China Crocodile Farm

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Zhuhai, China

China Crocodile Farm Zhuhai Reviews

korrahh korrahh
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Aug 09, 2005
One of the oddest places I took a girl to was a Crocodile farm. "where you do you want to go?" I asked her, I like to get locals to show me hidden gems. "Theres this real cool Eyu(croc)farm" she said. I was thinking "what the hell?" as we rode for an hour outside the city to the place.we arrived at a depressing scene. The farm was crumbling and moldy, outside the vendors were selling potatoes baked in empty oil drums.

I have been to Chinese zoos before so I was expecting the worst in cruelty to animals(think Caligula or Nero's arena). If you love animals in the least avoid zoos in China they often put on gruesome "shows" where they do such things as pit mongoose against cobras and put live hogs in the tiger cage, that's entertainment in the PRC.

We went into the Crocodile house where we saw heaps of the cold-blooded reptiles laying still as rocks (wow! very interesting). Outside there was an enclosed pond with a few more petrified crocs. They had live chickens tied to bamboo poles that you could buy for 3 RMB and feed them, a cheap thrill. I saw a middle aged lady get one and dangle the frazzled bird over a lazy croc. Her family was gathered around cheering. What barbarity! Flap, flap..SNAP!clamping jaws, feathers and blood, twitching was gone in 15 seconds.

I was feeling sick and wanted to leave but she wanted to go to the rides. There was some rusty playground equipment and a crude looking spook-house. She grabbed my hand and took me in to the spook-house. I hadn't been in one since I was a kid and this was the worst I ever saw! The speakers blared a mixture of dinosaur roars, girls squealing, and other assorted dying animals (probably recorded in a local kitchen). The "spooks" were cracked glow-in-the-dark plastic skeletons and dinosaurs like you get in the toy store. I was laughing but she was clinging to me. I think she wanted me to kiss her or something at one point (is that nuts or what?!) but the noise and the shaking plastic was distracting me. The only interesting spook was a half pig man Chinese sex-manic demon, a local werepig, it was dry-humping a pillow in a bed, what a nightmare!

We left soon after I was happy to be away from that horny grunting werepig , those chicken munching crocs, and the potato eating peasants.
korrahh says:
thanks, I have quite a few weird experiances because I'm not afraid to explore:)
Posted on: Dec 19, 2007
Morle says:
"werepig", that's so funny :-)
I guess you're not with that girl anymore :-)
Posted on: Dec 07, 2007
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