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Cancun, Mexico

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travelr29 travelr29
7 reviews
Drive instead of tour bus Jan 18, 2015
The best thing I did to visit chichen itza was renting a car for a cheap rate. I paid a total of $109 dollars and kept the vehicle for 3-4 days. If you purchased the tour from a tour company, the average is $100 minimum per person. Instead, I paid $109 dollars for the rental and only paid $19 at chichen itza's entrance. After visiting the park, I continue driving up another two hours on the same road to Merida. Merida is really town colonial pueblo, worth going to visit. After Medira, the next day, we made the 4 hour drive back towards playa del carmen making stops in Coba and Tulum. Again we saved a lot of money driving ourselves there instead of hiring a tour company. The roads are really safe and user friendly. Best of all, we managed our own time schedule. At playa del carmen, we drop off the vehicle, and a few days later, we caught the bus for $5 dollars back to the airport.
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drmorrisj drmorrisj
27 reviews
Driving to Chichen Itza: Not recommended! Nov 21, 2012
Driving to Chichen Itza? This is not something I would recommend to anyone? Why you might say? First of all, if you get into an accident, if you are hit by a Mexican, you are al fault and the Mexican police will back that assertion up. I have heard this story many times from different people. I was dumb enough to rent a car and drive to Chichen Itza once. That was a huge mistake. If something would have happened, I would have been liable for everything. If you get in an accident in Mexico and you can not pay, guess what the alternative is? JAIL :( Yep, that is right. Porque? Because the people there know that someone in the United States will bail you out. I.e. you WILL get out of jail (just like in monopoly), but only after someone has paid the ransom. Mexico is a corrupt country. I would say more, but this is not the forum.

The other issue are the drug cartels. The company that I work for told us that we are not allowed to go to Mexico unless we have permission. That is telling you something. If you really want to go to Chichen Itza, please do so on a tour. I do not want to read about an American (or anyone else for that matter) being killed or kidnapped by the drug cartels.

Having said all of that, it was a WONDERFUL place to visit. I enjoyed myself very much
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david40price david40p…
13 reviews
Fantastic Place Nov 01, 2011
I have been to Chichen Itza several times and always love it. It is a fantastic place to see a massive Mayan city at its peak and to really get a good idea of the society that once lived there.

Another place well worth visiting is Coba which is another Mayan city further inland. It is not restored quite as well, but well worth seeing.

Make sure you do a small group tour (6-10 people) and you will get a great amount of history explained to you.
dannyrock4 dannyroc…
31 reviews
Must see Jul 21, 2011
We stayed in Canacun and decided to do a half day tour to the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, it was about a 2 hour bud ride from our resort, the tour guide was ok, the tour was half in Spanish and half in English, we was frustrating at times, but other that that the tour guide had a lot of knowledge. We were there in April and it was 34 degrees that day, so very hot walking around, the ruins themselves are amazing to see, not as big as I through they would be. The price of the tour wasn't too bad and in my option if you visit Mexico you must go and see them!
Chichen Itza
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barney75 barney75
5 reviews
A must see Aug 02, 2011
It is a long bus ride from Cancun (2 hrs) but they make sure you get to stop and spend money at the gift shops along the way))

There is alot of walking involved but It is probably one of the most interesting sites in all of Mexico.
kalc1979 kalc1979
1 reviews
Chichen Itza!! - you'll not be disappointed. Jul 25, 2011
Of all the ruins in 'Yucanta' I think Chichen Itza takes the cake, it is a day trip (about 12 hrs, looks like all tour buses will stop at their preferred stores etc for upselling stuff/trinkets etc).
Chica3112 Chica3112
4 reviews
So Inspirational Apr 23, 2011
I just LOVED that place, it was the very best thing I've seen in my whole stay in Mexico!! Definitely book a tour, because the tourguides can give you a pretty good back-round info and things you'd never see or pay attention to on your own!!!

Also if you go there, buy some of the souvenirs the local Maya sell there, SO pretty things!! Great gifts to bring home to friends and family!!!!
crazyluis crazyluis
3 reviews
Best Pyramid Mar 03, 2011
Chichen Itza is one of the best archeological sute for the Mayas culture that I have visisted, I have been there 3 times and I always enjoyed being there and getting into this ancient culture. I highy recomment visitors that are in Cancun or nearby in the peninsula of Yucatan to visit this site.
Schapie1 Schapie1
8 reviews
Nice complex to visit! Oct 19, 2010
The Chichen Itza (translation: at the mouth of the well of the Itza) archeological zone is a very nice restaurated area.

