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Welcome to the wilds of Chile. In the north you’ll find tropical beaches worthy of the Caribbean and sophisticated vineyards, while down south there are glaciers, icy peaks and whales splashing about in the bays. The middle is a slow-altering shift between the two, home to vast cities, empty plains and mountains that hold heartbreak stories but still entice with their sheer beauty.

Chilean Cities are a refined blend of Spanish colonialism and South American charisma. In capital Santiago you’ll find an intimate jazz scene (and vivacious yearly festival) alongside oodles of art, architecture and a buzzing park culture, all set against the snowy backdrop of the Andes. Misty Valdivia operates at half speed; spend your days throwing fishy scraps to the lazy lake’s sea lions or take time out in the colorful cafes or bars stocked by the local, German-influenced brewery.

It’s scenery that really astounds in Chile, though, like hikes through the frightening but awe-inspiring active volcanoes at Pucon, exploring the gushing geysers at San Pedro de Atacama or wading amongst the flamingos at Parque Nacional Lauca. There are enough remarkable walks in Chile to last even the most ambitious of ramblers a lifetime, though routes through the reknowned Torres del Paine and its spiky, Patagonian horns are the most renowned.

Offshore you’ll find another Chilean icon: Easter Island. This entrancing open-air museum is home to the ‘moai’: antiquated rock statues of angular faces scattered across the island. Motu Nui’s translucent waters are a scuba divers haven, while surfers worldwide chew the fat about waves with an entire ocean’s thrust behind them.

In Algarrobo, the world’s largest pool (2kms in length) awaits the energetic swimmer, while the isolated islands of Chiloé offer an entirely different take on Chilean culture, with stilted wooden houses and mythological beliefs in witchcraft. In La Serena you’ll find long stretches of golden beaches and star-filled skies clear enough to attract international observatories.

Unless you have months to kill, you’ll probably have to pick a small corner of Chile’s varied climbs to explore. Wherever you settle upon, you’re assured a warm welcome and a taste of a gracious culture and assortment of dazzling natural scenes you’ll never forget.

Santiago #1 most popular location
Sadly, Santiago’s is often quite a smoggy capital. And in a setting like this, it genuinely is really sad, as when the Chilean capital is having a bright day there are few more spectacular …
760travelers 141reviews 168blogs
Valparaiso #2 most popular location
Valparaiso is one of those places that literally went for decades as a relatively unnoticed city on the planet, even by its own country’s residents. A coastal city in central Chile and the …
37travelers 25reviews 29blogs
San Pedro de Atacama #3 most popular location
An oasis in the middle of an otherwise seemingly-barren wasteland, San Pedro de Atacama is a commune and small town in the El Loa Province of the Antofagasta Region of Chile. It sits on the e…
23travelers 29reviews 63blogs
Pucon #4 most popular location
Pucón is the major centre of adventure tourism in Chile. You can do many activities here, for example rafting, hiking, horse back riding and fishing. In the winter or spring you can go t…
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Vina del Mar #5 most popular location
Located just north of Valparaiso, Vina del Mar is a beach resort town with Chilean coastal character. Littered with restaurants and bars, this rocky Pacific coast town seems to say - casual …
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Easter Island #6 most popular location
Officially a World Heritage Site with nearly the entire island itself protected within the boundaries of the Rapu Nui National Park, Easter Island is one of the most remote places on the plan…
586travelers 54reviews 29blogs
Puerto Natales #7 most popular location
Puerto Natales is rightfully considered the gateway to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. Almost all services and activities in town function in some way to prepare travelers for their expedi…
17travelers 11reviews 17blogs
Punta Arenas #8 most popular location
There is no city of its size further south on any continent than Punta Arenas, Chile. Originally a penal colony, then a port stop on the journey around the tip of South America, and now a ce…
28travelers 12reviews 15blogs
Puerto Varas #9 most popular location
5travelers 13reviews 11blogs
Torres Del Paine #10 most popular location
There are destinations in the world which are within reach of everyone, regardless of age or experience level. Cities like Paris, London, Rome, Athens, or New York can all lay claim to being …
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Arica #11 most popular location
The city of Arica is the most northern city of Chile, and is at 19 km. from the border with Peru and at 195 km. from the border with Bolivia. It is a city located at the foot of a hill name…
12travelers 11reviews 11blogs
La Serena #12 most popular location
Being nearly 500 years old, La Serena is the second oldest city in Chile. It has served as a stopping point for both naval and overland travelers for centuries. It is a melting pot of cultu…
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Puerto Montt #13 most popular location
10travelers 1reviews 5blogs
Iquique #14 most popular location
14travelers 3reviews 7blogs
Valdivia #15 most popular location
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Concepcion #16 most popular location
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Antofagasta #17 most popular location
16travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Temuco #18 most popular location
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Calama #19 most popular location
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Pichilemu #20 most popular location
5travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Santa Cruz #21 most popular location
1reviews 2blogs
Hanga Roa #22 most popular location
Hanga Roa is the functioning capital of Isla de Pasqua / Easter Island. The town itself is rather quiet, but then again so is the entire island. Budget your money before you arrive since it…
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Castro #23 most popular location
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Frutillar #24 most popular location
Copiapo #25 most popular location
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Coquimbo #26 most popular location
Coquimbo is one of the largest port cities in Chile and the capital of the Elqui Province located in the IV Region. Coquimbo lies just a few kilometers south of La Serena, with which it forms…
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Chiloe #27 most popular location
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Talca #28 most popular location
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Puerto Octay #29 most popular location
Casablanca #30 most popular location
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Ancud #31 most popular location
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Panguipulli #32 most popular location
Rancagua #33 most popular location
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Viña Del Mar #34 most popular location
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Futaleufu #35 most popular location
Caldera #36 most popular location
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Curico #37 most popular location
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Los Andes #38 most popular location
Atacama Desert #39 most popular location
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Vicuna #40 most popular location
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Villarica #41 most popular location
Drake Passage #42 most popular location
The Drake Passage or Mar de Hoces is the body of water between the southern tip of South America at Cape Horn, Chile and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. It connects the southwestern…
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Chillan #43 most popular location
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Patagonia #44 most popular location
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San Jose de Maipo #45 most popular location
Petrohue #46 most popular location
Putre #47 most popular location
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Rari #48 most popular location
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Longuimay Chile #49 most popular location
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Beagle Channel #50 most popular location
The Beagle Channel is a strait separating islands of the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago, in extreme southern South America. Its eastern portion is part of the border between Chile and Argentina…