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Dubrovnik, Croatia

City / Town Walls Dubrovnik Reviews

FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
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Must see in Dubrovnik! Mar 06, 2015
Nobody leaves Dubrovnik without seeing & going up the Fort & citywalls. It is the main attraction! I was drawn to come here because of Ashley Judd’s series – MISSING which was shot here (amongst many locations in Europe).

We queued for about 15 minutes to get our ticket (there are strict timings if you buy ticket for the morning – you can only go up in the morning). We had bought the Dubrovnik card for 3 days when we arrive but you still have to show this card at the ticket counter in order to get the entrance ticket. We did the morning slot as in the afternoon it would be too hot! Even in the morning at 10 am it was already starting to get hot. There are a lot of tourists since this was peak season (Aug). Getting a perfect shot with no photo bomb was quite tricky but we manage to get really nice pictures & the view was amazing! The 1940-metre long walls encompass five forts and sixteen towers and bastions so it was quite a walk under the hot sun (and very windy too, my big hat almost flew while I was posing for a picture). My husband noted that the local authorities had refurbished some of the cannon sites as he came here 5 years ago and noted that the chains surrounding the cannon are new (they didn’t exist before).

It took us about 2-3 hours to finish the wall with breaks for ice-cream & drinks in between. So this is a highly recommended visit!
Foxyfauz @ the Dubrovnik City Wall…
One of the Forts you will come acr…
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FoxyFauz says:
The temperatures in Spore doesnt get as high but it is humid in Spore as we so close to the equator. So westerners usually find the heat unbearable in Spore as compared to western cities like Dubrovnik. So it depends on what your body is accustomed to i guess cos i am used to Spore weather - hot & humid.
Posted on: Mar 10, 2015
EmEm says:
I think it is hotter in your Singapore than here, :)
Anyway, it would be nice if you come back in winter when it is colder and there are less tourists.
Best regards
Posted on: Mar 09, 2015
FoxyFauz says:
I guess we are lucky, it was just so hot the entire time we were there!

Yeah i get so tired smiling for pictures as you always have to wait til there is really no photo bomb!You can be ready & just about when the picture is to be snapped, a photo bomb appears!
Posted on: Mar 09, 2015
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WalterC WalterC
389 reviews
Walking the Walls Nov 19, 2011
Built to protect the town from invaders, the Town Walls is well worth the time, to walk around on, for nice views of Dubrovnik and the sea.

Built in the 15th century to protect the town from Ottoman invaders, the town walls also protected people during the war in 1991-92. And while it was damaged, it was quickly rebuilt, and these days, has been invaded by tourists.

Walking the Town Walls, you get very nice views of the town, from a lot of different points of view. Notice that the orange tiles on the roofs of a bunch of buildings in Old Town. The bright orange ones were rebuilt after the war, while the less brighter ones are originals. Also, you get views of the Adriatic Sea, the fortress, and the surrounding area outside of the Walls.

Regardless which way you go, walking the Walls is a sure delight for any visitor to Dubrovnik. And should not be missed.

Don’t forget to put on sunscreen and carry some water, as you will be in sunlight most of the time.
steps up the wall
view of Old Town
view of Old Town
Adriatic Sea
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nanatea nanatea
2 reviews
Dubrovnik in Winter Feb 20, 2011
What the best in Dubrovnik in winter is

NONE is there. you wouldn't be bothered by massive amount of tourists there. Also air is very clean. If you go there, you can see almond trees in outskirt.

Good luck!
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
216 reviews
THE Must Do In Dubrovnik Jul 02, 2010
Decided to walk the walls in the morning before it got to hot. We had bought the Dubrovnik Card, which for 130KN got you into 8 things in Dubrovnik plus unlimted travel on the buses for the day.

Entering at the Pile Gate, you go into the ticket office, across from the fountain, and they score off that part on the card and give you a tcket for the walls.

Operates a one way system, though you always come across those that decide to be different , and straight away tou get a great view down onto Big Onofrio's Fountain and along the Stradun. We headed towards the sea and great views over the tiled rooftops and over to Fort Lovrjenac.

Along the sea wall there are a couple of refreshment stalls and shops and some tourist shops, but only on this section of the wall. Nice stroll looking out to sea and the islands and it then brings you round to the old port.

