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Highwat 180, Chichen Itza, Mexico

Chichen Itza Reviews

aadams123 aadams123
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Remarkable Historic Site Oct 30, 2014
One of the most iconic and ancient site in Mexico, just explore the historic pyramid. Don't forget to see the light and sound show which happens at different times according to different seasons. The ruins were amazing and although you can no longer 'climb' on them you do get a good sense of a culture which was totally foreign to anything we had come across before. Fantastic Scenes and was great to have had the privilege to visit this place and see what goes on and the stories behind it.
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MariaElizabeth MariaEli…
2 reviews
Interesting Sight! Oct 13, 2012
I loved visiting Chichen Itza. The pyramid itself is a beautiful thing to behold and the history behind the whole thing is so interesting! I'd advise paying for a guide as you'd get more for your money this way! Our guide was very friendly, as are a lot of the people around this area. He filled us with information on the history of the Mayans and Chichen Itza itself. We had a wonderful day here, I'd also recommend staying in a nearby hotel so you can visit the lights show at night which is also full of history. Unfortunately, it rained the night we went, but the day was beautiful and the show still enjoyable.
TSXSquirrelygirlie TSXSquir…
51 reviews
A must if in Cancun or near by Jun 11, 2011
I was highly impressed with the tour I took at Chichen Itza. The tour guide was HIGLY educated on the history and could answer everyone's questions. I felt like he didn't ramble on with a lot of fluff but got straight to the important information. There is a lot more to this site and it's totally not just the pyramid. I could easily spend hours there just taking it all in. We were there a few hours and I know I didn't see everything so I'd like to go back. I recommend taking a tour but also exploring on your own. If you don’t join a group right away you can always tag along with others and they won’t really care. The only thing I was surprised by were all the street vendors there selling a lot of “things.” I purchased a neat looking mask for super cheap and I figured he needed the money more than a souvenir store would...and please remember to haggle. Never take the first offer...even there. In short, this tour is a must if you find yourself in Cancun or anywhere near Chichen Itza.
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pm81 pm81
3 reviews
North American Pyramids Jun 11, 2011
One of the most unspoken treasures in North America, is the pyramids that have been built on this continent thousands of years ago and are still standing.

Chichen Itza was one of the most cheapest but one of the most memorable experiences of my life! Many of the local inhabitants are of Mayan decent. The culture shock is unbelievable.

The views were spectacular. The local tour guides were very knowledgeable and answered just about any question I could think of!


Please, please, please check the weather before traveling!!! I was melting in the August sun!

Do not purchase any souvenirs until you arrive to the pyramids! And once you arrive, you will be able to haggle as mush as you'd like!

Always remember, currency works differently everywhere you go! Enjoy the currency exchange rate while you can!

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firaja firaja
1 reviews
Impressive architecture, but way too crowded with tourists May 04, 2011
Chichen Itza, one of the largest and most important, maybe even the most important Mayan ruin in Mexico is still considered as an absolute must for anyone traveling through yucatan. No question, the buildings, so well-preserved, are very impressive, one of the new world wonders, and if you get a tour guide, you can learn a lot about this most interesting culture of the mayans. But speaking of tourguides.. As much as I was impressed by the pyramids and buildings, at the same time I was shocked how crowded the place was, not only with tourists and guided groups but also with countless sales stalls which have placed themselves all over the place. And in my opinion it is not just the usual amount of locals who'd like to purchase some little gifts but i had the feeling to be on a market which had the effect that a lot of the magic that a place like this ought to possess, is simply gone. In comparison, I have seen Uxmal and Ek Balam as well and there was no sign of any sale stall but only quiet and not less impressive Mayan ruins who still make you feel the "magic"!
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Samaire13 Samaire13
5 reviews
Beautiful, but very touristy Jun 24, 2011
I've been to various ruins in Mexico. This is one of the most beautiful ones. It is also the most touristy and there are masses of Cancun-AI-tourists swarming in. Except for Teotihuacan, this isn't the case at any of the other ruins I've been, so this is what you need to prepare for. There are also countless sales stalls with people wanting to sell you all kinds of stuff, which was borderline annoying.

