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#1 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
Biedjee says: "A great alternative for drab Soviet style hotels are private apartments. Adresa ..."
#2 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
fransglobal says: "I arrived in Chisinau at the northern bus station Gara del Nord at around five..."
#3 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
jonnyf1970 says: "I really liked this hotel but it wouldn't be to everybody's taste. If you want m..."
#4 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
JoeriNL says: "Chisinau is an expensive city when it comes to hotels, so I looked around for an..."
#5 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
RobertPenna says: "This hotel is lavish for this country. The bedrooms are roomy and well appointe..."
Average Rate
#6 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
kumanika says: "This hotel is similar to Chisinau. It's nice and friendly at first look, but lat..."
#7 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
Hotel ,,Ezio Palace is situated in a quiet part of Chisinau, rooms are exclusively decorated combining itself an original des...
Average Rate
#8 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
This budget hotel is only a few minutes taxi ride from the middle of Chisinau. The Hotel Turist's neighbourhood is a popular ni...
#9 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
Parcul Dendrariu and International Exhibition Centre Moldexpo are within driving distance of the Olimpia Hotel Chisinau. Chisina...
#10 of 58 hotels in Chisinau
Four-star Imperial Hotel in Chisinau is the best choice to stay for those who comes to our beautiful country Moldova. This hotel...
Average Rate
photo by: Biedjee