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corfu town, Greece

Corfu corfu town Reviews

angel_telonis angel_te…
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Maybe the most beautiful town of Greece Jul 19, 2017
'Kalimera'! (Goodmorning) from Greece!

So.. Corfu (old) town. The best!

Corfu town is a lovely little town that has been influenced a lot by Italy and this shows when you have a walk and see the architecture of the buildings-it feels like you're in a small town of Italy!

Colorful buildings narrow paved streets that you don't know where they end at and colorful Vespas strolling around you :)

What you have to do for sure is visit it in the daytime AND in the nighttime. In the night it changes and gets even more magical especially if you are with your 'amore'.

What I'd do in the morning is find a nice café to relax and observe the locals (I do this as a local also :p) and then take my camera and walk in those little paved streets (called 'kadounia') until I am too tired.

In my night visit i would go to one of the very nice bars (some by the sea watching the nice lit old fortress) and also stay a bit in the central square 'spianada'

That's a small intro to Corfu town, I hope you have fun and for any questions feel free to ask :)
Old fortress from the sea
Lost in 'kadunia'
Lost in 'kadounia' 2
Perfect coffee spot
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TravellingJack Travelli…
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Quite expensive, but worth the visit! Jul 20, 2011
Corfu town is beautiful with it's colourful building's, castle ruins and seafront view. The people are very friendly and helpful, most speak enough english to help you out if you arn't fluent with your greek language.

There are many restaurants and bars if you are hungry/thirsty but keep in mind these places can be very expensive if you are on a budget! You might be better off finding a food store on the street which can be just as delicous but half the price!

There seemed to be alot of jewellery shops around Corfu town, many had very nice items but I couldn't help but feel they were a little overpriced, so be careful ladies!

Corfu Town has a lot of history, so make sure to visit the castles and local tourist attractions, the castles arn't too demanding to climb and they offer some spectacular views once you reach the top. Well worth it!
poohstanggt poohstan…
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Fortress on the Adriatic May 29, 2007
The island of Corfu was the third stop on our Eastern Mediterranean cruise last summer. Part of our tour to Achilleon Palace included a trip through old town Corfu.

The Old Town of Corfu is located at the entrance of the Adriatic Sea and dates back to the 8th century BC. There were three forts in town which were all designed by Venetian engineers, and served the area for four centuries, defending the maritime trading interests of the Republic of Venice against the Ottoman Empire. As with many historical sites, the forts were damaged and rebuilt over time, most recently under British rule in the 19th century. Old Town is primarily neoclassical and is in part from the Venetian period and partially the later 19th century British construction.

As the old town was located within fortifications, the streets are very narrow, paved with cobblestones since land use/space was incredibly important. Many of the streets we walked were certainly too narrow for vehicle traffic but made beautiful walk streets. The main street is the "Liston" where you will find the bistros and upscale restaurants. The day we walked around, some of the outdoor cafes had beautiful lounge type seating and they were all crowded with people enjoying a cup of coffee, enjoying the view to the sea and the old fortress.

Corfu was just added to the UNESCO World Heritage site list in 2007. It was added for its outstanding universal value. As its roots date all the way back to the Byzantine period, it has been under the influence of a variety of people.

If you visit Corfu by cruise ship, the old town is relatively close to the ship terminal and can be accessed by walking or taxi. If you arrive to Corfu by plane, you will definitely need a cab or transportation to get into town.
Old Fortress gate
Liston - Old Corfu Town
Another view of the Liston
Narrow street in Old Corfu - St Sp…
vulindlela says:
Nice pics!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2008

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corfu town
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