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Jul 11, 2017 – Aug 28, 2017
Oranjestad, Aruba -› -› …
Aruba is part of the ABC Islands in the Caribbean Sea near the coast of Venezuela, 'A' being Aruba, along with 'B' and 'C' whic…
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This blog was featured on Tuesday August 29th, 2017
Trip to Guatemala and Honduras
Jan 27, 2017 – Feb 19, 2017
Last week we were in Guatemala and Honduras on a week long winter holiday. These two countries are often mentioned as being dan…
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Jewel in the Caribbean
Nov 28, 2016
In February 2014 when we visited the Dominican Republic we took a bus to travel to Samana a quaint seaside town by the Caribbea…
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The oldest city in the New World
Nov 25, 2016
In February 2014 we took a trip to the Dominican Republic. Our port of entry was the capital Santo Domingo which is also the co…
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Los Angeles Travel Photos
Nov 15, 2016
Even before I moved to the United States permanently in 2011, I was in and out of Los Angeles frequently that I've lost track o…
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The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico
Oct 12, 2016 – Oct 18, 2016
Known as the 'White City' this beautiful capital of Mexico's Yucatan State is an amazing mix of Spanish colonial architecture a…
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Nov 11, 2015 – Oct 11, 2016
World -› Bangkok, Thailand -› …
I became interested in zoos only a few years ago and Walter C's blogs on different zoos have inspired me to also write about so…
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This blog was featured on Friday October 14th, 2016
Another road trip in Florida
Dec 05, 2015 – Dec 06, 2015
Last weekend we took yet another road trip, this time to Tallahassee the capital of Florida state. Our destination was the Seac…
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Georgia-South Carolina-Georgia
Aug 26, 2015 – Aug 28, 2015
I enjoy visiting the southern states of the US. People down south are more laid back and speak with a distinctive accent. They'…
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New York State Road Trip
Aug 11, 2015
After a most enjoyable road trip across the provinces of Ontario and Quebec in Canada we re-entered the United States at the Th…
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O Canada... Ontario and Quebec road trip
Jul 26, 2015 – Jul 29, 2015
Although I have traveled to the United States so many times in the past, and now actually living here since 2011, I've never se…
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Queen of the Caribbean coast
Mar 22, 2015 – Jun 15, 2015
Cartagena of the West Indies, or simply Cartagena as it is widely known, is a thriving city on the northern coast of Colombia. …
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World famous Daytona Beach
Feb 07, 2014
Last October we went to visit Daytona Beach which is about 90 minutes drive from Orlando. Florida has hundreds of beaches, but …
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The sponge capital of the world
Sep 03, 2013
Last Labor Day weekend we went to Tarpon Springs in Florida which was once known as the "Venice of the South." We were wonderi…
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Georgia on my mind
Aug 15, 2013 – Aug 17, 2013
Last year during our road trip of the Southern US states we passed through Georgia but never really saw much of the state. So, …
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Summer is the best time to travel around France
Jul 22, 2013
France has one of the best social security systems, if not the best, in the world. Both blue and white collars workers get paid…
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Hungary to Slovakia by train
Jul 19, 2013
In April 2008 while on a trip to Hungary I decided to travel to Slovakia by train with my Hungarian friend. I wanted to see ano…
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If youre going to San Francisco, be sure to stop over in Sausalito
Jul 13, 2013
Before I moved permanently to the United States in 2011, I used to come to this country at least once a year, mainly to visit m…
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A short jaunt to the next county
Jul 08, 2013
The city of Kissimmee is practically situated next door to Orlando. However, it is in Osceola county whereas Orlando is in Oran…
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Travel to Milan, Italy with friends
Jul 06, 2013
July is the best month to travel around Europe, so when my friends from Finland came to visit me in France, we took a road trip…
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Lisbon, one of the worlds oldest cities
Jul 01, 2013
When I lived in France my ex son in law came to visit me nearly every year. Although he is no longer married to my daughter we …
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From France to Germany
Jun 28, 2013
It was April and still spring in Europe although the weather was turning better from the dreary winter months. We decided to vi…
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Another road trip in France
Jun 27, 2013
July is probably the best summer month to travel around in France and the rest of Europe. So one warm July day we drove to Cham…
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Into the Aosta Valley of Italy
Jun 26, 2013
As mentioned previously in one of my travel entries, when I was living in France, I used to make frequent day trips (mostly by …
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Spring in France
Jun 25, 2013
I lived in France for 8 years. It was a great inter-cultural and gastronomic experience for me. It was also a period of extensi…
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Tour of Southwest Florida
Jun 17, 2013
I had never been to this part of Florida, so last Thursday (June 13th) we took off in our trusty truck to travel to the twin is…
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Floridas northeast coast
May 30, 2013
When I tell people outside the United States that I live in Florida, nearly everybody would say or ask me, "Oh, Miami!" When I…
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Sri Lankas largest city
May 23, 2013
Contrary to popular belief, Colombo is not the capital city of Sri Lanka. The capital is Kotte a satellite city located beyond …
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Southern states USA road trip
May 11, 2013
In February I started writing about this road trip but only covered Mississippi. We were also in Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, …
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Wandering around Florida
May 07, 2013
Last Sunday, May 5th we were in Lake county in the state of Florida. This county is aptly named because of the numerous natural…
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