Chinese Girls Dream?

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Fuzhou, China

Chinese Girls Dream? Fuzhou Reviews

ophirh ophirh
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May 28, 2006
OK, so I'm walking in the streets of Fuzhou and everywhere I look I see ads like the one attached, promising young chinese girls to enhance their breast. I open the TV, and every second ad is about something that helps chinese girls to enhance their breasts. Sometimes it's this weird pills, with a nice diagram flow of how the pill goes into the mouth and all the way into the breast, inflating it into a perfect C cup. The attach ad is promising nice breast like the one in the poster for only 375$ (3 times the average chinese salary, and something like an average city dweller salary).

Now I Ask you this:

1. Who put this idea in their heads that big breast is more beautiful than what they have?? was it us - the white men who roam the streets of china and look for chicks that in some ways remind us of Pamela Anderson size?

2. Who are those crooked companies who try to pursuade cute innocent girls to take strange pills, that god only knows what will really do to their bodies, and what is the horrible side effect in the long run.

3. And the most important question is - how can I open a bra factory in China for C cup size, so when every chinese girl fulfill her dream she will buyher bras from my company and I'll be a billionaire???


p.s. the chinese girl I date has A size, and it's perfect for me! I hope they all understand that this is who they are and I hope this is how they'll stay. No need to be like the western people! PLEASE!!!
Typical ad in the street - 375$ (3…
BulletproofAnaDoll says:
Out of curiosity, do you live in Fuzhou now, or did you just travel here?
Posted on: Jul 09, 2008
BulletproofAnaDoll says:
It is just like the Japanese girls who get ultra-dark tans.

Hm...all the ads that I see on China television are for either whitening skin, slimming bodies, or some "magic" bra.

The idea that big breasts are more beautiful than small breasts must be passing through Asia, but I have not heard of many Chinese people in Chiba getting breast implants. (Just some celebrities); the double eye-lid thing has definitely gotten into the minds of Asians though.

Victoria's Secret, would earn millions here.
Posted on: Jul 09, 2008
X_Drive says:
Also, note that the girl in the ad seems to have had eye surgery to get that more open round (American) look. :)
Posted on: Jun 02, 2006
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