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28 Chemical Workers Street, Syeverodonetsk, Ukraine - Director +38 06452 4 42 00; Inquiry +38 06452 4 10 43

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City Leisure Center Jul 26, 2017
The City Leisure Center is one of the largest cultural hubs in Syeverodonetsk. It is located at 28 Chemists Street.

The leisure center was dedicated in 1963 and Construction Workers’ Leisure Center and it became the City Leisure Center in 1992.

The leisure center has its own pride and glory: six teams, that work on its basis, have the honorary titles of a People’s Ensemble and a Model Ensemble, among them:

- Eureka Ballroom Dance Ensemble;

- Cossack Chants Folk Choir;

- People's Theatre;

- “Hope” Labor Veterans’ Folk Choir;

- “Ray” Pop Song Folk Ensemble;

- “Dream” Model Ballroom Dance Ensemble.

Overall, there are twenty-one teams of amateur activities at this leisure center. These teams represent different genres of art. Participation in those teams is free of charge.

The leisure center has a reading room and a youth leisure center.

You can attend theater performances, traveling theater performances, students' variety theater competitions or different concerts at the stage of this leisure center dedicated to red calendar dates such as Independence Day concerts, Ukrainian Day concert, New Year’s Day concert, kids' festivals, etc.

The City Leisure Center, that is located at 28 Chemists Avenue, enrolls the young people into a number of amateur activities groups. They are all free. Here is the full list of those amateur groups.

1. Snowdrop Children's Dance Group - boys and girls from 5 to 12.

2. Mega Acrobatic Rock 'n' Roll Team - boys and girls from 5 to 12.

3. Peer Ballroom Dance Ensemble - boys and girls from 10 to 15.

4. DKDance Modern Dance Group - girls and boys from 9 to 17.

5. Preparatory team of DKDance Modern Dance Group - girls and boys from 6 to 8.

6. Magic Variety Show Theater - participants under the age of 12.

7. Pantomime Theater Studio - participants under the age of 12.

8. Zoriany Choreographic Studio - boys and girls from 6 to 14.

9. Preparatory group of Eureka Ballroom Dance Ensemble - boys and girls from 6 to 8.

10. Talisman Variety Dance Ensemble - boys and girls from 8 to 13.

11. The preparatory group of Talisman Variety Dance Ensemble - girls and boys from 5 to 7.

12. Dream Ballroom Dance Ensemble - boys and girls from 5 to 6.

13. Cossack Songs Folk Choir - men and women aged 20.

14. Hope Folk Choir - men and women aged 45.

15. Ray Folk Ensemble of Variety Songs - boys and girls from 14 to 17.

16. The preparatory group of Ray Folk Ensemble of Variety Songs - boys and girls from 7 to 13.

17. Folk Theatre - participants aged 20.

18. Studio of the Folk Theater - participants from 10 to 15.

The Musical Fountain, located in front of the City Leisure Center, was dedicated in August 2008 during Independence Day celebrations. It used to be the best musical fountain in Luhansk region. Funds for this fountain were allocated both from the city budget and from sponsors. The fountain bowl was erected by a local organization, and the invited Chinese experts mounted the equipment. RGB-LEDs were used for highlighting the fountain, which made it possible to get any kind of light for any of the fountain’s 80 nozzles. A dozen of tunes of classical music were programmed, and they were perfectly synchronized with the dynamics of the jets and the light. The fountain could operate in an imaging mode to any sound in real time. A special computer program regulated the jets of water, the light and the music that accompanied them.

It was a truly royal gift to the beloved city from the city authorities and city businessmen. The fountain operated for three years. After the city government had changed in 2010, it became clear that permanent financial investments were necessary for maintenance and repair of the fountain (expert assessment, continuous cleaning, etc.). Since no dividends were expected, the municipality refused allotting any more financial means for it.

When the fountain ceased functioning, and it became clear that in the near future the city officials had no plans to put it into operation again, it was covered with a green tarpaulin for preservation, on the initiative of the City Department of Culture. The fountain has been staying idle for several years. It is not known whether the former gem of the city can be restored. In fact, everything should be started all over again, and complete replacement of the equipment, cables, and pumps is needed. If the fountain had operated constantly, this would not have happened. And now the expensive equipment can turn into a mere pile of metal.

Never mind. The city residents can only admire the former fountain sitting on a bench in front of the entrance to the City Leisure Center and remembering how good it used to be to come to the fountain and to enjoy being there…
City Leisure Center
City Leisure Center
City Leisure Center
City Leisure Center
odiseya says:
Great place!
Posted on: Mar 03, 2017
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