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Colca Canyon Overview

There seems to be universal recognition that the Colca Canyon, in Peru is the world's deepest canyon. It is certainly much deeper than the better known Grand Canyon, in the United States. The canyon is also far narrower. Comparisons aside, it is quite magnificent with tiny villages only reachable by canoe; beautifully terraced farmland and of course the flights of the magnificent condors.

The condors are a major feature of the Colca Canyon. They soar while they wait for the right thermals to take them up higher.

The area is inhabited by the Collagua and Cabana peoples, who still wear and work in traditional dress.

There are numerous day trips from Arequipa, Peru's second largest city, but it is well worth staying, at the nearest village reachable by normal transport, Chivay, where there are superb hot springs, and great accommodations.

The local villages are very picturesque and have cacti growing wildly from tumbledown buildings. It is also possible to see the glacier which is the the source of the Amazon River from the Colca Canyon.

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