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10013 101A Avenue NW (off Rice Howard Way)., Edmonton, Canada

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ravenswing ravenswi…
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Squash Chips & Over 100 Beers On Tap Apr 20, 2017
I had been meaning to stop in for a meal at Craft and finally one day my son suggested we go for supper. I must admit that I don't know what took me so long to go there, it is now one of my favorite restaurants. I did *cheat* a little - my son works in the kitchen so I had an expert sitting with me to tell me what were the best items on the menu. He suggested the Hawaiian Ahi Poke with Toga on the side for our appetizer - that was a great pick. The wonton chips were perfectly baked. About halfway through the appetizer I asked him "So where the tuna?". He shook his head and said "The ingredients are tuna and cucumber." I continue to stir the Poke in the bowl ... "No I don't see it". Then he laughed at me and repeated what he initially said - then it dawned on me that the 'red pieces' in the bowl was the tuna, and for some reason I thought they were tomatoes. I have been there a few more times with some other friends and I am happy to report that I wasn't the only one who asked where the tuna was - they also thought it was tomatoes.

While we were waiting for our main dishes to show up my son took me on a tour of the building. I had no idea it was such a big building. From the outside you wouldn't think it was as big as it is inside. There's the main floor, a mezzanine and a patio - lots of room. Checked out the keg room downstairs - this is where they store the extra kegs. When you are on the main floor at the back of the bar area - behind the huge glass windows are the kegs that are currently on tap.

We made it back to our table just as our food came out - good timing. I'm not a big pasta fan, but I had to try the Butternut Squash Ravioli and it was a hit! Score 2 out of 2 for ordering the right food. The pasta is house made, and the sauce is divine. Just the right amount of creaminess to maximize the taste. The pea shoots, pumpkin seeds and squash chips add to the incredible dish.

On a separate occasion my sister and I had gone in for supper. Oh yes I did have the same appetizer and supper but this time we had dessert. We asked our server what she would recommend as the best dessert. Her reply was "You can't go wrong with the ice-cream sandwich". To which both of us laughed and said 'Well you can when you don't like ice-cream" so we ordered the Butterscotch Budino. Score 3 our of 3! It was described to us as a Butterscotch pudding with rice krispy pieces in it. We weren't expecting too much - and boy were we wrong! The pudding is a light butterscotch, and when paired with the rice krispy pieces it was just the right amount of sweetness.

The service has been wonderful. The servers always have a smile and very friendly, as are the bartenders - yes I've had my supper at the bar because it was so busy that was all the seating that was available. Sitting at the bar is no different than sitting at a table - the service and the food is still fantastic.

What is unique to this restaurant? They have over 100 beers on tap. They are listed on the back of the menu. Should you be up for the challenge there is a Craft Club. The challenge is to drink a 100 different beers on tap. You'll be given a *club card* to track each pint you enjoy. Once you have completed the 100 different beers your name will be put on the keg at the front door - The Alumni Wall. The first tag is a shiny silver tag - should you complete it a second time, the tag is black. There are actually a few black tags on the Alumni Wall at the Edmonton location.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant - whether you just want to go in for a quick taste of the over 100 beers, or sit and enjoy a succulent dinner - take time to head to Craft


Your best option for parking is either at the Rice Howard Parkade or the Library Parkade. There are some metered parking spots across from Craft - they are usually always taken.
Craft Beer Market
Beer Can Chicken
Over 100 beers on tap
The Keg Room
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planxty planxty
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What a superb place. Mar 06, 2017
One evening shortly after I arrived in Edmonton my friend Lynne aka Ravenswing suggested we go out for supper and recommended a downtown bar called Craft which is properly known as Craft Beer Market and which I had seen and knew about but never visited. The reason I knew about it was that Lynne's elder son, who I had met before, is a chef there but she assured me that this was not the reason we were going but rather because it was a very good venue. As always local knowledge proved to be invaluable as it was an absolute beauty.

The whole raison d'etre for Craft is beer, pure and simple, and they have somewhere in the region of 125 available from all over the world, many on a rotating basis. I am by inclination a cider drinker but I am not averse to a beer or ten now and again and was I ever in the right place. The biggest problem with Craft is where to start. As well as the large menu board, there is a comprehensive booklet with detailed tasting notes on all the beers. Flip the board over and there is a large food menu and it appeared that most patrons were dining. Both menus are available on the excellent attached website.

We had parked ourself in our accustomed position at the bar and I had a look round what is a very pleasant, modern and airy space with a high ceiling and the obligatory large screen TV's showing sport. Our position allowed us a view of the huge selection of beer kegs behind a glass back wall. Apparently, there is another massive selection downstairs although we did not get down there. As well as the beer there is a large selection of wines and spirits as the reader can hopefully see from the images.

