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korrahh korrahh
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Jan 10, 2006
I had a Swiss friend living in the flat Juan and I were renting. When two of his friends came over we had a full house. I don’t remember how we fit them in but they always found someplace to crash out. Of course we had to show them a good time so out we went…

Nightlife in China, though not very developed is somewhat amusing/interesting. Besides huge metropolises like Shanghai or Hong Kong the other cities are just not cosmopolitan so you get a very Chinese experience. The typical club I’ve been to will have a real tacky décor. Tinsel, fluorescent toys, and paper lanterns are generously strewn about. There are plenty of tables where patrons drink imported whisky and play dice and other drinking games. There’s usually a tiny space people to dance to pounding local house mixes (awful stuff) and small raised platforms where they do performances which can be just really bizarre stuff like faggy boy band dances, lesbian shadow show, or a girl in a nurse costume stripping to her underwear. It would be disturbing if it wasn’t so childishly naive, they’re still trying to find out how to entertain without a clue from the outside world. Our European friends thought it was hilarious, and it is pretty funny in an odd way.

Of course there are more standard places which cater to the international crowd. Hotels like the Crowne Plaza usually have a nicely expensive club. Often the live music is by Filipino, African, or Cubans doing reggae or Latin covers. The patrons are stuffy expats and businessmen with local girls. We only dared to go during happy hour. The best were the one or two clubs with a young mixed crowd (lots of nationalities) were foreign students and young locals hung out. Everywhere you can do whatever you like without worrying about your image. As a foreigner they let you get away with a lot (like dancing on the stage in the spotlights) so the stiff Swiss really kicked back. Feeling all liberated in China they enthusiastically went around everywhere chewing sugar cane and spitting the pulp on the sidewalk like the locals, what a laugh! We had some good times, bizarre adventures, and plenty of hangovers.
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