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With a history spanning centuries, steeped in the mythological presence of the ancient gods and goddesses which have become linked with Greek culture and history over the years, Corfu stands as one of those island refuges which stretches back over the years to times when legends walked the earth, and mere mortals were only pawns in a greater game of chess played out by the gods. Today, Corfu is a modern tourist destination with some of the most beautiful island views in the country combined with old-world charms and UNESCO World Heritage sites like the old town itself, making for the perfect destination for the intrepid adventurer. From places such as the Bay of St. George to Palaio Frourio and the Garden of the People, Corfu is a treasure-trove of sights and experiences that will literally take your breath away.

Corfu has long been an important destination on the waters, and this importance can be seen in the number of ancient castles that rise up in strategic locations all over the island. From as far back as the ancient Phoenicians, Corfu has been at the heart of naval dominance of the surrounding seas, although its recent history has seen it transform into a celebration of history rather than a strategic dot on a map. From the mountainous areas of the northern regions to the sandy beaches of the south and everything in between, Corfu is a wonder to behold. These days it is an important island for the production of olive oil and wines, making it a popular port of call for the region, but tourism is also a major draw, with plenty of ancient temples, architecture, history, and natural beauty to explore. A word of warning, however: the roads throughout Corfu are extremely treacherous and winding, so if you are someone who suffers from motion sickness easily, come prepared.

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