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8479 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, USA
(323) 782-1104

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sybil sybil
115 reviews
Jan 22, 2008
This new restaurant by david myers, the same chef of sona, is located near famous restaurant row on la cienega. thus, parking could be painful. but, if you are lucky and find street parking, grab it. otherwise, valet is available at $8.

our reservation was for 7:45 pm -- strange time, but i could work with it. I got in earlier than martinkitty13 and i thought i would be forced to slum it at the small and busy bar. however, i was pleasantly surprised when i was seated immediately.

the place was crowded and a bit loud. the closer to the front, the louder it was. the place appeared to be good for groups and for dates. i did not really see families with children but i suspect that comme ca sees its fair share of families with kids for weekend brunches.

the server was quick and attentive with drink orders. he was also good with food suggestions. for example, he thought we might be overdoing it if we ordered both the tarte flambee and the mac and cheese.

on to the food:

1. tarte flambee - this was actually really good. might be a favorite. i love the bacon on top of the really thin crunchy crust. this dish was also nicely sweet - thanks to the caramelized onion.

2. mushroom risotto - i thought this was fine. it did not blow me away.

3. Pork chop - this was not the best chop i have ever had [i still think babbo's (nyc), pre-katrina emeril's (nola) and mastro's (la) are tops on my list for chops]. however, it was pretty good. beware because there was a fat cap, which gave it a nice flavor. but, it was still fat. the meat was tender altho doris thought it was too rare for her liking. the chop was topped with a mustard sauce, which i thought was fine but i could see how it could overpower the meat.

4. Brussel sprouts - i actually enjoyed this. it was not mushy nor too hard. i also enjoyed the bacon bits. but then again, i just love the swine.

5. Brioche pudding and ice cream - i enjoyed the ice cream, which was hazelnut flavored. the brioche was just ok. the brioche had some dried fruit inside.

6. cheese plate - it came with 3 cheeses: double cream (cow) cheese, goat cheese and sheep cheese. the cow cheese was, as advertised, quite creamy. it also was very sharp. the goat and sheep cheeses were understated and i enjoyed them. the goat cheese accoutrement was an orangey rind with almonds while the sheep cheese accoutrment was a dried tomato. the cow cheese came with a blueberry jam-like substance.

for dessert, i ordered a glass of the amontillado. it took forever for them to bring it out. the server was quite apologetic and explained that they were "very disorganized" and had to find the bottle.

the cheese plate also took forever to bring out. we thought they were still milking the goat, sheep and cow. again, the server was apologetic.

the bill also took forever. it came out to about $130 total plus tip.

i guess it was a good thing we didn't have any pressing engagements after dinner. Otherwise, i would have been cranky. overall, the food was good, the service started off great but tapered off, and the price was not cheap but not too expensive either. it is probably worth another visit.
mushroom risotto
brioche pudding and ice cream - i …
yummy cheese plate
yummy tarte flambee
jenn79 says:
HOW are you two so skinny?? I just.. I don't understand! =)
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008
mellemel8 says:
my mouth is drooling..............
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008
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martinikitty13 martinik…
61 reviews
another lovely french bistro Aug 11, 2008
What a pleasant surprise! I admit I was a bit nervous eating here – on one hand, the official reviews of this place were pretty positive; on the other hand, there were a bunch of mixed reviews mainly complaining about service issues. It’s very common for newish restaurants to have problems with service and timing issues so it’s really difficult to gauge a young restaurant early-on based on random reviews. However, when there are so many impassioned, angry messages, it does cause one to wonder….

I was glad, however, to bypass my concerns and give it a try. You will never really know whether you like something unless you try it yourself (but that is not to say you shouldn’t do proper research). The bad reviews I read complained about having to wait, even with reservations, the high noise level, and the exorbitant valet. I came in on a Tuesday night and was seated right away (but it was a Tuesday, after all). The server was very attentive and immediately inquired if I wanted to have a wine (a viognier, quite good). The restaurant was surprisingly full on a Tuesday and admittedly the noise level was quite high, but not enough to disturb me. The valet was quite expensive ($8), but then parking around this stretch of Melrose can be difficult (but not impossible). My friend found street parking – I was lazy and coughed up the $8.

When my fears subsided (pretty much after my first sips of wine and bites of the yummy, chewy bread with salted butter), I noticed the cozy black and white décor of the restaurant. Overall, it had a very pleasant, cottage-y feel. Our server came back quite promptly and offered suggestions on the menu. We ended up with: Tarte Flambee (fromage blanc tarte with caramelized onions and strips of pork bacon)(really like a flat pizza – quite yummy with a deep, sweet flavor from the onions and pork); Mushroom Risotto (pretty good, comfort food); Pork Chop (in a mustard sauce served atop a bed of greens and spiced fruit)(the pork was tender and good, but a tad too fatty for my taste; the sauce was also a bit strong for me); Brussel Sprouts with Pork (very delicious but I admit I’m partial to brussel sprouts). For dessert we tried a cheese course (a triple cream … delish! Served with fresh blue berry jam; a sharper sheep cheese served with orange rinds and marcona almonds; a goat cheese served with wonderful sundried tomatoes … yummm) and the brioche pudding with hazelnut ice cream with caramel sauce (ok, but not super exciting).

At this point we were very pleased and happy. The only slight downside was the wait to get our check. The server was very nice, but it took forever! But aside from this little blip, the night was all in all quite lovely.

Update - 8.9.2008 - I finally returned to try the burger (which Jonathan Gold of LA Weekly said was the best burger in LA). While I thought it was tasty (nice brioche bun, cole slaw, good beef), I can't say it was necessarily the "best". The fries that accompanied it was pretty yummy though. :)
Tarte Flambee - flat pizza piled w…
Our pork chop smothered in mustard…
Brussel Sprouts with bacon ... mmm…
Cheese course - how quaint and col…
mellemel8 says:
yummy review as always :)
Posted on: Jan 23, 2008

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