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Cilaos Overview

Cilaos is a town high up in the mountains of mid North-West Reunion. To get there you have to travel a corkscrew road that offers stunning views into the valleys below.
The landscapes of Reunion are the most beautiful in the world.
Cilaos is located in the caldron of a dead volcano. The rims of the caldron surround the village. It is a pretty town with hotels, restaurants, a main shopping street, post office and some prominent churches.
There is an excellent bus service that connects Cilaos with the main towns at the coast.
It’s a beautiful location to use as a fall out for hikes. At the side of town where the white church is located there is an entrance for a walk down into the valley. It leads to the river below. The views are magnificent and it’s a good place for bird spotting.
The people of Cilaos like to keep their houses and gardens looking very neat.
A great place to stay to enjoy Europe’s outermost region.

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