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Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)

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Cologne Flight Tips and Information

Gothic Koln
I am set to arrive in Koln from Frankfurt at 1.15 pm. I took my first ever ICE train from Frankfurt Flughafen HBF. Finding it was a little more complicated then I thought. Having had a nightmare of an experience on my arrival last nite I kept my fin…flight. This flight might be very packed cos the earlier flight (tat I was supposed to take was cancelled). I didnt…
Arrival to Cologne
Our flight arrived on time to Frankfurt.  We had to change planes in Reykjavik and had just enough time to go through security.  Even though we just came off a plane and had nowhere to buy anything, we couldn’t bring any water throug…flight.  Even though it was a short flight, I slept most of the way.  Soon we were in Frankfurt…
Breakfast at the Cathedral
Well that was a short night, but I did sleep and fairly soundly. We have had our orange juice and wash cloths and I have been to the WC and have asked twice for writing paper but no luck yet. [My mom commented that she was glad she had provided me w…flight by the German Society for the same price for 5 weeks as it would normally be for three weeks…

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