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Choquequirao, Peru

Choquequirao Reviews

elbia_182 elbia_182
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Very tough but Amazing!! Dec 01, 2015
My boyfriend and I were in Cusco for a week, then we decided to extend our stay for one more week to go to choquequirao, we didn't have any equipment, proper clothing, shoes, anything, it was just an impulse, something I always wanted to do actually, I had heard the choquequirao trekking was dificult but we thought we were in good physical conditions so we decided to go (we usually go or a run 5 or 10k so we thought that was enough).

We went to the main square in Cusco and asked about the tours, there are not that many places that offer choquequirao but we found one that really atracted us because of the price and services included, so we took it, it was around 220 dollars per person what we paid, and there were 3 more people traveling with us (guide + cook + muleteer with 2 mules).

We departed on monday and arrived to ramal in around 4 hours then we took a taxi to cachora (45 min).

Once we arrived to Cachora we had lunch and rested a little bit, around 12:30pm we started walking, the first part is very easy no up and downs but then we had to start going down and arrived to chiquisca, we spent the first night there and it was already dark when we arrived, the second day was the thoughest one, we went down to playa rosalina crossed the river( there is a nice and big brigde)and then started the way up( I did all the way down by foot but all the way up in the mule while my superboyfriend did everything by foot), so finally we arrived to Marampata, had luch there and a little rest, we were going to spemd the night there so we left everything, in our way from marampata to choquequirao we took only water and the cameras, i thought it would be just right there but no, the walking was still tough, even tough there were not that many up and downs, when we finally arrived we just lied down, I was completely exhausted, we took some breath and enjoyed choquequirao, it was amazing and we were alone there, by that time we had already finished all the water we took, the guide wanted to take us to see the llamas in the terraces, he said it would take half an hour to get there and I said no way, so my boyfiend went with him while I stayed in the main square.

They came back with beautiful pictures, and after taking some more pictures we decided to return to marampata. We spent the night in Marampata, had a nice and healthy dinner, I cannot complain the guys spoiled us too much with the food, snacks, pop corn, etc.

Next day we went down to playa rosalina again had lunch there and then started our way up to capulliyoc where we spent the night. Next morning we were so lucky there in capulliyoc because when we were having breakfast we saw a condor flying on top of us and going down to the canyon, wow beautiful.Ffinally we started walking again on our way to cachora where we had lunch and departed to Cusco, it was a really unique experience, very very tough but unique, if I had to do it again I definitely would but I guess I would be better prepared, my poor boyfriend ended up with the feet destroyed because of the shoes, we bought new shoes to go to choquequirao and that was our mistake, the guide told us never to wear brand new shoes for this kind of trekking and now we know why, anways I'm glad we did this trip and my boyfriend was so glad as well, despite of our tiredness it was really worth it.
Playa Rosalina
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bryanvegac bryanveg…
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Choquequirao TreK May 28, 2013
Choquequirao is well known as one of the hardest treks in Peru. I recommend to do it in 3 or 4 days (classic way). Doing it in 2-3 days is really for locals and very athletic people (it will take to you to your limits.

This will be the itineray for 3 day trek.

Day 01: Cusco - Cachora - Chiquisca

For the choquequirao trek, is needed an early departure from Cusco at around 05:00 hrs, arriving to Cachora village in Abancay (another department in Peru)in approximately 4 hours. Cachora is the start point for the choquequirao trek. You can ask for guided tours or just rent mules/horses to carry your stuff.

On the way, you will see Apurimac canyon with its impressive depth. After a 19km trek you will rest in Chiquisca camp

Day 02: Chiquisca - Choquequirao

This is a hard section an early morning wake up is needed.

All the way up hill (13 Kilometers) until getting to Choquequirao. You will spend time there in Choque and try to get to "The Llamas Temple". No so many people know about this place.

Day 03: Choquequirao - Cachora

After a strong day, the way back will be really challeging. You will show yourself how much can you resist and put it to the limits. It will be a 32Kms trek (literally), running while going down and a good knee workout. Resting while going up and trying to get cover from intense sun.

After doing it, i could say IT WORTH IT.
gabyhi gabyhi
1 reviews
Amazing trekking and sight Feb 23, 2011
The inca ruins of Choquequirao are amazing. You have to make a 4 day trekking to arrive there from the town of Cachora. This is the reason why there are only a few visitors when you reach the ruins.

We arrive there in the mornig and could visit the ruins just the two of us. Incredible!

FernandoM8823 says:
Choquequirao (3050 m) is in the spurs of the Willkapampa mountain range in the Santa Teresa district, La Convencion Province of the Cusco Region above the valley of river Apurímac. The complex is 1800 hectares, of which 30–40% is excavated.
Posted on: Nov 23, 2015

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