Copacabana Beach

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1800 Avenida Atlântica, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(21) 2195-5800

Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro Reviews

HuBison HuBison
417 reviews
Beautiful people watching and lots to do Apr 13, 2011
Copacabana Beach is as gorgeous as people say. The sand is white and clean and the water is OK; it turns up a lot of sand and so it may not look super clean, but it's kinda warm.

If you stay at a hotel off the Avenida Atlantica, they will often provide free beach chairs and towels (so check before making a reservation). This beach is a beautiful place to people watch.

When my friend and I first arrived to Rio, it was 8 in the morning and our room was not ready. We left our luggage at the hotel and was sent to a mall. We stopped in a bathing suit shop and the woman tried to convince us that we needed to buy a Brazilian cut bikini or else everyone would know we were tourists. We were OK with that and could not be convinced to buy a teeny-tiny bathing suit. However, when you sit on the beach, you do see lots of bathing beauties. Sun bathing topless is more of a European practice and although there are lots of round bottoms, there aren't too many topless people.

If you are on the beach in a group, always leave one person to watch the stuff-thieves can be qick and when it's crowded, it is hard to keep an eye on your things. If you are only there with one person, both of you can never go in the water at the same time-don't chance it.

We rented a bike at Copacabana and rode through to Leblon and Impanema to get to a souvenir market that sold knick knacks and stuff (it was a really cheap rental, but had to pay extra for the kick stand).

Going back in 2012!
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Manumatas Manumatas
2 reviews
Nice beach, not the best Jul 11, 2011
Its maybe th most famoust beach in Rio and deserve a visit. But is not the best. I prefer Ipanema.

And if you look more peace beach, beter sand and waves, and lest tourist, then go to Barra Beach.

Anyway the city is making effort to improve the security of Copacaban and is now a place to go without doubt.
The8thchiz The8thch…
1 reviews
Copacabana Beach Oct 13, 2009
First off the beachs of Rio are the best beaches i have ever been to and I live in Sunny Southern California. The weather on Copacabana Beach was perfect and there was just so much going on. This is definatly a people watching beach. There are hundreds of venders that will sell you anything from towels,beer,whistles, and shrimp. Within 10 minutes of laying on the beach you will be hit up by a least 10 venders. There are multple places to eat along the beach while listening to live music. Get a hotel or apartment over looking the beach and this will be the perfect vacation.
worldup worldup
30 reviews
Feb 07, 2007

After passing Lagoa Ridrigo de Freitas, you enter the Copacabana Beach area. Hundreds of people stroll, walk and jog along Avenue Atlantica every day. The beach is very wide and Avenue Atlantica runs along the entire length of the beach. There are three lanes in each direction with shops, cafes and hotels lining the length of the avenue. For a spectacular view of Copacabana Beach, try lunch or dinner at Le Saint Honore on the 37th floor of the Le Meridien Hotel.

GO to the beach on Sunday

It’s like a carnival on Sundays. The Brazilians love to go to the beach on Sunday and it shows. The sand is much like the West Coast of Florida, very powdery and white. You would think the water would be warm but it’s the middle of summer and the water is about 75’ F. Not very tropical, but its hot and be sure to use sunscreen. The sun is deceptively hot and does burn. While sitting on the beach, $.50 to rent a beach chair, all kinds of local vendors walking the beach selling everything and I mean everything.

Food ��" Shrimp, grilled tofu, pies, empenadas, chips, cookies

Drinks ��" Soda, beer, spring water, coconut water and of course caphirinhas.

Goods ��" Hats, shorts, bathing suits, sarongs, towels, wood carvings, sunglasses

The outdoor juice bars on the beach side sell beer for $1 and mixed drinks for $3. People congregate at these juice bars talking and spending time with family and friends
Sunday at the Beach
Beach heaven

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