Ciudad Mitad del Mundo

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Mitad del Mundo, Ecuador

Ciudad Mitad del Mundo Reviews

london110 london110
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Centre of the World! Apr 09, 2013
I visited Mitad del Mundo in Ecuador in December 2009. This was obviously a must-see attraction while travelling in Ecuador. The Mitad del Mundo is located near Quito (capital city of Ecuador). The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo translates to "Middle of the World City". The 30-meter-tall monument is made of iron and concrete and covered with cut and polished andesite stone. This attraction is open all year round and is FREE to visit! It's a great feeling to be standing in the centre of the world! This attraction also features small stores to buy souveniers, a restaurant, cafes and live music! I visited on a cloudy/rainy day so I'm sure if you visited on a sunny day, your photos would turn out better!
My sis and I
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docdotcalm24vt says:
I found Ecuador absolutely fascinating with incredible diversity by area. Never made it to Mita del Mundo so thanks for the review and pics!
Posted on: May 29, 2017
spocklogic says:
Photos look good and some nice cloud formations can add a mood rather than just a sunny day with blue skies.
Posted on: Apr 10, 2013
dieforu says:
So interesting place and so unknow was for me:)Thanks to u i know it now:)
Posted on: Apr 10, 2013
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Toonsarah Toonsarah
566 reviews
Mitad del Mundo monument Oct 27, 2012
The monument that bears the name Mitad del Mundo is a 30 metre tall stone pyramid topped with a globe 4.5 metres in diameter, so it’s hard to miss! It can hardly be considered beautiful but it is certainly impressive. It would be all the more so perhaps if the painted line on which it stands, and which crosses the plaza beneath to feature in so many tourist photos, really did mark the equator, but sadly this is not the case.

The French Geodesic Mission arrived in what is today Ecuador in 1736. It was undertaken by a multi-national team – Spanish, French and Ecuadorean. The purpose was to scientifically verify the roundness of the Earth, and to establish whether its circumference was greater around its equator or around the poles. The team measured arcs of the Earth’s curvature from the plains near Quito to the southern city of Cuenca. These measurements enabled them to establish accurately for the first time the true size of the Earth, which eventual led to the development of the international metric system of measurement. As part of their work it was of course necessary to ascertain where the equator fell, and they made a pretty good job of it considering that they were working in an age before computers, GPS and so on. But we now know that they were off by a few degrees, and that all those who pose so enthusiastically on this line are not quite where they maybe think they are!

There is a lot more to do here than pose for that photo, but we were short of time after our busy day at Otavalo market and Intiñan. If you wanted, you could probably spend the best part of a day here. There is a museum inside the monument itself, which exhibits a variety of objects relating to indigenous Ecuadorian culture, such as clothing of the different ethnic groups, and in the area immediately around you can visit a planetarium, see a miniature model of Quito, and walk through a mock-up of a small colonial town complete with handicraft shops and cafés. But we contended ourselves with a few photos before rejoining Jose Luis and our driver for the journey back to Quito.
Mitad del Mundo monument
Mitad del Mundo monument
Mitad del Mundo monument from Inti…
jendara jendara
97 reviews
La mitad del Mundo Oct 28, 2010
In the near of Quito is located the point where it crosses the line of Ecuador or the line that divides the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere, is in this place that has built a ride called the city of the Middle of the World and It is therefore a must for walking tourist site.

At this point is the Monument to the Equator is a monument and observatory where you can see the surroundings.

It is interesting that being a stand on the line of Ecuador, one could have one foot in the northern hemisphere and another foot in the southern hemisphere.

In addition to visiting this place, near is the volcano's crater Pululahua, there are buses that leave from the city of the Middle of the World to the volcano crater Pululahua, a place that is really cute and a ride that you can not miss the visitor.

In Spanish:

Cerca de Quito se encuentra el punto por donde cruza la línea del Ecuador o sea la línea que divide el hemisferio Norte con el Hemisferio Sur, es en este lugar que se ha construido un paseo que se llama la ciudad de la Mitad del Mundo y por consiguiente es un sitio turístico obligado para pasear.

En ese punto se encuentra el Monumento de la Mitad del Mundo que es un monumento y observatorio desde donde se puede ver los alrededores.

Es interesante que al estar uno parado sobre la línea del Ecuador, uno pude tener un pie en el hemisferio norte y otro en el hemisferio sur.

Además de visitar este lugar, muy cerca esta el cráter del Volcán Pululahua, hay buses que parten de la ciudad de la Mitad del Mundo hasta el cráter del Volcán Pululahua, lugar que es realmente lindo y un paseo que no puede perderse el visitante.
La ciudad de la Mitad del Mundo 1
La ciudad de la Mitad del Mundo 2
La ciudad de la Mitad del Mundo 3
La ciudad de la Mitad del Mundo 4
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MalenaN says:
I have been to La Mitad del Mundo and Pululahua too. They are nice places to visit.
Posted on: May 01, 2017
jendara says:
Gracias por el comentario:)
Posted on: Oct 29, 2010
LadyMaja says:
¡Muy interesante! ¡Gracias por compartirlo!
Posted on: Oct 29, 2010
yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
Middle of the world - Ciudad Mitad del Mundo Jul 14, 2009
The Equator line is the most important attraction in land Ecuador. Everyone has seen the famous Equator Monument, so it's a MUST to see it for real when you are in the country.

The Ciudad Mitad del Mundo is located north of the center of Quito. This place contains the Museo Etnográfico Mitad del Mundo (about indigenous ethnography); the famous 30m tall pyramidal monument (which actually doesn't mark the real Equator line) with each side facing a cardinal direction, inside it there is a small museum; other attractions such as a Planetarium, an amazing miniature model of Quito and restaurants. On weekends, you will see the Central square crowded with musical and cultural presentations for tourists.


ticket is US$2,00 and if you want to visit the Planetarium too, you'll pay US$3

If you are driving you can park inside the park too. There's a flat fee, no matter how long you'll stay.

I recommend you to visit this place at noon, when it's sunny and you will be able to say "I was in the middle of the world at the middle of the day". Seriously, be ready to take lots of pics.
my entrance ticket. Just US$ 2!
if you buy a combination of ticket…
famous monument
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Mitad del Mundo
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