Credit Cards: Never, Ever Provide Copies

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Avoiding dodgy travel vendors and fraud Feb 25, 2009
Using credit cards when traveling is fraught with risk, not least because likely you do not have the opportunity to review your monthly purchase statements to verify that you actually made the charges listed.

Frequently, when Travellers make reservations either by telephone or over the InterNet, the travel product vendor asks that you forward a copy of both the front and back of your credit by FAX.

IF you do this, you are breaching YOUR AGREEMENT with the CARD ISSUER.


Transactions such as these are called, in card issuer parlance, CNP - Card Not Present - impose stricter demands upon the entity accepting the card, these demands are intended to protect YOU from potential fraud.

By suppyling FAX copies of your card the travel product vendor can imply you were present and had full knowledge of the transaction. Trustworthy merchants are aware of Credit Card issuer rules that prohibit asking for such copies. By implication, less trustworthy merchants will ask for such copies.

Some vendors can only accept CARD PRESENT transactions and in providing copies you enable such vendors to break their agreement - at your risk.

No one needs COPIES of the rear of any card as it usually contains only a signature and a CVV2 number.

The CVV2 - Card Verification Value 2 - is a three-digit security number imprinted on the signature panel of Visa cards in reverse sloping characters. Merchants accepting Visa cards over the Internet, phone, or by mail ask for this number to help ensure that customers using their cards are actually in possession of the card.

There is no information on any card that cannot be verified by a merchant and equally there is no information on a card that CANNOT RELIABLY TRANSMITTED BY VOICE OR E-MAIL.

You can learn more by checking < > and < >.

Remember, play it safe. You can usually always find accommodation on arrival and one night in less than desirable accommodation before switching to better digs is always better than having someone defraud you!
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bernard69 says:
thanks for sharing a cery helpful review:)
Posted on: Feb 24, 2009
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