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Chernobyl Overview

Opened to tourists in 2002, the site of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor's meltdown and the surrounding area is now considered to be safer than a short flight, in terms of exposure to radiation. In fact, a small number of locals still live in the area (around 500 - it's cheap, for obvious reasons!), but it still makes for a chilling experience. The disaster occurred in 1986, and has since caused an estimated 47 clearly attributable deaths, 28 of which occurred soon after the disaster (others were from related causes later). The increased cancer risk in the area in the past, though, means total estimated additional (early) deaths due to the Chernobyl disaster are put in the 4000-5000 range by many. With 350,000 people having been evacuated due to the disaster (14,000 from Chernobyl itself), you'll find much of the city still left exactly as it was on evacuation on April the 26th 1986.

(taken from Travbuddy blog