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Cancun, Mexico
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CoCo Bongo Cancun Reviews

Nasser507 Nasser507
1 reviews
Put it on your Cancun list for sure! Aug 05, 2014
It's one of the great places you would love to check while staying in Cancun! I did enjoyed my time there and surely everyone else will do so. Try to attend the club as early as possible so you can see many different shows and have the time to hang around with friends between the pauses. People working behind the club are doing a very good job to make your night unforgettable. DO NOT HESITATE! put it on schedule when visiting Cancun and the enjoyment is guaranteed lol :D
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kristennoelle9 kristenn…
21 reviews
WooHooo Coco Bongo! Apr 06, 2013
We got tickets through a Coco Bongo rep who visits different resorts and signs up guests for Coco Bongo no-line entry, roundtrip transportation, and open bar at the club. This was in May 2012, and I don't remember the exact price, but I do remember that it is EXPENSIVE for a nightclub but we paid less because we didn't go on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Even though I normally don't pay that much for nightclubs, it was definitely worth it! The best parts of the night were dancing on the bartop with my girls, and somehow finding our way on the stage at one point upstairs and ending up joining the show dancers during a mini-show! It was crowded when we went, but not too packed, so the energy was great. It was fun to party the night away and be entertained by the various acts throughout the night as well. Just watch out for the bar girls walking around offering shots at ridiculous prices!
martinc1 martinc1
1 reviews
Wild night out combined with acrobats. Oct 10, 2012
Hey all this is my first review, I finally got around to writing it. I went to Cancun in Mexico in April 2011 and I must say it is one of the best beach holidays I have ever been on. The club I am reviewing is Coco Bongo and the only way I can describe this place is Cirque du Soleil meets Pacha nightclub in Ibiza (and I used to work for Cirque du Soleil). The acrobats are first class and you get a variety of shows during the night. There was Spider-Man, Beetlejuice, Michael Jackson and many more. It is 60 USD entry into the club and for that all the alcohol is included. The only stipulation I had with this club is that the waiters and bar staff are quite pushy with regards to tips which can only be expected in a country like this. Definitely worth visiting if in Cancun though.
2 reviews
You have to go atleast once! Feb 05, 2011
I loved coco bongos! Everyone that visits Cancun should experience it just once. The impersonators were great. Some of the music between shows was alittle different but it's fun because it's the type of songs you havent heard in awhile. The show is like every 15 mins and the breaks in between are pretty short. One thing is that we tried to leave early and there was no way out. You have to ask a worker to take you through everyone to get an exit but other than that it's awesome!
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hayley499 hayley499
35 reviews
coco bongos fantasic place Apr 14, 2011
This place is great a must for anyone going to mexico great show great music drinks were inculded we paid 33 ponud for ticket and drinks all nite which is very cheap.this was better than some pf the shows iv seen in vegas.

its prob worth up grading ticket so you can have a seat and tabel this place gets very busy staff were really friendly we had a ball.
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dannyrock4 dannyroc…
31 reviews
Coco Bongo!! An Amazing expereince!! Jul 23, 2011
Coco Bongo??!! In 4 words, totally blew me away!!! I have travelled all over the world, I have seen many West End/Boradway shows, worked for Disney and been to some of the best nightclubs in the world, Vegas, Miami etc! But nothing really compares to Coco Bongo. Everybody I knew that has been to Cancun said this place is a must, so me and my 3 friends went and yes it was pretty pricey, it cost us $60 to get in, but with that you get your own server and free drinks all night, we had 2 drinks on the go all the time (as long as you tip well). I must admit, it took a while to get in, the security checkpoints were like that of what you would expect at an airport! But as soon we took our place in this smaller than I thought club the show begun! It hard to explain to be honest, its like broadway meets super hero meets dance club meets cirque du soleil!! The show stops and starts through out the evening, with music in between, every time you think its about to finish, to starts again 20 minutes later, I think it didn’t finish until 4am, only in Coco Bongo would see a battle between batman and the Joker to a Dance track, only in Coco Bongo would you see Elvis, Lady Gaga and Madonna (to mention a few), plus fire breathing bar tenders, a midget show and enough party balloons and streamers to fill the club 6 or 7 times over! This place is like no other! Not only a must in Cancun but a must from anywhere in the World! It cost us $60, I would have paid $160 and still left feeling I had got my moneys worth! Coco Bongo, Cancun, Mexico, 10/10!!
jess_lame44 jess_lam…
3 reviews
Awesome shows and music Apr 26, 2011
Coco bongo was so much fun for the most part. All those shows were awesome and the music and dancing was fun. The only down fall was there wasn't a whole lot of area to move it was really crowded and it took a while to get a drink.
delikate8 delikate8
3 reviews
Coco bongo's Cancun Mexico Mar 31, 2011
This is an amazing club/show a must see in cancun..

It says it is a perfect mix of mardi gras,paddys day & it does not dissapoint.

Think it was $50 all you can drink...

Would def visit again.Fun times..(",)
frostyye frostyye
3 reviews
cancun nightlife Mar 30, 2011
I had an amazing night at Coco Bongo! The shows were very entertaining, the service was good and so was the music. It was unlike the typical night club and I liked that. I would definitely go back again in the was a Broadway show, Cirque du Soleil, and dance club all thrown into one!

it kept you entertain all night and best of all open bar and free shirt! bonus
thethirstytraveler thethirs…
2 reviews
Unbelievable Clubbing Experience Mar 28, 2011
This was probably the most elaborate clubbing experience I've had in my life. With stage shows, dancers floating on top of you. I had a blast here.

