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Twin Lakes, Colorado

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Jul 24, 2007
I first have to make a note about the location. Because TB won't allow me to simply state Colorado as the location, I had to place Twin Lakes as the specification. Anyone who has been to the Continental Divide in CO, knows that there is no set location. It's on top of the world, on a mountain pass and in between Twin Lakes and Aspen. If you've never been, now you know that there is not a town or city directly around the C.D.

Okay! Now, onto the review! From wherever you are coming, it will seem like a long drive (unless you are from Aspen, Twin Lakes or Leadville). CO-82 is also known as "Independence Pass." This is probably because if you are not paying attention to your driving, or to the curves of the road, you will soon find yourself very "independent" of the road beneath you, and flying out into open space. Independence Pass has a section of road where there are narrow curves and no guard rails. I consider myself a very safe driver, but be wary of the morons out there who do not share your driving skills.

For example, several campers love to take their RV's with them on this pass. This is all grand for those who vow never to pee in a forest, or sleep under the stars, but for the pass it's very dangerous, and all RV's should be banned from this pass. Half of the time, the RV is about twice the size of the lane itself, thus proving to be a life-threatening problem on those curves and with oncoming traffic. Pass when you can, drive slowly, and try to be the leader of the pack. If you are the only one in front of traffic, open her up and enjoy the ride.

THe attraction itself is on the left side of the road, if you're heading towards Aspen. If you're worried you won't see it, hakuna matata!! There are hundreds of other drivers wanting to experience the same thing. There will be cars parked all along the sides of the road, and only if you are blind will you miss it (and if that's the case, you shouldn't be driving!!). Get out of your car, and follow the sidewalk to the lookout. It is an amazing view!! You are immediately humbled as you step out onto the lookout, and look down. **The view is not for the faint acrophobiacs. But if you can conquer your fear, and know that you don't have to look down, but out and across the HUGE divide, as it were, the view is spectacular. **

Take as many pictures as you can!! And when you get ready to leave, be sure to take a picture of yourselves in front of the Continental Divide sign. Truly, the view itself is one that makes even the most apathetic, anti-spiritual believe that there was something involved in the making of the view that is the Colorado Continental Divide. We're talking more than just earthquakes and rainfall. It will be something you will have to experience yourself, and I hope you brought your camera.

Directions: If you take I-70 (west if you're coming from Denver, east if you're coming from Glenwood Springs) until the Leadville/Copper Mountain exit and get off, you'll be on CO-91. Take 91 until you are into Leadville. Go all the way through Leadville, until you reach CO-82 (it'll be on your right). Turn right onto 82, and take this road towards Aspen. This road is called "Independence Pass", and be very, very careful driving it. Lots of curves, and no guard rails. Halfway through this drive from Twin Lakes (beginning of CO-82) and Aspen, you will see on your left the Continental Divide. Look for the sign, and lots of people who have also stopped. Get out of the car, and walk to the look-out point, and take some awesome pics!
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