Cinderella Karaoke Bar

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Tumon Bay, Guam, USA

Cinderella Karaoke Bar Guam Reviews

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Oct 14, 2007
Well, you guys are probably thinking, "of all the places that he can write on about Guam, he's writing about a Karaoke bar." Well, everybody can attest Guam is really a nice place- Beautiful beaches (check out the sun set), friendly people, and good food and everybody knows that. But since, I've lived in Florida for 13 years, my friend and I just decided to skip all the beach activities and the next thing you know, we were walking down the street of Tumon Bay, by the hotel strips just having a shopping spree for mi familia and eating by local restaurants... by the end of the day, we were just flat tired(good thing I'm wearing just a polo shirt and shorts with a nice running shoes on) and took our stuffs back to the hotel(Hilton hotel) and came back out to find a nice bar to just have a little drink of ice cold cerveza and this is where we saw the Karaoke Bar... the only thing about the location is, it's in a complex and there's a strip bar in the middle(like I mind :)).We walked in and was greeted by the nice owner of the karaoke bar, kind’ a tentative at first because there's only like 2 guys on a bar, and 1 table with 3 customers... I was like wow, it looked dead, we stood there for a moment and was ready to bolt out when one of the female customer started singing Gladys Knight’s song “Midnight train to Georgia,” so me and my friend just shrug off the shyness and beside, we were already tired already from walking all day long and needed some nice place to unwind... we settled on a bar and had some Corona with lemon, but the bar offers a variety of liquors and mixed drinks beside from a regular beer. The customers were passing around the microphone as a gesture to "relax and party with them." After a few beers and some good conversation with the hostesses we were rocking to the music of "Van Morrison, Seal, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Tracy Chapman etc."

The place is relaxing with short tables and lounge like sitting, the bar is set up where everybody can sit up and just watch all the people that wanted to be the next American Idol for the night. The choices of songs are in English, Japanese, Tagalog, and Koreans and have a lot of varieties, from Hip hop; ballads, Rock and Roll, Pop, lounge, blues, Jazz, R&B and they even have some heavy metals from the 80’s, all the songs are from different eras too, from Frank Sinatra all the way to the present. They have one room where you and your friends can use if you desire some privacy and there's one corner with a divider that can be a private area for somebody else just wanted to have a drink and relax. While we were there I didn't see any food being served, but they have some appetizers that you can snack on while having a drink.

By 1100 PM, people started to pour in, and by that time, I was really already feeling like I can sing like Brian McKnight,(thanks to Corona mas fina with lemon) since I’m not really a drinker(3 beer and you’ll see me flapping my wings) I just settled to drinking beer and it’s a good thing that I have my friend with me that night and saved me from being the talk of the night. I lose count on my beer consumption since we were having so much fun singing and socializing with the rest of the customers… Well, all I can say was we had a blast and it was a good experience, although we managed to only take one picture; it's a photo that can pretty much tell everything-I had fun... Cinderella karaoke bar is a good place to venture; it has a friendly relaxing environment for a young soul like me and my buddy. I believed everybody out there wanted to try something new once in awhile, this one will not break any bones or peel any skin, but I can sure you that you will look back to the experience and you’ll probably have a nice smile afterwards.
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