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A city within a city in a country within a country.

The City of London has a population of around 8, 000 people and has special status in the Houses of Parliament. The city around the City of London also called London has a population of 8.7 million people.

This square mile gets to act much like a country in the UK even though it's not. The head of the monarchy/the Crown (Her Majesty the Queen) has to knock first and then ask for permission before entering the City of London at a special ceremony. This dates back the truce between William the Conquer and the City of London.

The City of London predates William the Conquer who in 1066 came to take over and establish England. When William got to the walls of the City of London, the people in this once Roman outpost proved too much for William to conquer so he made a truce with the City of London; to leave them alone and allow them to keep doing what they do (trading with the world like they have been doing for a millennia, a thousand years before William the Conquer) if they in turn recognised him as their new king. William then built the Tower of London on it's border and started his own capital city up the road called the City of Westminster.

It's also where The Bank of England is located.