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Intersection of Macleod Trail and Glenmore Trail, Calgary, Canada

Chinook Mall Calgary Reviews

Donnosaurus-Rex Donnosau…
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The NEw CHinook Mall Calgary May 09, 2011
The new wing is nice, and adds a lot of great stores that are new to Calgary and/or Canada. There's a great cafe in Phil and Sebastian's, as well as "new" stores such as Coach and Abercrombie & Fitch that will be intriguing to some.

The new parking lot is cool, with lights above each stall that indicate if it's open or occupied, lots of lighting to make it bright, and fans to keep the air circulating. However, the stall status lights often don't work, which is uncool.

The food court is average, with a good assortment of foods that should allow almost anyone to find something to eat. It loses points for the merry-go-round smack in the middle of the food court, which takes up space that could be used for seating and is generally annoying.

As Sapna mentioned, this mall is usually packed. In November and December, it's a write-off. I went in November and there were police helping direct traffic into and out of the mall. The week before Christmas I can understand, but November? Those police would be much better allocated trying to catch the guy trying to steal the stereo out of some guy's Escalade. (Speaking of Escalades -- what ever happened to those spinner rims that were all the rage a few years ago? Those sure died out quickly. The worst were the fake "spinner" hub caps that cheap people put on their Honda Accords. But I'm not judging.)

Chinook is definitely one of the best malls in the Calgary area, along with CrossIron Mills, Market Mall, and South Center (eww...that last one is actually not that good). In fact, maybe Market Mall isn't that good either.
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ladyluck13and7 ladyluck…
14 reviews
You came all the way to Calgary to see this? Jul 31, 2010
Chinook Centre Mall is located along one of the busiest and most unattractive areas in Calgary. So it's not as if you could even stumble there by accident.

If you had any sense driving along that dismal stretch of road known as Macleod Trail, you'd find the quickest exit and get the hell off.

If you ever drove down it, you'd automatically know it wouldn't lead to anywhere good.

You wouldn't keep going down this drab, grey and overly commercialized area thinking

"Man I bet there's something really awesome just around the corner!"

I can understand if, for example you ended up in a really awful place unintentionally, because the surrounding area was actually really interesting and gorgeous.

Tourist 1: "Well, I accidentally ended up in Trappy McTrapp's Tourist Trap"

Tourist 2: "Well to be fair you were strolling along a gorgeous beach during sunset with beautiful ancient buildings with really friendly and attractive people.

You just didn't watch where you were going and accidentally ended up there!"

It's a cesspool for locals.

Sure Macleod Trail actually takes you to some good places, like downtown; but the particular area before and a lot after the mall should not be your destination of choice.

Unless of course your modus operandi is to make yourself depressed and miserable for coming all the way to Calgary.

When Chinook Centre had a face lift, they made lots of "fun" additions such as a carousel, theater and um a scrap metal dinosaur.

A metal dinosaur? No that's not chotchy at all.

I mean I often look up and don't feel quite complete inside without the sight of a giant metallic ancient lizard constructed of junkyard parts. That's classy.

I bet the Italians wish they thought of that.

The theater is fine. It's a massive complex whose sole existence is to facilitate pre-teen make-out sessions. It smells of popcorn and teenage misery.

You know why movie theatre prices are so high?

1) People pirate all the time. Arrrgh Matey!

2) Pre-teen (and teen!) demand for dark rooms to "suck face" in, is basically inelastic. They will pay just about any price you set to do just that.

There is a carousel. It's very expensive. It's situated in the food court so hungry spoiled children with worn down parents will see it and suddenly demand a ride.

At this point, I should mention the mall actually has stores in it.

This mall has all the major stores such as Old Navy, Jacobs, Claire's etc. I have nothing to say except, it's a goddamn mall, and all the stores you would expect to be in it are in it.

However, it has some um "special stores".


Games Workshop: a store which sells little metal figurines to full grown men. They charge like 60 to 200 bucks a box for one of these and these man-babies go home to their mommy's basement and spend hours and hours painting them. They are expensive because my relatives didn't make them. Instead, they are made in England. I admit it takes a lot of skill to paint these things; and I mean, why get laid when you can play with your own little toy soldier? If you do take up this hobby be prepared to spend lots of time on the internet to satisfy your manly needs!

Build a Bear: in this store, people get to stuff their own plush toys. The skins of the toys to be stuffed make the store look like the inside of Jame Gumb's closet. They fill the toys with stuffing and pay exorbitant rates. Look, you just paid extra money to finish your own product. The sheer silliness of this set-up is mind-boggling. And genius.

In conclusion, you shouldn't go to Chinook Mall. Go somewhere else.
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row-zzzzz says:
I love it in there.
Posted on: Dec 29, 2011
ladyluck13and7 says:
Perhaps the boozing helped with the aesthetic appreciation. I find your comment...ironic. Toodles.
Posted on: Apr 10, 2011
ladyluck13and7 says:
lol, Chinook Mall isn't that evil,

however it isn't that good either

Im gleefully awaiting the one star review!

I cannot wait to find a truly awful place and tear it to bits!
Posted on: Jul 31, 2010
michayla25 michayla…
9 reviews
Great Jun 03, 2010
Best mall in Calgary, I wouldn't choose another mall to go when in Calgary. Tons of stores you wouldn't find where I live. Although I have to agree about the Carousel it's kind of annoying to be in the middle of the food court, and I think the food court is too small- needs to be bigger cuz it gets too crowded and not enough selection of food.
world-traveller123 world-tr…
288 reviews
Largest Mall in Calgary Jun 23, 2003

Intersection of Macleod Trail and Glenmore Trail

6455 Macleod Trail SW

Calgary, Alberta

T2H 0K8

Store Hours:

Monday - Saturday 9:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Sundays & Holidays* 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Chinook Mall in Calgary

Chinook Mall is in the south part of Calgary, it has many stores here. It is a unique mall as some its features are unheard of other shopping centres. Such has having the following items:A Time Capsule

An Albertosaurus

Flying Machines

A Solar Vine

A Full-Size Carousel

The mall has many high names stores such as Old Navy, Aldo Shoes and many more. In the food court has a large selection of places to eat such as A and W, East Side Marios, Chinese food and many more.

It has a big movie theatre inside with a large selection of movies always, Don’t forget to go to the IMAX as it is located on the premises as well, which shows many great features.

A great area to check out if your in the area to visit and to live. You won’t be disappointed.

I went to check out this mall for awhile when I was in Calgary, IT was good, I am not a shopper so bit bored. To be fair with my review, I did like the layout and It was easy to find yourself around in this building.

This place is recommended for families, parents with children and people of all ages.

As it does offer many things for almost everyone. Thank you all.
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