You're almost half way by then, and here you'll find the Maratime Museum up on the walls. It is included on the Dubrovnik Card,can't remember how much it was otherwise, so went in and even at that time it was good to get inside an air conditioned building for a short while.

From here until almost the end back at Pile it seems the only way is up. passing the Dominican Monestary, you come to the stretch of wall along the town. Here you get the classic, and best,shots down over the Stari Grad and the bright orange rooftops.

At the end of this climb you come to Fort Minceta, and the highest point of the walls where you can climb the tower. A short walk downhill at last brings you back to the steps at the Pile Gate .

Walls a remarkably intact, but we found out why as we went along reading the guide book. The walls have never been breached, instead when any armies approached they would negotiate and pay 'protection' monies to which ever army would best defend them and allow them to continue there trade routes :-D
Croatian Flag On The Walls
Fort Lovrjenac Seen From The Wall
Outside The Old Town
View Across The Town And Fort Minc…
daynnightraveller daynnigh…
17 reviews
Must !! Sep 16, 2010
This is a must in your dubrovnik trip. you can take wonderful pictures while you are cruising walking in the city walls.
kukulady kukulady
1 reviews
Wicked photo op's Jan 19, 2009
One of the best ways to get a feeling for Dubrovnik is to take a 2km walk around the city walls. Built in the 13th century and strengthened in the 14th and 15th century the walls are 25m high and up to 3m thick. As you look down at the town, notice the patchwork of colours formed by the red-roofs. Also , you are bound to see some war wounds as Dubrovnik was shelled in the Yugoslavian war in 1991. I would recommend doing the walk to the walls in the late afternoon or early morning, I went at 1pm and it was dam hot. Make sure you bring your camera with you there are way too many breathtaking pictures you will not want to miss.
As you walk around the walls you w…
Yes you do have to walk up that hi…
I'm sure you can see the people be…
travelman727 says:
Great review! Your description and beautiful photos bring back many happy memories :-D
Posted on: Dec 27, 2007
James1985 James1985
57 reviews
Breathtaking views! May 22, 2008
When in Dubrovnik the only thing you MUST do is walk around the old town walls because lets face it.They are the reason why Dubrovnik is so amazing.

For around £5 you can walk around the walls,and knowing that the hoards from the cruises would swarm it after lunch time we decided to get up early and and were on the walls by 9.The sun was scorching that day and it took us around two hours to get round the walls although it could take a lot longer.

The views you get from the walls are unbelievable,i think i must of taken around 100 photos,and with the weather being so good that day all the photos were amazing.Luckily the locals have cleverly stationed drinks for sale at high prices to help quench you thirst on route!
ikitai ikitai
6 reviews
Jul 04, 2007
Definitly pay the 50 Kuna to walk the walls of Old Town, I would recommend either early morning or LATE afternoon. You'll get some great views and pictures, if it's one thing you do while you're there, do this. Give yourself at LEAST an hour to walk all the way around. I think the sign says they close at 7:30pm, but I think it means they don't admit anymore people after that.
travelman727 says:
Thank you for the wonderful review! I will make sure to visit the Old Town City Walls early morning during our Magical Mystery Tour :-D
Posted on: Aug 18, 2007
Pearl510 Pearl510
162 reviews
Jul 26, 2004
This wall surrounds the whole old city of Dubrovnik and reaches a height of 25 meters at some points. It is almost two kilometers long, so visitors can walk the paths completely in a reasonable time.

Every ones in a while the track is interrupted by one of the fifteen towers, all build in the 16th century. In many of them you can find little museums or souvenir shops. They also allow you time climb even a bit higher to get some better views.

The walls are unique in Europe. Almost nowhere else you can find town-walls which remained this intact during the many years of erosion.

At night the entire town-wall is, just like the rest of the city, very nicely enlightened. A walk over it is a must when visiting Dubrovnik: it offers beautiful views over the city and it's orange rooftops, as well as over the sea and the many islands in it.

When you're visiting the region in summertime you better plan this walk before noon, since it can get quite warm up there when the sun is high en the winds are quiet.

Price: 15 kn

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