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Corregidor Island Overview

A tiny island situated in the entrance of the Manila Bay in the Philippines, Corregidor Island is one of the most important historic tourist sites in the nation, proving to be instrumental during World War II when it fell to Japanese forces who captured the Philippines and forced the retreat of the United States during the early years of the war. It has long been of strategic importance due to its location at the entrance of the bay, although these days it primarily serves as a tourist site overseen by Cavite City. Looking like nothing more than a tadpole swimming is way westward to the ocean, it has earned a reputation over the years as “The Rock” due to the rocky landscape which are the result of an ancient volcano known as the Corregidor Caldera, dormant for nearly one million years.

The island itself is fairly small, only 4 miles across at its widest point, and tapering off to the tail of the tadpole that streams eastward into the sea. While technically there is not much to see on the island in terms of natural beauty, it is the history of the place that pulls people in year after year. From the days when the island was first under Spanish rule in the 16th century, to its eventual capture by the Dutch in 1647, the island has changed hands several times between various nations due to its importance in location, until eventually being surrendered to the Japanese in 1942. One of the oldest structures on the island is the Spanish lighthouse, originally built in 1836, but many people come here for the World War II memorials, especially the Malinta Tunnel, which was the last place where the combined Philippine and American forces stood prior to surrendering. If you come to this tiny island, be prepared to take a step back in history, and honor the memories of those fallen.

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