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One of the most popular diving spots on the planet, Coron has been listed in such publications as Forbes Traveler Magazine as one of the top 10 best scuba diving sites around the world in relation to its views of sunken Japanese warships and underwater scenery, but the island itself is not exactly a major stopping point on the tourist routes. A municipality that is part of Palawan, Philippines, Coron covers most of the island of Busuanga, as well as the entirety of the nearby Coron Island, where the best diving conditions are. As part of the overall Calamian Islands, Coron is a major fishing town for the surrounding regions, but it also has a fairly large pull with diving enthusiasts from around the world, and in recent years is starting to become more popular with adventurers looking to strike out beyond the boundaries of the normal, everyday destinations that every guidebook and website tells you to head to. This is a relatively untouched place, even now, which makes it perfect for the eco tourist.

Make no mistake, the infrastructure in Coron is somewhat lacking by modern standards, but that’s also part of the appeal. While there aren’t exactly luxury accommodations to be had, amenities and otherwise are fairly decent, and provide an excellent base for getting out and exploring the beauty of the islands, whether that be on the sandy beaches, hiking up Mount Tapyas, hopping around the local islands, seeing one of the various lakes on the islands themselves, or strapping on your diving gear and heading out to some of the sunken wrecks. Snorkeling is a fairly popular activity while staying in Coron, but the main focus is on the excellent diving conditions. If you are a fan of snorkeling and diving, this is easily one of the best places out there to get your fix.

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