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There are places in the world where the mystical aura of time and beauty come together with a modern sense of urgency to create a unique environment that can only be experienced in a specific place. Cordoba is one such. The capital of the province of Cordoba in the Andalusia region of southern Spain, straddling the Guadalquivir River and founded by Claudius Marcellus in the ancient Roman days, Cordoba stands as a testament to its importance over the years, from its time as the capital of the Caliphate of Cordoba—when it was one of the most populated cities in Europe—to its present occupation as one of the most amazing World Heritage Sites in the world. Nowhere else in the world can you experience a blend of ancient Roman and Islamic architecture and culture mixed together with the Spanish, and there are definitely few places in the world that can claim to have been the capital of several different important regions at different points over the years.

Cordoba is a center of culture, art, and utter relaxation for the region, and the combination of picturesque countryside beauty with the incredible architecture of the years spread out in front of you makes for a trip that will never be forgotten. From the third largest mosque in the world—La Mezquita—to the Medina Azhara, the Calleja de las Flores, or the Roman bridge Puente Romano spanning the Guadalquivir River, Cordoba is simply one incredible sight after another. In addition, the surrounding countryside contains a variety of Spanish villages that rival Cordoba for picturesque qualities, and the sheer number of Spanish cultural festivals throughout the year is nearly mind-boggling. The month of May is arguably the best time to come, and is nicknamed the Month of Cordoba due to the amount of festivals ranging from wine tasting to dancing, eating, and enjoying the simple act of not working. All in all, why would you want to go anywhere else?