Still, the site is beautiful, the ruins well-preserved and overall, this is worth the trip, if you don't mind the tourists and a slightly higher entry fee.
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bigmac993 says:
Good review! And congrats on your VPII award!
Posted on: May 25, 2013
Jonas77A Jonas77A
2 reviews
Chichen Itza. Souvenirs Only $1 = it is 1$ OFF Mar 30, 2010
We decided to make a full day trip to one of the famous Mayan temples in Chichen Itza (Chicken Pizza) as our tour guide called it, and forbid us to say :)

We left early in the morning and our tour guide picked us up with the coach at our hotel. This day was a special day. Our tour guide was very happy and showed us the newspaper. Apparently so had the Mexican government bought back Chichen Itza from the private Spanish owner.

Reason was that the entire area is like a flea market. Yes, I have seen a flea market before but not in this proportion. Everywhere people came running to you saying Souvenirs Only $1.

But he said it means 1$ off. It was flea markets as long you could see.

He asked us politely to NOT buy anything inside, if we wanted to buy souvenirs, do it outside instead.

Cause he thought Chichen Itza is a place where you should enjoy the old ruins without interference of crazy street sellers.

But he said that this will only be for one more week hopefully cause the buy back by the government they will remove the market completely.

The tour was really good and we did it backwards. Our first stop was a small cave that had a small lake inside where you could swim. Apparently you should get 10 years younger :) So I just had to jump in and swim.

Just look at me now :P

But it was a let down cause the water was a bit oily. People didn't care to wash them self before jumping in. So a lot of sun protectors was polluting the water.

Later we went to a random Place and had some shopping and food. I most say the food was really delicious. It was accompanied with some Mayan traditionally dance.

Finally we arrives to Chichen Itza and entered, unfortunately they had build a huge scene in front of the temple cause Elton John should play the next coming day. So our tour guide was a bit annoyed.

He explained everything from scratch. Also why you are not allowed to enter the pyramid anymore. Apparently some tourist decided to do graffiti inside & and elder lady decided she needed to take a bathroom visit on top of the pyramid.

The pyramid is a calender. There is also a smaller pyramid inside the big one. Like a babushka.

I strongly recommend to visit this one cause it is one of the worlds Seven Wonders.

There is tours from Puerto Juarez in downtown in Cancun. I forgot out tours name unfortunately. I will try to get the name of them later.
Rainwater made the hole so it got …
In the cave. With the light coming…
The Scene Elton John would enter t…
One of the Food place we stop at a…
Momentum80 Momentum…
10 reviews
Amazing day at mayan site Jun 16, 2010
We took a day trip out to chichen itza from out hotel in Cancun. It left early in the morning and got back that afternoon and we were thrilled. It was very much worth the bus ride out.

The first stop was actually a big sinkhole in the middle of the jungle. You travel down to the water level and can jump in and swim around. They even have stairs up to a ledge about 15 feet above the water for the more adventurous crowd. There are changing rooms and lockers to store your stuff so make sure and bring a bathing suit and towel. After about an hour there it was time to get back on the bus towards the main attraction.

There are a lot of people at chichen itza and they give tours in many languages and the guides are very knowledgeable. Also if you want to go explore on your own you can, and then just join up with any tour going by in a language you can understand. My friends and I found this out when we split off to take a bathroom break. Make sure to bring a hat and plenty of sunscreen because it is bright and there isn't much shade. All over the site there are people selling souvenir items and the prices vary wildly. I suggest working on your haggling skills and most of the people sell the same stuff. Because of this you can try and haggle down a person, then if its still not low enough for you walk away. Then you have an idea of where the next person will go with their price. You cant travel to the top of the pyramid anymore due to some people falling and suing a few years back, but be sure to get the obligatory picture in front of it.
geokid geokid
146 reviews
Chichen Itza Feb 20, 2009
Chichen Itza ("At the mouth of the well of the Itza") is a large site in the North Central portion of the Yucatán Peninsula, in Yucatán State. The site includes a number of architectural styles, including Puuc Maya and Toltec. There are 2 cenotes on this site that provided plentiful water year round. The main structures include the "El Castillo", Temple of the Warriors, The Observatory and the largest ball court in Mesoamerica.

The Itzá were a group originally from the coastal area of Veracruz and Tobassco and the inland water ways of Chiapas that gained political and economic dominance of that area through the development of trade routes. There eventually expanded their trade routes to the entire coasts and inland waterways of the Yucatan, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and, Nicaragua. they may have extended their trades routes along the Atlantic coast all the way to northern South America. It is likely that the Maya canoe vessel encountered by Columbus on his third voyage was a Itza Maya Trader.