The little people dressed up as beetlejuice tripped me out, some huge girl literally fell on top of me while dancing but nonetheless, it was unbelievable. I guarantee you will enjoy it. This is a cancun must.
its_ryan its_ryan
1 reviews
not all that Mar 04, 2011
Coco Bongo is in my opinion over hyped. i had alot more fun in the city, that place is massive. but as far as cancun is concerned it has to be club basic on fridays
crazyluis crazyluis
3 reviews
Crazy night life in Cancun Mar 03, 2011
Coco Bongo in Cancun is by far the craziest n wildest place to party on the Mexican caribbean coast. I have been there once for spring break and it was awesome, great atmosphere and great local and international visitors, good drinks, cold coronas etc. if you go to Cancun, I highly recommend going to Coco Bongo and party it up whoop,
mcd56 mcd56
2 reviews
Amazing Show Mar 03, 2011
Incredible shows, that you will never see in any other night clubs in the world!!

It is a must see to understand what scale I am talking about! Acts fly through the sky, etc...

Like all Cancun clubs, an open bar is included in the cover charge
yamahu yamahu
2 reviews
Coco bongo Mar 03, 2011
Coco bongo Cancu is very cool place, you will find lot of happy people there.
troydew troydew
2 reviews
Crazy Cirque d'soleil and wild partying. Feb 26, 2011
Splurge and go higher up in the club, but don't get sucked in by the first person selling wrist bands for "VIP". Barter for a group of about 6 and it get cheaper. Since it's become the best place for partying in Cancun the deals are harder to get but still haggle. It's sucha riot to see, there's so much going on and the energy is amazing. Definately worth the price of admission.
Petricka Petricka
7 reviews
The best ever! Apr 24, 2010
I`d say Coco Bongo is a place you have to see and experience before you die!! It is a sin to go to Cancun and not see that!! The show is amazing! You can see famous music videos performed life on the actually think that there is real Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson, Queen....You can also see many acrobats, and gymnasts performing parts based on famous movies such as Spiderman, Matrix, is not just about the show...people there are sooo wild, and fun that you just don`t wnat to leave. You can prebuy tickets for cca $60, and you get open bar we appreciate a lot!!
MiamiMaria MiamiMar…
6 reviews
Party Time in Cancun Aug 07, 2009
I was in Cancun this past New Year's on an impromptu vacation. We decided to go on vacation on a Sunday morning and were sipping a cocktail that evening in Mexico. We met up with some people at our hotel and went on an evening "excursion" to Coco Bongo. It was organized through one of the activity directors at the hotel, Jesus, from Venezuela. We payed $50 a piece and they provided transportation, cover, and drinks. It was a good thing we did it this way, as the club was filled to capacity, which happens to be 1800 pp. As a native of Miami and someone who lived in NYC and San Francisco I have seen my share of crowded clubs but this was unreal. It took about 45 minutes to navigate through the backdoor and to our table in the VIP section. We had a server that kept our drinks full all night. We easily drank our money's worth and we had a great table for the shows.The club is a hugh, multi-level venue and unique for it's shows and live performances. They of course have a dj spinning house music but also have live shows about every 15 minutes. The shows can be everything and anything, from acrobats to celebrity impersonators. When we were there we saw performances of Moulin Rouge, the Matrix, Michael Jackson, and Beyonce among others. The acrobats were on par with Cirque de Soleil performers and utilized every inch of the club, from floor to ceiling. It is a spectacle and extremely crowded, so if that is not your scene don't waste your time or money. Personally, I loved it and only wish I remembered more of the performers, but I guess that is the sign of a fun evening!
This was the girl wo did Pink for …
Moulin Rouge
Maya performer for Moulin Rouge
The Matrix
elena_baker elena_ba…
2 reviews
Coco Bongo, Amazing!!! Nov 22, 2009
If you want to party and have agreat time, this is the place to go, the music is great and they have show all night long... Ive been to Cancun several times and everytime i go there, u just never get tired of it.. Ive met another travelers who've gone there and they all agree.. for me its one of the best places to go....
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airlineguy says:
Every time I go there I end up dancing on the bar, but then again everybody else does too! Easily the best party in Cancun.
Posted on: Nov 22, 2009
dprentiss says:
I've been there. Its a great place to go if you just want to dance and drink. Not a place to chat or relax. So if you want to live it up check it out.
Posted on: Nov 22, 2009
venable venable
3 reviews
If you go to Cancun, you have to go to Coco Bongo! Jun 08, 2008
This place is crazy! It's always very packed and the line to get in can get really long. We went with a group from our hotel and when you do it that way, your representative from your hotel will just walk you past everyone that's waiting and right on into the club. It's a $40 cover for all you can drink and all you can watch...and there's lots to watch! It's non-stop...seriously, there's nothing like this in the USA. We're far too "cool" to have anything like this in the states. From the Cirque du Soleil type shows to a Spiderman vs. the Green Goblin fight to the bartenders simultaneously doing some fire tricks it's non-stop. Sure...some of it is really cheesy (Michael Jackson impersonation, etc.), but cheese can be entertaining. As far as the drinks go...stick with the beer, the cheap-ass tequila that they bring for shots will give you a helluva hangover. And for as crowded as the place gets, they're pretty quick with the drinks. Overall, it was just a fun place to go to at least once if you hit Cancun. Lots of pretty people both on the stage and in the crowd...good times.
Jas1313 Jas1313
3 reviews
Jan 04, 2008
If you are going to Cancun for nightlife then you have chosen well! You will have a blast.

The best nightclub I would suggest is called Coco Bongo. You basically pay a cover charge to get in of about UK sterling 20 and then drink for free. It is always busy and there are often queues so try get there early. Inside is fantastic, it is a massive club and they also have broadway style shows throughout the night. You may end up with Spider man and the green goblin flying around the club fighting whilst your dancing. Check out my Mexico travel blog for more info, there is a section on Cancun.

Hope this helps and have fun!
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