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Coba is a Maya archaeological site in the Yucatan peninsula, about 28 miles inland from the Caribbean Sea. It is about halfway between Tulum (on the coast) and Valladolid to the northwest. Coba was the dominant city in the eastern Yucatan before 1000 CE, and is older than most of Chichen Itza. The site covers 27 square miles, only about 5% of the site has been excavated. Some translate Coba to mean "water stirred by wind," possibly in reference to the two large lakes, Coba and Macanxoc, near the ruins.

Coba is a jungle site, still in the lowlands of the peninsula, and is not a major cenote area. However, at least one cenote can be found within about 8 miles of Coba. The architecture is in the style of far Peten. This has caused speclation that coba had an aliance with Tikal. there are stela precent at Coba with royal Tikal females depicted. Coba is a large site with numerous inter-site sacbes and about 40 sacbes headed to other locals. Currently the longest sacbe west for 62 miles to another Mayan site, Yaxuna. This site also contains Nohoch Mul, the first or second tallest building in the Yucatan peninsula. The modern town of Coba, in contrast to the archaeological site, is rather small, with a couple of restaurants and hotels, and several small shops. Internet access is also available.

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