Chitwan National Park

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jungle covering an area of 932 km² , Bharatpur, Nepal
Chitwan National Park - Rhinoceros
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Chitwan National Park - Jungle safari
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Chitwan National Park Bharatpur Reviews

Travel_maniac Travel_m…
3 reviews
superb national park in Nepal. Apr 21, 2011
Chitwan national park is certainly one of the more beautiful and lively national parks in asia. A lot about its livelihood has been written in other reviews so I will not emphasize this.

Travel agents in Kathmandu offer ridicolously cheap but still all inclusive deals. We spent 70 Dollars for an all inclusive 3 day trip including transport. Riding elephants, elephant bathing and elephant safari on which you see rhinos and possibly tigers are as well part of the trip as a beautiful sunsets. I would most recommend such a 3 day trip from Kathmandu, but there are also popular 2 or 5 days packages. In any case, be flexible and don't be surprised if get to places late (you will in the end still see the whole lot) and certainly don't expect the buses to be on time.
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agallego agallego
3 reviews
Absolutely mind blowing Nov 15, 2010
Let's start off by saying, I took a helicopter over the lush Kathmandu valley in order to get to Chitwan then within an hour of landing and getting in a jeep to go off-roading I rode an elephant and saw to hippos..yes, that was day one.

This place is a one of the few places where I have actually felt disconnected from the modern world and in touch with nature.

One tip: Make sure you check the weather before you go for can get really bad in Nepal and we had to wait 2 hours because our heli got stuck on a mountainside, but hey I did not mind an extra 2 hours in Chitwan :)..
Rabindra Rabindra
3 reviews
Unforgettable world heritage site National Park Apr 08, 2008
Chitwan National Park (formerly called "Royal Chitwan National Park(RCNP)" )(CNP), covering an area of 932km², is the oldest national park of Nepal. Established in 1973, it was granted the status of a World Heritage Site in 1984. The RCNP is located at subtropical inner Terai lowlands of South-Central Nepal in Chitwan valley t (200km away from capital Kathmandu).

The park is rich in flora (plants)flora and fauna (animals)fauna, which include one of the last populations of single-horned Indian Rhinoceros ''(Rhinoceros unicornis)'' and the Bengal tiger ''Panthera tigris tigris''. The area used to be known as "Four Mile Forest. It was a place for big game hunting and until 1951 it was a hunting reserve. At the park there is canoeing, elephant rides, and guided jungle walks.

Adjacent to the National Park in the east is the Parsa Wildlife Reserve (49.900 ha) and further east the Bara Hunting Reserve (25.900 ha). In the south the Chitwan is contiguous with the Indian Valmiki Tiger Reserve.

The vegetation consists mainly of moist deciduous forests, with the sal as dominating tree species. In the Churia Hills pine trees predominate. On the floodplains of the large Rivers, by name the Rapti, the Reu and the Gandaki River(Narayani) there are large areas covered with Elephant grass alternating with riverine Forests mainly composed of Simal, Khair and Sisau trees.

The Chitwan National Park is home to at least 43 species of mammals, 450 species of birds, and 45 species of amphibians and reptiles. Elephants and Indian rhinos are the largest species found in the park, but a lot of other large herbivores are found in the park, gaur, sambar deer, Indian muntjac, chital, hog deer, mainland serow, chousingha and wild boar. Three large predator species, tigers,leopards, dholes prey on them and carrion eaters like striped hyenas are also found. Sloth bears are among the main attractions of the Park. Smaller carivore species are golden jackal, yellow-throated marten, ratel, smooth coated otter, small Indian civet, large Indian civet, spotted linsang, common palm civet, binturong, small Indian mongoose, Indian grey mongoose, crab-eating mongose, leopard cat, marbled cat and fishing cat. Further mammal species found in the park are rhesus monkeys, hanuman langurs, Indian pangolin, northern palm squirrel, red giant flying squirrel, particoloured flying squirrel, Indian porcupine, hispid hare, Indian hare and ganges doplhin.

Among the reptiles marsh crocoiles, gharials and Indian python are the largest.

The park's unique rhino herd was featured on The Jeff Corwin Experience in season 2, episode 11. This national park is just 10 km far from nearby city Bharatpur, Nepal and the Bharatpur Airport.
History of Hunting in Chitwan Nati…
Jungle safari
Elephant Riding

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