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Clarksburg Overview

Clarksburg is part of Yolo County and historial reports indicate settlement back in the mid 1800's. Today, Clarksburg is a small California town (population approximately 300), becoming increasingly known for its wine production.

Merritt Island is home to the Bogle vineyard and the 1930's era Old Sugar Mill (closed in 1988), has been reopened as a home to wine tasting and production facilities. John Carvalho, of Carvalho Winery, has proposed additional development of the region, including construction of 125 homes and additional expansion of restaurants and shops in the Old Sugar Mill. Due to some concerns by local residents, the project is currently stayed.

The Old Sugar Mill is currently home to 5 tasting rooms and production wineries. Open regularly on weekends and some week days for special events, this is a great place to learn about wine regions outside of the well known Napa and Sonoma regions.

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