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Otherwise known as the Constitution State, Connecticut was the fifth of the original 13 colonies, and as such has a rich national history. One of the oldest states in the US, Connecticut boasts a range of historical cities, coastline, and plenty of natural beauty to boot. Also home to Yale University and various world- renowned museums associated with the school, the state can easily lay claim to the reputation of one of the most visited states in the nation.

Connecticut is also home to the famous Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Casinos, which are world famous Native American casinos which host some of the most prominent poker tournaments each year on the professional circuit, including World Poker Tour events. Foxwoods Poker Room is the third largest in the world, giving Connecticut yet another reason to be popular with visitors.

Aside from the casinos, museums, and the universities, Connecticut also boasts several botanical gardens, such as the Marsh Botanical Garden in New Haven, which is located on Yale campus. But perhaps the most famous of the national landmarks for Connecticut are the lighthouses. There are literally dozens of them dotting the coastline, such as the Avery Point Light in Groton, or the Southwest Ledge Light in New Haven. There are also dozens of beaches, ranging from Pleasure Beach in Bridgeport, to Cove Island Park in Stamford. Keep in mind that alcohol is not sold on Sundays, so if you plan to do any drinking while having a barbecue on the weekend you’ll need to stock up in advance. Visit the historical cities of New Haven, Mystic, Norwalk, Bridgeport, and take a step back into ancient American history, back when the colonial constitution was first implemented and the birthing pains of the nation were just beginning. From the banks of the Connecticut River to the beautiful New England scenery and crisp climate, there is plenty to experience while in the state.

New Haven #1 most popular location
New Haven is the second-largest city in Connecticut, after Bridgeport.It is in New Haven County, on New Haven Harbor, on the northern coast of Long Island Sound. Founded in 1638, New Haven…
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Groton #2 most popular location
Groton is a town located on the Thames River in New London County, Connecticut. The population was 39,907 at the 2000 census. Groton is the home of the Electric Boat Corporation, which is …
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Mystic #3 most popular location
A major New England tourist destination, the town is also home to the Mystic Aquarium & Institute for Exploration, notable for its research department, dedication to marinelife rehabilitation…
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Stamford #4 most popular location
Stamford is the unoffical capital of Southern Connecticut. It has grown into the major southern hub in the state along route 95, the major north-south east coast throroughfare than continues…
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Hartford #5 most popular location
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Windsor Locks #6 most popular location
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Danbury #7 most popular location
Danbury is located on the Western border of Connecticut, where Interstate 84 crosses from New York into the state. Danbury was incorporated in 1683 and had a large tricentennial celebration …
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Milford #8 most popular location
Milford is a beautiful shoreline town in southern Connecticut along the coast of Long Island Sound and the Housatonic River to the west. About 90 miles E of New York City, Milford is lined w…
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Meriden #9 most popular location
Known as "The Silver City", Meriden is a mostly blue-collar town centrally located in the middle of Connecticut, about halfway between New Haven and Hartford. When visiting, don't miss Hubba…
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Norwalk #10 most popular location
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Waterbury #11 most popular location
Waterbury is also known as "Sin City". You will probably not read this in any travel brochure but that is what we call it. Don't get me wrong, I was born and raised in Waterbury and don't let…
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Manchester #12 most popular location
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West Haven #13 most popular location
West Haven is a coastal city in Connecticut. It’s located between the culturally and educationally rich urban city of New Haven to the east and the summer vacationer’s party town of Milf…
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Old Saybrook #14 most popular location
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New London #15 most popular location
New London is a town of about 28,000 (up 8% since 2000) located along Interstate 95 and US Highway 1 in New London County in Southern Connecticut. New London is on the Thames River and Long I…
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Shelton #16 most popular location
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Branford #17 most popular location
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Farmington #18 most popular location
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Southington #19 most popular location
Southington is a charming little town in central Connecticut, with rolling hills and a quaint town green. It is home to Mount Southington Ski Area, a very small mountain with six slopes. In…
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East Hartford #20 most popular location
East Hartford CT is 80% good 20% bad,(Neighborhoods)Thou there arent any places to visit from history, its filled with alot of good people and is fun if you know people who live in the town. …
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Rocky Hill #21 most popular location
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Fairfield #22 most popular location
Fairfield, CT is located at the top of the "Gold Coast" of Long Island Sound, around 1 hour from New York City. Surrounding towns are Westport, Weston, Easton, Trumbull and Bridgeport. Easi…
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Norwich #23 most popular location
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Bethel #24 most popular location
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Torrington #25 most popular location
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Stratford #26 most popular location
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Glastonbury #27 most popular location
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Old Greenwich #28 most popular location
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Ridgefield #29 most popular location
Ridgefield is a town of about 24,000 (up 6% since 2000) located near U.S. Highway 7 at the intersection of several Connecticut Highways in Fairfield County in Southwest Connecticut. Ridgefie…
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Uncasville #30 most popular location
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Stonington #31 most popular location
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Westport #32 most popular location
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Middletown #33 most popular location
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Litchfield #34 most popular location
Litchfield is one of the most beautiful cities in Connecticut! The congregational church situated on its green is said to be the most photograped church in the country! The downtown green is …
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Cornwall #35 most popular location
Orange #36 most popular location
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Seymour #37 most popular location
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Darien #38 most popular location
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Old Lyme #39 most popular location
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Bristol #40 most popular location
Bristol, Connecticut is technically a "city," but it's basically a lower-middle class, suburban town. It's most well known claim to fame is the headquarters for the television sports network…
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Noank #41 most popular location
Noank is a very small, seaside New England Town located in rural eastern Connecticut, and only a few miles from the Rhode Island border. It is close to the Naval Submarine Base in Groton as …
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Trumbull #42 most popular location
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New Britain #43 most popular location
New Britain is a city of approximately 72,000 located just south of Hartford in Connecticut. The city is a maufacturing city sometimes called the hardware city because Stanley Works is headq…
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Watertown #44 most popular location
Watertown Connecticut is a beautiful little town in idyllic Litchfield county. It would most likely be a town you would pass through or know a friend who lives here since there are no hotels.…
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Ellington #45 most popular location
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Old Mystic #46 most popular location