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2001 Blake St, Denver, CO, USA
Colorado Rockies - Mt. Evans!
Colorado Rockies - Sunset over downtown Denver
Colorado Rockies - Winter Park area!
Colorado Rockies - Winter Park area!
Colorado Rockies - Flat Irons in Boulder
Colorado Rockies - Rocky Mountain National Park
Colorado Rockies - Coors Field, 20th and Blake. Home of the Colorado Rockies

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Whitp2205 Whitp2205
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Exploring Colorado Sep 05, 2011
I had always envisioned what Colorado would look like from pictures, and descriptions from other peoples stories. I finally was able to plan my trip this year for a week! We stayed with a friend in downtown Denver, rented a car, and explored as much of the state that we could in the seven days we stayed.

The first two days we stayed in the city. Aside from Chicago, it was absolutely the most amazing city I've been to. Different then any city out there, Denver provided bike lanes all through out the city, allowing people to ride more frequently, and in a much more safe manner. Everyone out there was friendly, open minded, and happy to be in the sunshine.

Day 3 we decided to rent a car and drive out to the Continental Divide, explore the mountains out there. It was gorgeous, and a bit brisk :) We then headed toward the Frisco, and Breckenridge area. Found a nice hike to do in Breckenridge, then went into the little town for lunch. I can see why it's a big winter vacation spot. The view from our cafe was breath taking to say the least!

The next day we went to Boulder- my favorite! Pearl street most definitely the coolest hang out spot ever! With musicians every ten feet, and people showing all of their talents on the street, there are people shopping, walking, etc. Lots of great restaurants and shops. We hiked the flat irons that day. Probably the most intense hike of my life! Only 3 miles, but super steep and hardcore! Loved it through, and the view at the top was worth it!

The next day we went to the Winter Park area, did a hike there. Went to the Rocky mountain National Park, saw a moose! Got lots of great pictures of the beautiful mountains, ponds, natural streams. Then drive to MT. Evens. I believe one of the highest peeks in the Rockies? You drive up 18ish miles then walk the last 1/2 mile. Good luck with catching your breath though, your about 18,000 feet up there! It beautiful though. The drive up was by far the worst. The smallest two lane road with no guard rail up along one of the tallest mountains.. no thanks! Not to mention the mountain goat that jumped out in front of the car in front of us!

OH! And you definitely want to check out the 'cruiser nights' in downtown Denver on Wednesday throughout the summer! Best night ever!
Sunset over downtown Denver
Flat Irons in Boulder
Rocky Mountain National Park
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bkretzer bkretzer
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Coors Field is a great place to watch a ballgame Jun 11, 2008
What separates one MLB baseball game from another is about 75% the venue they play in. The Colorado Rockies call Coors Field home. Coors Field was built in 1995 and is a baseball only stadium. This allows the Rockies to do things completely there own way, without interference or input from another pro team.

While some seats are definitely better than others, and I have yet to sit in the same seat twice, there is not a bad seat in the house. All seats have a good line of sight and you don’t feel too distant from the action. All though to make that happen in the upper deck, your section sits a severe angle, which is at first a bit weird. It makes you think you are sitting on the edge of a canyon. If you are wondering about the row of purple seats, they make the 5280 foot level. Denver is the Mile High City, after all. All levels are serviced by top notch food vendors, and restrooms are plentiful. The ushers are very friendly and can be counted on to answer any question, and to point you towards whatever service you might need.

The Rockies of the early days could be counted on to put on an aerial show, with balls flying into the outfield seats. But, the installation of a humidor to keep the balls from drying out, has dropped Coors Field to the middle of the pack in homers allowed. But, with the thin atmosphere designers still new they had to do something to prevent the bat boy from regularly hitting the outfield ushers. So they pushed the outfield fences out, making for an expansive outfield. So where as home runs have fallen, balls hit into the outfield can still be an adventure. Doubles and Triples are regular occurrences.

There are plenty of places in the lower downtown area of Denver (LoDo), where Coors Field is located, to eat or drink before a game. Afterwards, on night games, there will be fewer open, but you won’t starve or go thirsty.

Most nights tickets can be readily obtained. Postseason, as will most pro teams is a different story. But, as the Rockies have made it just twice in their 15 year history, that is probably not a concern. The seats in the Rockpile (a centerfield section, separate from the rest of the stadium) go on sale a few hours before game time. So even if a popular out of town team is visiting tickets can be had if you get to the box office then. You can find tickets for any game, outside the stadium. But, be warned selling tickets for more than face value is illegal in Denver. Selling them for any price on Coors Field property is against Rockies policy. So, if you happen to buy one and the cops bust the guy on your transaction. He gets arrested and the cops keep your money and his tickets. That said your risk of getting caught is generally very low.

Parking is generally easy to find, but can be difficult for day games or when a big out of town team is playing. Here is a URL to a website that can explain your options far better than I can:

Would I do it again? Yes, but as I know a few people with some connections, I generally don’t have to pay for a ticket. If I were paying full price? Yes, I would still go. If you can get tickets to Field Level, especially in rows 1-10, your are in for a treat. There is nothing quite like being that close to the game to get you in good mood.
Coors Field, 20th and Blake. Home …

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