I wasn't up for eating myself as I have an appetite like a sparrrow but Lynne was ravenous (pun absolutely intended) and the menu was a complete irrelevance because she had already told me on the journey there what she was going to order which was Hawaiian Ahi Poke, Butternut Squash Ravioli and Butterscotch Budino.

I love cooking, cooking programmes on TV, reading recipes and everything food related but I understood one third of that order. Hawaiian Ahi Poke, what on earth is that? I shall tell you or rather I shall let the menu tell you or I shall get it wrong. It is "Ocean Wise sashimi-grade tuna, cucumber, fresh ginger, garlic and sesame soya vinaigrette served with crispy wontons". OK, sounds good to me so what is a Butterscoth Budino?

It is basically a butterscotch pudding "topped with crispy rice wafers and shaved chocolate". I knew what ravioli was although I had never heard of it made with butternut squash before and was a touch unsure about how it would work.

The starter arrived fairly promptly, along with a rather cute note from her son who was working starter and dessert stations that evening and recognised his Mother's usual order straight away. You can just see it on one of the images and it made both of us smile.

Lynne insisted that I share it with her and it was a thing of beauty. I have no idea how they dice tuna that small but they do and the flavour combination was superb. Spread a little of it on the crispy wonton and it was great.

I should stress at this point that I am writing this tip totally impartially given my admitted "connection" to the establishment. I do try to write honestly and always declare an interest if I have one. To hopefully confirm my impressions of the place, another major travel website rates Craft number 20 out of just shy of 2,000 restaurants in Edmonton.

The starter duly polished off and the dishes cleared promptly I chose another beer after some deliberation and

we awaited the main course which arrived equally promptly. I was interested in this because, as I said above, I had reservations about a butternut squash ravioli. I wasn't sure just how much flavour it would deliver especially as it was paired with a sauce made from the same main ingredient and garnished with yet more of the stuff. Well, this just shows why I was never a professional chef. The few mouthsful I had were very, very good and the use of peri-peri in the emulsion (I just call it a sauce as I do not go in for fancy culinary terms) gave just the right amount of background heat without it being screamingly hot as some peri-peri dishes can and should be.

Dishes cleared away in good order again, another beer ordered and it was time for the dessert. I am not normally a big dessert eater as I don't have much of a sweet tooth but it was very pleasant although I think I would have struggled to finish a whole portion myself. A couple of mouthsful were more than sufficient for me although I am sure that sweet lovers would be in their element with it.

At this point I should mention the Beer Club. You fill in a very short form and they give you a Club card or download an app on your iPhone if you can do such things. I can't. The card lists all the beers on offer and when you pay your bill you ask for the duty manager to come and sign off your card. When you get to 100 different beers you get your name on a little silver plaque on one of the silver barrels at the door, do it twice and you get a black plaque. Bearing in mind that the whole Craft Beer Market enterprise has only been going since 2011 (later in Edmonton) there are a surprising number of plaques on the barrel here and I salute each and every one of those beer warriors.

Speaking of the history of the company, it has outlets in Calgary where it originated, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottowa and is soon to open in China! Considering how relatively new it is, I think they are doing very well as the number of people there on a Thursday evening attests as does their continuing expansion. The founder PJ Heureux must be laughing all the way to the bank.

Having just jouned this site I should probably explain that I have a few travel mantras that I regularly return to and one of them is that any establishment be it restaurant, hotel, bar or whatever else is only as good as the staff. I make no apologies for this as I firmly believe it to be true and the staff here are excellent. I am assured that nobody had been pre-warned of our arrival and would not have recognised us anyway so we were not getting any sort of preferential treatment.

The young lady "greeter" was charm personified and we were no longer in our seats than the barman came over, introduced himself as James, and politely enquired our names. His service throughout was excellent and he was quite happy to offer advice on the different beers and provide samples. He was attentive without being obtrusive and when he went on a well-earned break his colleague, whose name I didn't get, was equally professional and courteous even if he did have a little difficulty understanding my accent and I his. That is hardly a surprise nor a fault as people I have known for years sometimes have difficulty with it! I really do love the Canadian service ethos which puts ours in the UK generally to shame.

I could easily have put this tip in the atractions section as I can hardly claim to have eaten there but I certainly had enough tasters to justify it here in the restaurant section I think.

I suspect the reader has probably gathered by now what I think of Craft and I can genuinely find no fault with it as it is just exactly my sort of place although I never did complete the beer challenge!

I can really do no more than to recommend this place in the highest possible terms.
Craft Beer Market, Edmonton, Canad…
Craft Beer Market, Edmonton, Canad…
Craft Beer Market, Edmonton, Canad…
Craft Beer Market, Edmonton, Canad…
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planxty says:
It really is a quality place, I just wish I had had time to get back.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2017
NickelP says:
I haven't been to the one in Vancouver yet but friends that go quite enjoy it.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2017
planxty says:
Thnaks mate, this place really is superb. I reslly do want to spend about a month trying to knock off that beer challenge. 100 beers in a month - no problem.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2017

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