001) and a total municipality population of 13,322 (2001). The his…
11travelers 4reviews 4blogs
Rovinj #7 most popular location
Rovinj is a city in Croatia situated on the north Adriatic Sea with a population of 13,562 (2007). It is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula and is a popular tourist resort …
15travelers 5reviews 5blogs
Plitvicka Jezera #8 most popular location
7travelers 2reviews 2blogs
Podstrana #9 most popular location
Podstrana is a beach town that is mainly visited by tourists from Croatia and other Eastern European countries. This probably means that the Western European Travel agencies haven’t include…
Pula #10 most popular location
Pula is a beautiful town on the Istria Peninsula near Rijeka, as the biggest city in this region. It is famous for the great Roman amphitheatre- Arena and other remains from that period of hi…
31travelers 21reviews 6blogs
Cavtat #11 most popular location
From a Greek-Roman settlement Epidaurus to a part of the Republic of Dubrovnik, Cavtat was developed into a picturesque little town southeast from Dubrovnik. There is a harbour and many hotel…
1reviews 5blogs
Porec #12 most popular location
15travelers 14reviews 1blogs
Korcula #13 most popular location
The island of Korcula and the peninsula of Peljesac were inhabited even in the Neolithic Age, i.e. six to eight thousand years ago. There are numerous archeological findings from that time, r…
3travelers 3reviews 5blogs
Opatija #14 most popular location
7travelers 7reviews 2blogs
Makarska #15 most popular location
Makarska is a small town on the Adriatic coastline of Croatia, about 60 km southeast of Split. City is located at the foot of the Biokovo Mountain. Biokovo is the highest mountain on the Croa…
2travelers 2reviews 3blogs
Mlini #16 most popular location
Kupari, Srebrno and Mlini are three famous sea resorts between Dubrovnik and Cavtat. Mlini got the name after mills that used the water power of the numerous springs in the area. The advantag…
Šibenik #17 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews
Bol #18 most popular location
Bol is a town on the south of the island of Brač in the Split-Dalmatia county of Croatia. Bol is renowned for its most popular beach, the Zlatni rat ("Golden cape"). It is a promontory co…
3travelers 2blogs
Rab #19 most popular location
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Orebic #20 most popular location
4reviews 4blogs
Baska #21 most popular location
Baška is a beautiful little town on the south end of the island of Krk. It sits on the Kvarner bay in the Adriatic Sea. The beach is rock and sand and has some of the clearest water imaginab…
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Medulin #22 most popular location
2travelers 1blogs
Omis #23 most popular location
Rijeka #24 most popular location
We visited the wonderful town of Rijeke on the way to Pula. The old buildings and churches of stone were beautiful. The good thing was that we visited Rijeke on the way back from Pula.
50travelers 13reviews 1blogs
Rabac #25 most popular location
Rabac, a Croatian village in Istria, is a large resort town on Kvarner Bay, just southeast of Labin. Long a small fishing port of just three dozen homes, Rabac has grown in recent years in…
1travelers 3reviews
Supetar #26 most popular location
Supetar is the largest town on the north side of the Dalmatian island of Brač located in the Adriatic Sea. Supetar takes its name from Saint Peter, which is the name's English translatio…
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Novigrad #27 most popular location
Plitvice #28 most popular location
22travelers 1reviews 11blogs
Mali Losinj #29 most popular location
2travelers 1reviews
Sibenik #30 most popular location
4travelers 5reviews 4blogs
Pag #31 most popular location
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Seget Donji #32 most popular location
Tucepi #33 most popular location
Tučepi (pronounced Toochepee) is a small town and municipality in the Split-Dalmatia County of Croatia. It is located on the Adriatic coast of Dalmatia known as Makarska riviera, about 5 km …
Korenica #34 most popular location
Krk #35 most popular location
2travelers 5reviews 1blogs
Stari Grad #36 most popular location
Stari Grad is a place on the island of Hvar in the Central Dalmatia. It is a ferryport from Split to Korčula- Sobra(Mljet)- Dubrovnik and Split to Ancona(Italy). There is also a bus connect…
Plitvice National Park #37 most popular location
21travelers 3reviews 6blogs
Slano #38 most popular location
Osijek #39 most popular location
Osijek is city at the eastern Croatian region of Slavonia. It’s located on the right bank of the river Drava. The beginnings of man's residence in Osijek goes back to Neolithic times, and…
31travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Bibinje #40 most popular location
Gradac #41 most popular location
Gradac is the southernmost touristic locality of the Makarska riviera in southern Dalmatia, Croatia, located between Makarska and Ploče. It is about 42 kilometers from Makarska, situated hal…
1travelers 2reviews
Novalja #42 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews
Lopud #43 most popular location
Lopud is a small island off the coast of Dalmatia, southern Croatia. Lopud is one of the Elaphiti Islands, and can be reached by short boat journey from Dubrovnik, Orasac, Zaton or any of th…
Punat #44 most popular location
Novi Vinodolski #45 most popular location
Fazana #46 most popular location
Vis #47 most popular location
Vis Island is the farthset inhabited island off of the mainland of Croatia (approx 25 KM from Hvar Island). Within its approx 90 square KM size, it has approx. 3500 residents. It's population…
1travelers 1reviews 2blogs
Klek #48 most popular location
Klek is a little village in a cove with a lovely beach at the Adriatic coast in Croatia next to the border with Bosnia. Not so far from the beach is a little island, a temptation for swimmers…
2reviews 1blogs
Rogoznica #49 most popular location
Tisno #50 most popular location
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