Cirque du Soleil - Zumanity

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New York, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Cirque du Soleil - Zumanity Las Vegas Reviews

mkarinaa mkarinaa
48 reviews
Cirque Du Soleil - Zumanity Sep 12, 2009
Do not go there with your parents! haha

The first time I went to Zumanity was with my dad and he's a cool guy so it was alright. But I can see how it can get very very uncomfortable for some people. The show is scandalous and risque if you are more on the conservative side don't go see it. But if you're like the rest of us and love a good outrageous show, you must see Zumanity.

It is my 2nd favorite Vegas Cirque show following Mystere. If you do not want to be violated I suggest NOT sitting in the couches or the first 7 rows or so, because if you're picked and you're shy it will not go over well.

But do go see it, its great!
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ChristiPope ChristiP…
5 reviews
Sep 02, 2007
If you have never seen any Cirque Du Soleil definately need to buy tickets the first chance you get. You can look them up on the internetand get a quick viewing of some of their shows. When we were in Las Vegas we were fortunate enough to watch one of their shows called Zumanity. It was an adult viewing show only, but most of their shows are geered towards family outings. Anyway, check them out so you get an idea what your missing out on and then when you go see one (because you will) let me know which one you went to and how great it was!
cari cari
30 reviews
Apr 20, 2006
Of the handful of Cirque du Soleil shows I've seen either in person or on video, Zumanity is unquestionably my favorite.This is not a show for everyone. Zumanity has far less acrobatics than most of their offerings, and focuses instead on provoking the audience with explicit themes. It's rather risque - yes, there is nudity - and those who would prefer a more traditional show would do well to see one of the four other Cirque shows in Vegas at the moment. It's no seedy strip show, but it's not for the whole family, either.On the other hand, it's an incredibly beautiful and heart-warming show. The first several rows of seats are actually red velvet couches and armchairs, and the soft lighting and inviting "parlor" room add to the allure. The characters are alternately seductive, hilarious, and provocative, and there's a level of interaction with the audience that you don't find in most large-scale shows. As an audience member, you feel very safe and welcome, which is important for a show so unflinchingly bold to succeed. The pieces are beautifully executed, devilishly clever, and at times simply awe-inspiring. It might be some of Cirque's best work yet.I don't want to describe the acts here, as I think they're better experienced than explained. If you have the time and the money, and you're not shy about some tasteful sexuality on stage, then Zumanity might be the show for you.
VegasBrittney says:
There really isn't a bad seat in the house for this show and it is very beautifly done!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
amy2007 says:
I completely agree!! I loved Zumanity and would definitely recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a non-G-rated performance.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2007
Jessejb Jessejb
6 reviews
Jul 06, 2006
Expensive... but average for a Vegas show. Any of those shows are super amazing; The O Show, Zumanity, Le Rev, or Mystere. ALL AWESOME. These shows will challenge what you thought was humanly possible. You'll be sitting fifty feet away clearly able to see what is going on, and simply say "no way" I know I did. Even after seeing a show more than once you are still mystified on how such things are done, and with such apparent ease. A hundred bucks might seem like a lot for a couple hours of entertainment but let me tell you that these entertainers earn every cent. I can only imagine the countless hours upon hours of rehearsal. With all that said if you're going to Vegas, it's something you definitely need to do!
jerseygirl67 says:
I saw AMAZING! Can't wait to see LOVE next!
Posted on: Jan 25, 2008
leah151 says:
I saw Mystere and LOVED it! I'd pay to see it all over again.
Posted on: Jan 15, 2008

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