The structures of Chichen Itza are considered federal property, the site is governed and maintained by Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia (INAH), however the land is privately owned by the Barbachano family. In 1894 Edward Herbert Thompson, US Ambassador to the Yucatan, Archaeologist once owner this site. In 1944, Barbachano Peon purchased all of the Hacienda Chichén, including the ruins of Chichen Itza, from the heirs of Edward Thompson.

Chichen Itza, is a large site with much of the structure consolidated and able vegetation cleared to facilitate photography. Chichen Itza is a Maya center located in the northern Yucatan Peninsula, in the Yucatan State, Mexico. Chichen Itza was a significant center in the northern Maya lowlands from the very early Late Classic to the Early Post-Classic period. This site contains architectural examples of several styles, including Yucatan Maya, “Mexicanized” Maya and Puuc Maya. The presence of “Mexicanized” Maya style was original thought of as a imposed style by a conquering force from Central Mexico. However, archaeological evidence now shows that pure Maya and “Mexicanized” Maya structure were erected at the same time. Some archaeologist suggest that cultural diffusion is responsible for the “Mexicanized” Maya architecture present in Chichen Itza.

Northern Yucatán is arid, nearly a tropical desert by definition, the interior has no above-ground rivers due to the limestone nature of the peninsula. Chichen Itza has two large cenotes, natural sink holes, that could have provided plentiful water year round. One of these cenotes, "Cenote Sagrado" was place to sacrifice objects and human beings into the Maya rain god "Chaac". Edward Herbert Thompson dredged the Cenote Sagrado from 1904 to 1910, and recovered thousands of artifacts that included gold, copper, wood, jade, pottery, incense and human remains. The human remains show evidence of wounds consistent with human sacrifice. There have been two dredging efforts to recover artifacts from the Cenote Sagrado since Thompson. 1967. In 1961 the National Geographic sponsored an effort, and in 1967 private interests dredged. Both projects were supervised by the INAH.

Chichen Itza has numerous fine stone buildings and approximately 90 road way (Sacbeob = white road) that are in or enter the city. Many of stone buildings are connected by the sacbeob system. The stone buildings were grouped into sections and were at one time separated from each other by low walls. Three of the best known sections are the Great North Platform that includes El Castillo, Temple of Warriors and the Great Ball Court (largest in Mesoamerica); The Ossario Group, that includes the Ossario Pyramid and the Temple of Xtoloc; and the Central Group, that includes the Caracol, Las Monjas, and Akab Dzib.

El Castillo (Temple of Kukulkan) dominates Chichen Itza. This stepped pyramid is a squared based structure with staircases up each side, consisting of 91 steps each. On the Spring and Autumn equinox, at the rising and setting of the sun, the corner of the structure casts a shadow in the shape of a plumed serpent along the west side of the north staircase. This shadow appears to slowly descends the staircase to the carved stone serpent head at the base. The visible pyramid is built over a smaller, earlier stepped pyramid with an interior room that contained a read jaguar shaped throne that was inlaid with jade discs to depict the spots.

The Great Ball Court is approximately 535' x 220'. The side walls are approximately 39' tall. There are relief carving along the base of both side walls. The center panel depicts a decapitated knelling ball players. The blood spraying from the neck is depicted as numerous stylized corn stalks. At both ends of the ball court are platform temples. The North Temple has been reconstructed and is referred to as the Temple of the Bearded Man, because of the detailed bas relief carvings on the inner walls that includes what appears to be a bearded man as the center figure. On my last visit the south platform had not been restored. Built as part of the eastern wall is the upper and lower Temples of the Jaguar. The Upper Temple of the Jaguar opens onto the ballcourt. This temple has 4 large square support columns. The outer two are covered in bas relief carvings depicting the feathered serpent. Inside the upper Jaguar temple are large wall murals, now badly eroded that depicts two battle scenes with Maya warriors attacking villages by both land and sea. There are siege towers depicted in one of these murals. The entrance of the Lower Temple of the Jaguar away from the ball court at the Tzompantli (skull rack). There is another jaguar throne, similar to the one in the inner temple of El Castillo, centered between bas relief carved square columns.
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yadilitta says:
have to go there....
Posted on: Feb 20, 2009

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Chichen Itza
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