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alxwa alxwa
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Bus is cheap, taxi might be tricky Sep 02, 2010
If you're in China and you're, lets say... blonde. The cheapest way is to take the bus. If you go to the tourist information, you will get a map of the different bus stations. Every bus is numbered, so it's quite easy to find the right bus. You can buy the ticket on the bus, so make sure that you have small change. There are usually lots of people taking the bus, so it's easier if you have small change ready, instead of making the bus driver giving you back change etc.

The bus costs 1 or 2 Yuan. 2 Yuan if you want to take the bus with aircondition (lol). When you are taking the bus, BE AWARE of pickpockets. Especially if you are a foreigner, they will probably notice you. So take care of your purse, bag, belongings etc.

Of course you could take the taxi too, but the thing with chinese taxi drivers is that:

1) If they know you're not from that city, they will take different routes to earn some extra money.

2) If you are not from China, they will use more time driving around in circles.

By taking the taxi, it's cheap and you'll get there anyways. Chinese transportation might be tricky, but you'll get there anyways.
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Johnpro Johnpro
208 reviews
Airports,Trains & Metro From Hong Kong to Beijing Aug 03, 2010
China have very good transportation system .

Almost everything from trains , metro , bus and many other .

Some small tips and information are available here .

The local airports are not so big except the Beijing and Shanghai .

But the small local ones have the necessaries for a passenger .

In the airports they have many of shop which sail sweets or cakes , I don't try because don't like general the sweets :)

At Shanghai have also the Maglev Train with the big high speed , don't use it and regret for it :( Maybe to a future trip .

Most of the times use a taxi , the fair was really cheep and most of them was friendly .

Also I used the Metro with a daily card to Beijing , was pretty cheap but the metro is a little bit complicated from the different levels and from the thousands of passengers , also is not so easy to communicate with Chinese because most of them doesn't speak English or they are Hurry .

Also upload some photos from inside and outside from transportation areas .
Train @ Hong Kong to Guangzhou
Guangzhou Airport
Guangzhou Airport
Guangzhou Airport
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Johnpro says:
:) no no I am eating chocolates but i don't love so much the cakes , prefer more traditional mediterenian sweets like Baklava or Kunefe or syrupy sweets :)
Thank you too Harriet !
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011
Africancrab says:
Are you a sweet tooth? Thanks for sharing
Posted on: Nov 18, 2011
seattlejon seattlej…
10 reviews
Sep 14, 2007
I haven't taken this route before, but I do have a little advice on ground transportation in China.

Getting train tickets can be pretty hard. You can buy 10 days in advance for most kinds of trains, but even when I show up 10 days before, I have about a 50% success rate getting tickets for certain destinations. Maybe you'll have better luck using an agent. Hard sleeper is the best value for anything over 8 hrs.

Buses are much easier to get tickets for. China (especially southern china I think) has some sleeper buses for longer overnight trips. I found some pretty negative reviews for these sleeper buses online, but when I took one I actually found it to be quite nice. Unlike the reviews I'd read, there was nobody sleeping directly beside me. My bus had 2 aisles with 3 beds across stacked 2 high, so there nothing on either side of you except for an aisle or a window.
seattlejon says:
I used the Beijing west station for that trip. I think there are only 2 direct trains from Beijing to Kunming and both leave from Beijing west. My favorite site for China train info in English is

In China, there are lots of places scattered about the cities where you can buy tickets. Look for the sign that says 火车票. If you visit one of these shops and don't speak much Chinese, I recommend visiting the website above first and writing down all the details to show the ticket seller. Most hotels can probably also help you get tickets, sometimes with a small commission.

Tickets for most trains can only be purchased 10 days in advance of departure and usually only in the city of departure or arrival. I think D trains are the exception to this and can be purchased a month in advance.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2009
bes02004 says:
hello! Id like to take a similar trip from beijing to bangkok. Did you use Beijing south station? If buying a ticket directly from the station is not a likely option how do you suggest finding an intermediary? thanks!
Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
Ape says:
Thanks a lot! :)
Posted on: Sep 15, 2007
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