Visiting the zone you will not only see the famous Maya temple, but also a lot of other structures, a ball game area for example.
Maya home
Exhumation near the big temple of …
Chichen Itza temple
Images of deceased people
Boston_Babe Boston_B…
37 reviews
This amazing site is well worth the long trip! Plus it's a 7th Wonder of the World! Nov 14, 2008
We booked a day trip to Chichen Itza through our CheapCaribbean representative during our stay in Mexico. We chose the "deluxe" package which was a little more expensive, but it guaranteed that we wouldn't have to spend any time stopping at other hotels to drop people off which can really add extra time onto an already long day. Our package included softdrinks and beer on a new 2008 bus, entry into the ruins, a guided tour, a buffet lunch on the way back and a stop at a cenote.

On the way to the ruins our guide told us great stories about the Mayan people which were very interesting to hear and really helped pass the time because it's a 1.5-2 hour trip. We made a short 20 minute stop at a little "rest" area that had a convenience store, restrooms and a great souvenir shop. I heard some tours will urge you to shop here and tell you it has the best prices because they're connected with the shop. But, I thought the prices were reasonable and they'll bargain with you so I enjoyed it. It does have quite a few items that you won't see inside Chichen Itza. The other option for shopping is inside the ruins at Chichen Itza. There are tons of vendors everywhere. It gets somewhat exhausting because they practically beg you to buy from them. If you so much as look in their direction they'll start haggling you to buy and won't leave you alone until you walk about 10 feet away! But again, if you see something you love, go for it. I actually bought a beautiful dress inside the park for $20 (first price was $40) and my friend got the same dress in a different town for $35.

On to the ruins...A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Seeing these ancient ruins in person with your own eyes is quite an experience. Our tour guide led us around to the major ruins and explained about them for the first 1.5 hours then we were free to explore on our own for the last 1.5 hours. The stories of what the Mayan people did are amazing...especially what happens when the sunlight hits the pyramid on the equinox and creates the slithering snake! When you first walk into the park the field opens up and you see the main El Castillo pyramid and a few other major ruins, but there are so many more ruins as you wander into the woods. It's such a great place to walk around and discover all of the interesting buildings.

I have to say we picked the perfect time to visit Chichen Itza! The weather was in the mid 80's with bright sunshine, and according to our guide, the park was much less crowded than normal. Chichen Itza is usually blazing hot with thousands of people being bused in every day.

After spending three hours at the ruins, we filed back into the bus and drove a short 5-10 minute ride to a cute little town for lunch. When we finished lunch we took another 5-10 minute ride to a cenote (see-NO-tay) which was amazing! Essentially it is a sinkhole where the ground collapsed and then a natural pool was formed in the hole. If this is an option on the tour, don’t pass it up.

The trip back seemed to take forever but I think it's because it was dark and we were in the bus and I had no concept of where we were. Our day started at 8:00am and we arrived back at our hotel just before 7:00pm, so it was a long day but definitely worth it. If you are in Mexico, I highly recommend a visit to Chichen Itza...after all, it's a new 7th Wonder of the World!
El Castillo
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RIGAS says:
Posted on: Jan 24, 2011
chuckoz says:
Thanks for the reveiw think i will be going for new years... was going to rent a car and drive there but bus sounds like a better option thanks
Posted on: Sep 12, 2010
patopatolin patopato…
1 reviews
Better time for Chichen Itza May 26, 2008
One of the 7 new wonders of the world, well is beautiful and amazing, but honestly is a lot of exercise, all the walking up and downs, the sun there really burns, so i recommend that you get up really early to be there around 9am so if you are in Cancun is like 2 hours because of the road, but if you get there early in the morning the sun is more friendly and you evoid the big groups and everything would be better, the view is better and you won't have so many people walking around in the middle of your photos.
A perfect picture for the memory
This is the typhical photo of Quet…
stephen_j_white1 stephen_…
4 reviews
How to make the most of Chichen Itza and the Other Mayan Ruins May 14, 2008
At the end of the day I do recommend seeing the Mayan Ruins when travelling through this area of Mexico, but I would recommend doing it on you own. The tour companies makes the whole experience lose the taste of adventure.

Chichen Itza has become very touristy in the last mmany years but it is still worth seeing. I enjoyed it but for those who might want a less travel pyramid site to see I would recommend checking out www.locogringo.comwhich is an amazing site when travelling to this area of Mexico.
The great pyramid. Really Cool to…
More of the ruins on the Chichen I…

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